Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cheese plant

Today , Friday, was the hottest day so far, we reached 38C but being up in the mountains we were a couple of degrees cooler with some reports of 44C, but it wasn't humid so we were able to sit in the courtyard crafting.
DD had been sorting her wardrobe out and discarded various T shirt type tops, so I was sitting cutting these up and sewing the ends together to make a 'yarn' ready to crochet. DH decided to make a cheese plant for our miniature room box. In fact he made two as I want one for my miniature garden, which is very much a WIP. The little mat is one I designed a little while ago using 22hpi canvas and cross stitch.

DD and DS came back from their shopping trip in the afternoon and we all spent an enjoyable time in the pool

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My little helper

Managed a few little jobs outside before the heat built up then it was straight in the pool. How time flies, DS has been here nearly three weeks, he has rediscovered the delights of having tea made in a pot rather than dunked in a mug. So his first request was for a tea cozy, all done and sorted, then he asked for a draught excluder for his new flat. He selected his fabric from my stash, and I began........ everything was fine until I sat at the machine and one little furry bundle decided to be my helper, with her motor going full pelt she was happy to sit until.... the long piece of fabric began to move, then it was a free for all, so with one hand smoothing her and the other guiding it was done. Ok yes I know I could have put her on the floor, but we are trying to encourage togetherness, her timing was out that's all.

I realised it's been over three years now since I have bought any fabric. I'm not sure a very gaudy brightly coloured shirt to reinvent from the charity shop counts. I haven't managed to locate a source here and although I could order via internet there is nothing like seeing and feeling, also there are so many new fabrics, as I have seen looking around blogland, it's difficult to know where to start.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cool cats

Not much stitching going on, it's a bit too hot, in the cooler courtyard this morning at 9am it was 29 c already, more time in the pool and chilling out. Even the kittens were seeking a cool spot as seen here with their mum.

I have been working on a design for another stumpwork project, I don't usually do this as I make it evolve as it goes, but always a first!? Stumpwork always takes (me) a long time, so this will definately be a WIP. I usually have a few things on the go at once as I like to mix and match, you know how it is, you see something and must have a go lol.

I have been wandering around in blogland and found so many wonderful places with so much inspiration and creativity, lovely eye candy. Must find the get up and go that seems to have gone, fingers starting to itch (must be a good sign)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weird weather

This was our sunset last night, absolutely as we saw it, no clever camera tricks! it really looked as though we were looking at two different skies.

This was our view this morning over looking the valley, one storm had already passed with the usual power trips Everything was clear then the mist rolled in and the storm began, although it was short lived. The rain has been gratefully received helping to moisten the tinder dry under growth and our veggie patch.

EBCC - These drinks coasters are destined for someone special who is currently enbarking on a career change of animal carer and healer. Couldn't resist the little bones

My project for the challenge - I started with one of Val Laird's BOM's changed it slightly, added beads for the little hearts then padded the main hearts. The little paper heart holds a necklace and has room to put little keepsakes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mix and match

We decided to have a family day out with DD and DS and returned to Guadalest yesterday not realising it was the last day of their fiesta, so what is usually a busy place was absolutely brimming. The several processions included a band which escorted the crowned Queen and her followers to the church in the upper village, reached only by foot, climbing up the mountain steps, then paraded through the narrow streets down into the lower village. A fire was built just to the right of the picture where they proceeded to prepare a huge paella for the villagers. These pans are about 4 ft and you see these pans strapped to the sides of a van as they proceed around the various fiestas.

Today the secret magic garden was open. Various structures, stone birds, eagles, owls etc are nestled amongst the foliage so you can stand and stare and still find something else to see.
The upward view is straight up the top of the mountain, I bought some wall art that I had seen on our last visit, which I was very pleased with.

How about this little cutie - DD's cat had 6 kittens in May and this little one was the tiniest, he is still much smaller than his 2 sisters (the ones we have left) but just as inquisitive, after a hard morning's play it was time to relax.
EBCC - Another gift - a spiral beaded necklace using #11 seed beads

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bugs and gifts

I was watering the lavender just by the kitchen door when this rather disgruntled fellow appeared. He obviously didn't appreciate his shower and proceeded to walk up and down the stems seemingly trying to shake off the water. He had armour plating on is back and a huge long feeler on his head, DH guided him onto a piece of card for a piccie then returned him to his plant where he completely disappeared within the foliage

Joy of joys, DS decided on the spur of the moment to come out for a visit, he was due to have been out back in April but was waylaid by the ash cloud and grounded. Lovely to have him here and we are enjoying the family moments.

Two more EBCC gifts. This is my variation of the snowflake BOM that Dawn Hay is hosting at the moment, I put a double layer of wadding inside with crushed cinnamon and cloves so that the spices deliver a lovely aroma when a hot dish is placed on it.

I was pleased with these fabric roses and I want to add a little pouch or open container so that I can add essential oils and they can be used as a room freshener as well as being decorative. Now the question is do they count as 1 gift or 12? lol no just the 1 I think.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Fun at the fiesta - Saturday night - The band have set up and gone to have their meal whilst families and friends take a place at the tables and eat their picnics. You can see how a sleepy little plaza is teaming with people. Most of the tables are then cleared away to make room for the dancing. The church is open throughout with people popping in and out, spending a quiet few minutes.
Another fiesta is being held in the local town which is much larger and even louder with bands playing until 5.30am, this one runs all week. Here they also do the traditional bull running in the streets, (something I personally wouldn't want to see) most of the businesses take this opportunity to close, so most things grind to a halt and you have to just wait until September.

I really enjoy doing stumpwork. This project was originally printed in the Inspirations magazine a few years ago. I started the project, but decided to change the pattern from a hummingbird to a Blue tit, as living in Devon at the time, these were frequent visitors to our bird feeder.

During our move I misplaced the pattern and only recently managed to find and download another pattern from Country Bumpkin. So tatdaa here it is finished at last.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This weekend was our fiesta, three days of festivities. The age group is right across the spectrum, from Great grandparents to babies, and everyone is well behaved and just enjoy the atmosphere. It is very well organised with the arrival of tables and chairs and a refreshment kiosk, free beer throughout, with watermelon, traditional fare, olives, beans etc all supplied. The plaza is transformed with bunting and streamers and everyone brings their picnics then about 11 o/c pm the music begins. This year all the bands were excellent and each night a different style of music was played, on Sunday we were treated to a couple who were obviously professional ballroom dancers, excellent. Everyone dances, it really is a family affair. The amazing thing is that at the end of each night, even at 3.30am, everything is put away, swept and cleaned you wouldn't know up to 500 people who been there.

The music continues well into the early hours Saturday finishing at 3.30am but Sunday was earlier 2am! No sleep as its far too noisy and the sound reverbrates around the mountains and valleys.

Below is Santa Barbara - after the church service on Sunday, she is carried out and paraded around the plaza with people following before returning to the church. Afterwards there are races for the various age groups followed by iced lemon drinks and traditional almond cake. The flowers in the church were beautiful, orchids and lillies were prevelent.

On Monday everything is collected, the bunting removed everything cleaned, just as though it hadn't happened.
Below are some of our tomato crop - a traditional spanish variety known as a campo tomato, very juicy and sweet and they are excellent for roasting and making into passata.

Yesterday I managed a little stitching, making this teapot for one cozy. It is called the Sleepy cat and the free pattern came from www.bustleandsew