Monday, August 27, 2012


Yesterday the sky was very dark and we had some funny stuff falling from it, firstly huge great blobs then the heavens opened and it became a deluge, we had 25mm in 30 minutes.  We haven't seen any rain up here since about February and I don't think you can count the 2 minute shower a few weeks ago that barely filled a teaspoon.  All the dust and pollen has been washed away and the plants are holding their leaves up again, hmmm but I bet the weeds are laughing too!!

A couple of weeks ago DD attended a consultation and was devastated to learn she has yet another shadow on her right lung and fibrosis due to the chemo and radiotherapy.  Time is a healer and they say it could take years before this improves, in the meantime probably life changes and compromise.  Still more consults to go next month, gosh what a year!
We were all a little shell shocked by the news and needed some cheering up, so the four of us went to a little cocktail bar in Javea

I've never had a cocktail before and DH and I decided on a Pina colada, DD had a non alcoholic mango and pineapple but DS decided on the works called a slammer, not surprised at its name as it had about 5 different shots in it
The bar had beautiful sofas and even four poster beds to relax upon whilst watching the bay.  Then they brought some nibbles
 This made us realise how hungry we were, 

 and we were not disappointed with our choices.

DD came over to see us on Friday and she presented me with these beautiful flowers saying just because you're you, how lovely was that.  I'll take another pic when the buds of the lillies and glads come out

Not much to show on the sewing front, its been too hot but I have been knitting a softie, finished all the components, just needs sewing up and stuffing now. Think I'll give it a go
take care x


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fun and frogs

It's all gone quiet as DS has now returned to the UK, it was so good to see him and join in all the things as a family we wanted to do at Easter but were unable as DD was in ICU.  It was his first fiesta, which he enjoyed, then trips to the rastro, a few meals out, lovely family meals in and lounging around the pool, beach trips, he even did a little crafting, so all in all a very successful trip.  Do miss him now though!

Ages ago I spotted some patterns for making dishcloths using 100% cotton yarn at frogiezplace but at the time I just saved them whilst I hunted for the yarn.  In the end it came down to ordering from the UK. I found a very helpful, sharp company and received my order within a few days.

The first one is a tree frog, this is for DD

This was the rose pattern in lilac, just DD's colours

Then again in purple.
 I found knitting with the yarn very easy and in the hot weather just ideal, think a few for the Christmas box will be in order.  I enjoyed the patterns too, simple but effective, they are easy to use as pot holders to as they are so soft and pliable, so thank you

On one of the trips to the rastro DD spied these patchwork Turkish harem trousers, they are really comfortable and cool to wear, especially in the evenings when you are trying to avoid the mosi bites.  Although DD doesnt 'do' sewing I thought they fitted in with the theme 

Oh well off to do a little more knitting, trying my hand at a softie........
take care
opps just noticed DH has photographed the back side of the roses, oh well never mind you get the gist.

Tried to put an update and couldn't work it out! Since I have been away blogger has updated itself to a new format, I want to remove a badge and add another one, but can I see how to? no!  can anyone point me in the right direction please, pretty please..........  

Thursday, August 9, 2012


What a long weekend, it was our hamlet's fiesta.  We are quite exhausted.  It started on Friday evening after the Festeros had transformed the plaza with bunting, a bar, tables and chairs etc, everyone brings their own picnic and our little plaza fills up with many people.  This was DS's first fiesta as he has never managed to visit whilst its been on before 

This was the scene on Saturday night, even more people arrived and the place was really buzzing.  

The music each evening starts after the tables have been cleared about 11pm and continues until about 3am. It is usually a mix between traditional party music and hits.  Everyone likes to dance, from grandparents to the littlies .It is impossible to sleep as the volume is so high, then once the music stops the Festeros clear every thing away until the following night and it looks as though nothing had happened.

Sunday follows a different route with one of the Festeros letting off very loud bangers to wake everyone in time for the church service, half way through Santa Barbara is carried out and paraded around the plaza followed by those who had attended the service. then they return to the church.

Refreshments are served and this is a traditional iced drink or special milk with a huge chunk of cake.  The Festeros for the following year are then presented with an even bigger piece of cake adorned with a carnation to signify their role.  As we will be Festeros next year we duly accepted our gift, now comes the hard part of trying to raise funds for the next year. 

Races are held with fierce competition from all participants, the children all receive a gift just for joining in but the men receive a live cockrel, which the winner proudly displays

This year saw the return of the 
dancers who performed in their traditional dress and gave a good display 

Sunday nights are always a little quieter and the music finishes earlier about 2am.  Our fiesta only runs for 3 days, unlike in other larger towns and villages that can go on for 12 days of merry making!
How the locals do that every night and still get up for the normal routine beats me.

take care

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A good day

Yesterday I had another appointment with the osteopath, still feels like the torture chamber but getting better. DD very kindly offered to take me as DH was off to Alicante airport to collect DS yeah!  but we found that one of the cats had jumped in the open car window and set off the hazards which were slowly and dimly blinking away, DH had time to put the battery on charge and called us later to say all was well and it had started.

So pleased as DD and I had planned to do a little shopping and be 'girls that lunch' and to have rushed back home would have spoilt it.  We had our little retail therapy then headed off to Moraira by the coast for lunch.  This is a very popular place and quite expensive, but we found a little cafe for Menu del Dia and had a lovely relaxing lunch chatting over mussels and squid followed by a mixed paella, we can't 'do' desserts as we have a dairy intolerance so just went for the coffee.  Silly me forgot the camera so no pics.

At home the boys still hadn't arrived......ah we thought, might be a case of whats good for the goose etc, sure enough they had stopped off at the local restaurant and joined the locals in some home made wine made from tiny white grapes, apparently quite sweet and certainly potent!

So good to see DS, lots of hugs, and look forward to some good quality time all together as DD slowly improves.  They are predicting highs of up to 39C and its already hot hot hot.

take care