Thursday, March 13, 2014

So excited

I would like to share some wonderfully exciting news and whilst I may have been a bit quiet  I have been making some lovely 'little' things, like this one

 and this

just waiting some fun buttons

Have you guessed yet? No, well

Daniel and Shine have announced that we shall be expecting our first Grandie in August.
How brilliant is that! Sooo exciting, can't wait, it seems an age away but I'm sure the time will just fly by
So many ideas floating around in my head, floor quilt perhaps, burp cloths, toys
Oh where to begin?

A little while ago I mentioned I was playing around with some images to stitch, this is what I came up with, stitching combined with fabric crayons just to lift it a bit

A bit of fun, perhaps turn it into something for the nursery, any ideas? or for anything else come to that 
Better go as I have some elephants to make...
Have a great day, take care