Wednesday, March 17, 2021


We don´t venture out very much, probably because of the restrictions, even though they have been relaxed a little. It´s not a case of agoraphobia, more that being locked down and finding our own space quite adequate I think we may have become used to it and the effort to ´go´places at times seems too much.

Having said that, I really would like to visit the beach, just to listen to the waves, sit and reflect in the atmosphere, contemplate and chill. 

We needed a few things in town and to visit the post office, I also noticed that Lidl´s were having a garden event. I haven´t been in there for such a long time, but couldn´t resist the pull.

We picked up a few hand gardening tools at very reasonable prices, a sprayer for the weeds, seeds and plugs of Begonias, Tagetes, Gerbera and some larger Begonias. 

Then suddenly there were other items being deposited in the trolley, blue cheese (for hubby, I love it, but it would give me the most humungous migraine), different olives, I just fancy these moments, and then the checkout, where you realise that you hadn´t meant to spend that much. Although when broken down it was very good value

Still got some things to pot up, but getting there
The last photo is an ornamental wheelbarrow that my Mum had, it was in dire need of repair, so it was taken apart, sanded and painted.
I wanted to give it another coat, as the paint was absorbed more in some spots than others, but Chris preferred the rustic look, 

I finished off and posted another little jumper for Theo. I found some yarn in one of the Chinese Bazaars, a 100g ball for 2.00 euro. The quality isn´t bad so the whole thing cost just over 2e.

Time for a few chores, or knitting? wonder which one will win.... lol
take care



Monday, March 1, 2021

Artist in residence

It´s been cold, dull and yukky which doesn´t entice you outside, but nice to keep warm by the log burner.

Chris has been using our outside, open naya as his place to go to do his painting, but it´s been too cold for that too. I thought I´d share a couple of his latest ones.

Tiggywinkle decided to join in the fun

This is Saffie, a very independent girl although affectionate on her terms


Sunny decided he would try the painting box for himself

The view for this painting is from the top road looking over to the village with the almond blossom.

He has another one on the go, a scene of the plaza and church.

Right, lunch then a little knitting I think

take care