Saturday, September 11, 2021


Well, they all left on Monday evening, it was a difficult journey due to plane delays here and long queues for immigration in the UK, but they arrived safely all be it not until the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Rebecca must have picked up a cold bug on route to here, luckily she only had it for a couple of days, but on Tuesday I went down with it and obviously decided to make a meal of it. Summer colds, hateful things. On day 4 now, might invest in shares in Kleenex lol

We had a trip into Javea, about an hours drive away, to visit the beach. The sand wasn´t the same as before, (most of it had been washed away in storms) the replacement sand was very course and gritty and so difficult to wash off, but Theo enjoyed himself.

Theo warmed up to the pool so much quicker this time and I managed to capture all the fun and giggles on video, lovely to keep and rewatch.

It was our friend´s birthday recently and Chris painted a portrait of one of her dogs, she was so pleased and I made her an anklet, unfortunately it was a bit too long for her, so I am going to make another one. The spiral pattern I use cannot be undone and I used number 11´s and tiny number 15´s, never mind it can go on my board at the restaurant. Always difficult to get the sizes right. 

I started another one too, using soft pink.

At long last the car seat has arrived, what a palaver, we were told to expect delivery on Monday and we were in all day, no delivery, only to find out they had said we were absent! Nooo, same again on Tuesday, we were absent. Which meant they couldn´t be bothered to drive the 15 minutes up here from Benissa, grrrrrr. After contacting El cortes Ingles on their customer service  number, which surprisingly was a Uk number and complaining they obviously gave them a rocket, well I hope they did, and we received a call on Wednesday from the courier wanting directions, even so he would only drive to Maria´s restaurant not directly here, didn´t really matter, its only a couple of minutes away, but that´s not the point. I don´t understand why the couriers refuse to come up here, after all it´s part of the service, wouldn´t you think!?

Arrangements have now been made with a company in Benissa where our parcels can be delivered ready for our collection. Mad!! but will stop the hair pulling exercises

No other crafts happening, just a bit of reading and a sore head lol

take care


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

They arrived

The planned trip happened, yeah....

They arrived quite late on Saturday evening, Theo was so excited he refused to sleep all day and had half an hour in the car on the way here, far too little sleep, so he was quite beside himself, but first thing he checked out was his sticker wall in the kitchen, satisfied they were still there, he moved on to the toy box, yup ok it´s there, then would you believe he went straight for the watering cans to help with the plants.

Then he checked out the furries and wanted to give them a couple of their treats. He remembered every step in the house was quite happy  chatting away, then he gave cuddles and flopped.

Sunday was a recovery day but he enjoyed the pool and was so busy reacquainting himself he didn´t really want to eat,  busy busy, to much to see and do lol

Monday and Tuesday has seen us attending various places putting paperwork into place, just when you thought you had it sorted, nope, they wanted another piece of paperwork, so back again.

So Yaya (grandma) duties have been called upon and I´m told he really chatters away to me, tale of the old iron pot as my Grandma used to say, or my Dad would say yeah and the wheel fell off. 

Early mornings and early nights, gosh they can be quite exhausting, wouldn´t change it for the world. It´s so fascinating to see the changes in Theo in just over the month, more words, total understanding and he is using signing to say what he wants.

So lovely to see their little family unit and create memories.

On Tuesday it was Mum´s funeral, we had all the links and were able to participate via internet, as did other members of the family in USA, New Zealand and England. Lovely service, with all 3 siblings giving their own tribute. welcome address, poem, based on describe your Mum in 3 words, and Chris´s slide show to Ed Sheeran´s Supermarket flowers. If you haven´t heard to song then only Ed can say it as he does.

They have taken the car to visit friends which is lovely as they have 3 small children too. Now I´d better go and think of something for dinner.

take care