Saturday, April 28, 2018

Busy busy

I haven´t posted for eleven days, but my goodness how busy we have been.
We have basically been with Rebecca and Antoni most of the time helping to sort, pack, trips to the storage unit and the dump.
Just when you think a hole has been made, bosh another pile turns up for bubble wrapping and boxing. Thank goodness Rebecca and I had started back in January otherwise it wouldn´t have happened. The house was 4 bedroomed, although one of the bedrooms Antoni used for his business so it was jammed packed. They are moving into Antoni´s one bedroom flat so most of the stuff had to be sent to storage. They will certainly feel the difference. They have given us all sorts of bits and bobs, including contents of the larder and all house cleaning products, some items to borrow others to have, some just returned home here, bags and bags, so our home looks like a bomb has gone off with stuff everywhere until we can straighten things out. Its a good job we have the casita which has become a dumping ground.
Their furries went to the cattery on Wednesday which did make life a little easier without them. They will go over next Wednesday.
They were due to leave on Thursday, but what with some legalities to be dealt with, never a quick option over here, and a huge pile still to pack and sort they reviewed their departure to today.
Yesterday saw us still packing etc but included a complete clean ready for the landlords inspection. 
The spanish are usually late, but murphy´s law, they arrived bang on time and we still had two floors to mop.
They were extremely pleased with the clean up etc and agreed they could have their deposit back, every one warned us that that doesnt happen very often here. But... then they dropped a bombshell that because of their poor management they hadn´t sent bills for the water and refuge for 6 years and wanted 1051 euros. What!!!!!!
Rebecca, quite rightly got a little cross and there were further discussions, how it gets sorted I don´t know. More stress and we are worn out.

However on the bright side after selling their car, we picked them up and they stayed the night, bonus..
Last Sunday was my birthday and we all joined in for a meal at Maria´s, making a party of 10 which was quite jolly and they stayed the night again.
I was spoilt with lots of lovely pressies including a 10 visit pass for the spa in Calpe, something lovely to look forward to, a set of 100 dragonfly solar lights, a beautiful standard rose and a lovely bouquet and more......

I also wanted to make an elephant for Rebecca to take, filled with lots of love and hugs, so this is Elle

As Elle was travelling she needed a passport, so Chris took her photo and made her one.

Rebecca loved her,  so if she feels a little down she can have a hug with Elle
After an early start for the airport run, feeling more than a little jaded, but I shall leave you with Felix
Enjoy the rest of the weekend
take care

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Second opinions

Friday saw us at our friends 70th birthday party at Marias restaurant. Brilliant afternoon, lovely food and they had asked Chris to  play, which he did for about three hours. Didn´t think he would be able to as on Wednesday he tripped and stumbled up the step in the hallway, smacking his right elbow on the edge of the stone pillar. A quick rub and all was fine, until later in the evening when he noticed a huge tennis ball size swelling.
It started to bruise as you would expect, but he refused to seek any advice or treatment and gaily carried on, he really didn´t want to let Roger down for the party, however Friday evening he saw the error of his ways and off we went. By this time the bruising was spreading both up and down the arm, we were not very satisfied with the diagnosis and we were told to return on Monday for trauma clinic. Antibiotics, elbow sling and blood thinners, (not a good idea when you are on asprin!)
Sunday was Rogers actual birthday so it was a lovely bbq with everyone joining in with a few games of boule, beautiful sunny day.

Monday the clinic told us a different story, a little better, but still not particularly satisfactory, no sling, use at will, strong painkillers and use a compression bandage for a month. Now totally confused with the bruising and swelling down into his hand, he went off to see the GP today.
His opinion finish the antibiotics, do not take any of the other meds as they haven´t been proven to help, take the bandage off, it causing the swelling, use it and elevate when resting.
He basically confirmed our Google search, he is also very good at not pumping you full of meds that you don´t need and listens to the holistic approach. His final thought was the hospital wanted to just give him something to look as though they were doing their job!! Scary or what! 
The body will heal and take care of it, might take a little time.
If in doubt ask for a second (or third) opinion and trust your instincts.

take care

Friday, April 6, 2018

Going potty

Been over doing things, there´s a surprise! Paying for it now with a huge flare up, so beastly
However yesterday I managed to repot some of the beautiful flowers I had bought before Easter. The chinese bazaars sell some lovely plants at a very reasonable prices, most of these I bought for 1.80 euros.
I wanted a splash of colour in the courtyard 
by the time I had potted them up I had no energy left to arrange them how I wanted, but it certainly did the trick.

You can just make out Puff in the front

 and this is Merlin

Rebecca has given me all her pretty purple pots adding more colour, she even gave me a hanging basket and one of the petunias turned out to be a trailing one so I popped that in too.
Every thing dries out so quickly so it has to be a daily task to water but that is a small price to pay for such a lovely show.
Just need to start sowing seeds now, but I think that will be for another day soon
take care