Friday, February 28, 2014

Girlie Day out

Rebecca continues to improve and felt she would be able to drive, so we had a lovely girlie day out, first we went to the hairdressers - now I'm not at ease there because of historical nightmares and would probably prefer to visit the dentist! - but Clare was very understanding and talked me through her suggestions, so there were highlights and low lights and even a modification to the style and I must admit to feeling rather good about my new hairdo.  Rebecca had a beautiful purple colour put through various areas and looked stunning too.  The other hairdressers all wanted to know how all the beautiful curls had been created and were quite taken aback when they were told it had naturally grown back in this way from being straight. Rebecca just grinned and said there had to be some positives from it all.

Then we stopped off at a little florist and purchased a nice rosemary bush and several primulas, all very bright and sunny. We were so hungry by this time and drove to the beach at Javea, unfortunately the breeze was just a little too sharp so we plumped for being inside but with sea views. We both chose the same

wonderful prawn and serrano ham salad

and it was yummy served with fresh bread and allioli (garlic mayo), very relaxing, sitting chatting, then Rebecca spotted the chocolate cake, no pics as this disappeared rather fast..........lovely day

Our nearest town is Benissa, it has a very pretty seating area under palm trees with spring planting, its where all the older men seem to meet for their weekly Saturday chat, probably whilst the wives are in the market.

Benissa water fountain

On a nice warm sunny day after collecting our post we sometimes indulge in a tostada with tomato (grated) and serrano ham. Just right as a brunch.

I needed a container in our bathroom for makeup brushes, eye liner pencils etc so upcycled a metal tin, making little knitted flowers, very useful
Hubby has now made a much larger quadcopter with a bigger camera, its amazing quality considering the size of it.  He is having fun flying this but the wind has been a little too strong so he is having to be patient!!

Lights have been added to the spanish bar scene

Slowly slowly we are getting back into some miniatures..........

As I have mentioned I like using essential oils and thought I would pass on a little tip - when changing the toilet rolls, before slipping it in the holder, drip a few drops of your favorite oil into the inside of the cardboard roll at either end, I use geranium - you now have a lovely room freshener which seems to last for ages.

 have a great weekend, take care

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The best news ever!

Rebecca has received her latest results and we can shout from the roof tops..............
everything is all Clear........................
they did throw up another problem but not the dreaded 'C'
We feel we can breath and start 2014.

We have had visitors this last week, SIL, Jo and her partner Darren (the tall ship captain), so we have enjoyed their company, had lovely meals both at home and the local restaurants and the weather was quite kind with several sunny days for them to catch up on some rays and just relax.  They were due to return to the UK last Friday but their flight was cancelled due to the planes being unable to leave the UK due to the incoming storms, so they had to extend their stay until Monday.

 Haven't taken many pictures of late, nothing on the craft front either, but these show the last of the blossom. It's amazing how quickly the leaves appear and now the whole valley is turning green.
It's turned chillly today and cloudy, sounds like a good day to catch up on some sewing!
take care

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Playing hookey

Just before Christmas, I wanted something crafty to do that was low key and I could 'just do' and get lost in its repetitive nature, something without thought, something to be picked up and put down, that could grow as fast or slowly as it wanted.
lousy photo!
   I had a random ball of multi coloured yarn for the middle and then picked up the various different colours to continue.  It has now grown to lap size but I shall keep going until I have used up the yarns.

I have always liked to cook and strive to do so from scratch using fresh produce, this was originally borne out of necessity as both myself, Daniel and Rebecca all have food allergies/intolerance and this is/was always the safer option.  I also enjoy growing and using herbs for both culinary and medicinal purposes, along with essential oils, so when Rebecca began her holistic training and was researching aromatherapy, it was right up my street.  Now, as Rebecca is very restricted in which therapies she can practice we have embarked upon a new venture together as we have both enrolled in a correspondence course for Diet and Nutrition Advisor.
It is completely elearning and can be achieved in your own space and time, (good job as its quite a few years since I have studied!)  We are really excited and looking forward to doing this together.

On a culinary note, I found this recipe for Spicy Chick peas and tried it out last night, they were really scrummy, the recipe states to store them in an air tight container, ermmmm welllll they didn't last long enough and I can see this being repeated often.  Ideal when having friends round for drinks and nibbles.

1 jar cooked chick peas
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
olive oil (for coating chick peas)
salt/pepper to taste
hot sauce of your choice  (I used madras paste)

Pre heat oven to 180/200, drain, rinse and pat dry the chickpeas.  In a bowl mix the rest of the ingredients and coat the chickpeas thoroughly.
Spread out on a parchment lined sheet and cook for 40-50 mins, stirring around every so often to get even browning.. Remove from oven cool before eating.  Store in air tight container with a little rice in the bottom to ensure they stay crispy.

Easy peasy!  change the spices for 1/2 tsp cinnomon, 1/8 tsp nutmeg, 1/8 tsp sea salt, 1 tbs honey, mix into 1/2 tbs olive oil for a sweeter version - but this time cook the chickpeas dry first then remove them, toss in the oil mixture and return to the oven for approx 10 mins. just as yummy!

If your house is anything like mine there are so many gadgets around all with their own charging leads etc that sometimes it hard to remember what belongs to what.  This idea kills two birds with one stone and recycles too.  Take a card inner from your finished paper product, fold up the lead, write the appliance on the card and you have a tidy, labelled easy to find solution.
You could always paint the card if wished, but as mine end up in a drawer anyway I didn't bother.

take care

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Almond blossom

It's almond blossom time again, I never tire of seeing this each year, delicate, pretty pastel shades and the promise of warmer temps, balmy evenings and new beginnings. When we have visitors from the UK they seem to be amazed at the greenery, blossom, flowers, brightness, I think they expect dried desert and barren land.  Certainly not the case for where we are, can't vouch for other places but here.......

cactus garden onto the casita area

cactus garden, that was, now being revamped, (slowly!)

into the valley

What seems to be an absolute age ago I put up this picture
actually it was October,  
All those little pieces have now turned into this, and I can now say a UFO is now finished yeah......
Yesterday we met up with our friends from the village for a late lunch, had a great time and this little rabbit was for their granddaughter, finished just in time to be taken back to the UK.

Must go, paella on the stove, sun shining, enjoy your Sunday, take care