Monday, January 24, 2022

Mixed bg

It´s been a mixed bag here, our new fridge freezer finally arrived, unfortunately the fridge compartment is not as deep as before so having to get used to it. I think it will need a change of ordering habits and mindset, but so nice to have everything chilled again without the long walk.

Rebecca and Theo have been up to stay a couple of times, we pick them up on a Friday afternoon and they stay till Saturday about 6 when Antoni picks them up. I love spending the time with both of them and it gives me the opportunity to play with Theo whilst Rebecca catches up on some much needed sleep. It is also good from his point of view as he doesn´t always need Mummy there the whole time. He loves his time in the kitchen, even if it´s just because Yaya wants a cup of tea and he helps with the tea bag. We have chamomile tea and he has taken quite a liking to it, great in the afternoon to help him unwind.

This week I seem to have a bee in my bonnet, needed to declutter, it´s when you discover boxes in drawers with only a few items in them (mainly model helicopter parts) and the inevitable why are we keeping this. Papers in files dated 2005, really! way passed the 7 years, we have a very old fashioned cylindrical  log burner that came out of the casita years ago, so I´m hoping we can use it to burn the papers rather than shred them.

I moved on wielding the paint brush and roller, I can only do a little at a time, and have to ration out the spoons (energy taken) but the arches in the doll house area have been painted, along with the stair well and one stair wall. Think I shall have to put the larger roller on a long handle to do the tops, no way am I going up a ladder!

We have a little water feature that we brought with us, yes all those years ago, bought from the Brannam pottery in Barnstaple which started n 1848, they were having a closing down sale which was sad, I suppose it must have been 2005. Anyway I wanted to get a solar powered pump just to give a little trickle and to aerate the water to avoid mosquito lave. Didn´t get round to it, but for Christmas Chris bought me one.

He had other plans though, he collected rocks from around the place and built a super pond. It´s built on the tiles in the courtyard with a layer of lining, then sand and another layer with more rocks around the edges. So now I have my water feature, much better than I envisaged and it´s free, when the sun comes out lol

 The wonderful thing is it has already been visited by dragonflies and even a few very brave birds have swooped down  oh and the furries thick it´s better than their fresh water bowl.

Picking up stitches for the collar of Theo´s jumper, but not much else in the crafting

take care


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

2nd birthday

 Monday was Theo´s actual birthday, he went to nursery in the morning, where they presented him with a cake with 2 candles, but he just looked at it quite bemused, not quite getting the concept of blowing.

We visited in the afternoon, after nap, such a smart little feller

He saw his pile of presents, did a little dance, then proceeded to hand them out to everyone as he did at Christmas, aww bless.

One of our presents was a duplo space shuttle set as he loves the story of going to the moon. Mum and Dad has been collecting duplo bricks, wheels etc and he loved them, he is so into building things, especially aeroplanes.

We stayed for a couple of hours, he was getting tired, so time to wind down and bed routine. Yeah good luck with that! He was up in the night nearly every hour, then 2-5am wanting to play with all his goodies, then he flopped. His head must have been so full of everything, poor Mum!

Yesterday I went down and stayed for the afternoon, playing, or rather building loads of stuff, so Mum could have a well deserved sleep. He is quite content to build on his own too, letting his imagination take him as he played. He is learning that brick aeroplanes don´t fly, hard to learn what you can and can´t throw.

I finished his little jacket, which will be ideal when the weather gets warmer, rather than jumpers.

I will finish the jumper on the needles then probably another jacket. While I was waiting for nap time to finish, I started a heat mat/wash cloth using cotton yarn. Ideal in the bag on the go project.

take care


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Party time

All the Christmas decorations have been packed away, lovely to have them but  too much after a while. Every time Theo came to visit he would always look for the tree then say goodbye to it when he left, so cute.

We seem to be on a roll with appliances going wrong, the vacuum cleaner started to overheat without too much work and wasn´t doing its job. Have now gone for a cordless one that charges, so much suction and being hand held and more upright saves the back and is so easy to use. Then my hand held mixer kept spitting out the whisks, I don´t have the effort or inclination to hand beat mixtures, so that was another buy.  Then Chris decided to investigate before it was disposed of, turns out 2 screws had worked themselves loose, oh well, I can lend it to Rebecca as her´s is in storage.

Theo and his Mum came up for a while Thursday afternoon, we made scones together, although I think Theo was a bit tired and his heart wasn´t in it. He did come out to the garden to help me hang the washing, passing me the pegs, as we were counting them I asked for 2 more please, he just said ´mas´(more) so sweet.

Rebecca and I spent Friday morning in the kitchen, whilst Theo was at nursery, We made a large victoria style sponge and chocolate cupcakes, also whipping up vanilla buttercream for the main cake and chocolate for the cupcakes. She will decorate it once home to the theme she wants, although we improvised and used digestive biscuits and made our own chocolates for decoration. So glad I bought the new mixer.

Yesterday was Theo´s 2nd birthday party, although the actual day is next week, It was being held in a lovely park near Javea, lots of wooded areas, a huge playpark, DIY bbq block and loads of picnic tables dotted around. seems to be the place to go for a party. We took a box of goodies for the table and began to decorate the area as best we could before Theo arrived. Luckily it was reasonably warm with some sun. Surprising how long it takes to blow up balloons. He loved the balloons in his favourite colours.

There were only 4 kids in total but I think that was enough for Theo as he seemed rather overwhelmed.

More edible delights arrived with Rebecca, including the cake. The kids were all given a polystyrene  aeroplane, quite robust, which went down a treat as it kept them amused for ages, especially when they got it stuck up a tree and watched with glee as Antoni tried, very successfully to retrieve them. They enjoyed taking the planes up to the top of the play equipment as they flew better from there. Pass the parcel was a bit of a flop and a few tears, opps, the bubble machine was loved, but the bottles of blowing bubbles mostly ended up on the floor. We stayed for 2 hours, by which time the sun had gone and it was getting really cold, but a good time was had by all.  Theo didn´t want Daddy to fly his plane he wanted Yaya so that was fun too.

This was his cake, a lion, he loves lions and tells you how they roar.

 I tend to keep moulds etc, these were from a box of chocs given ages ago, came in just the right size for the eyes and nose, the ears were digestive biscuits cut down with a cookie cutter, and licorice for the rest. The cupcakes were supposed to represent the mane. Theo loved it and it all tasted lovely too.

More fun to look forward to next week

take care


Sunday, January 2, 2022

Taming the wilderness

We had a lovely Christmas day, Theo was in awe with the pile of presents and took delight in handing them around, but bless him, when he was given one, he sat and opened it then proceeded to play with the contents. He was quite happy and certainly not demanding another one to open. His main present from his Mum and Dad was a kitchen, which he loved, our presents were centered around that with pots and pans, utensils and play food and a tea set so everyone had a play cup of tea, he will certainly get many hours of fun from it. I think all his help in the kitchen, baking etc made having his own rather special.

Unfortunately a few days before the event, our fridge freezer packed up. The freezer was still working but frosting up badly, but no cold air was being pushed up to the fridge. Tried allsorts but to no avail. Luckily we have a fridge in the Casita, but it was a real pain having to trot back and forth. We are finding it difficult to find a replacement as we are restricted to a certain width, something no one obviously thought about when the kitchen was originally built. The only way will be to take the back door off. Still hunting. Then our mircowave gave up, but that was easily replaced.

We are having quite a mild spell at the moment, so I took the opportunity to go and prune the rose bed. Huh, bit off a bit more than I could chew as it was so overgrown, persisted though and quite pleased with the result, although there is still a little to do.

So todays project was to tackle the area by the pool, right mission...

This area had some really nasty thorny stuff but managed to get it out

The vine still needs a chop, but definitely an improvement

More to do tomorrow

Did take the opportunity to sit in the naya in the sun for a couple of hours, knitting another jumper for Theo.

Wishing you all a Happy New year

take care


Wednesday, December 22, 2021


Chris decided he wanted roast chicken for his birthday meal, so that´s what he got, but I have been experimenting with different flavours for homemade stuffing and chose walnuts, cranberries with fresh sage and a little rosemary, along with onion, garlic and breadcrumbs. I usually swell the breadcrumbs with hot water, but decided to use homemade chicken/veg stock. It made all the difference and was a hit.

I also made a lemon meringue pie which again went down well. With all the goings on in the kitchen I forgot any photos, oh well.

Wonderful to have the family over for the evening and they stayed the night, then I left early with them so Antoni could go to work and Theo nursery. Then Rebecca and I went off to the shopping centre for last minute bits n bobs. Not a very successful trip, we didn´t like the merchanise, she tried on 10 pairs of jeans, (didn´t know there were so many variations) none of which were suitable, everything seemed to have a large price tag too.

We decided we were big boys and girls and what we didn´t have we wouldn´t miss and focus on a wonderful, enchanting family Christmas, enjoying Theo and each others company.

Hope all your preparations are in the swing

take care


Monday, December 20, 2021

Catch up

Gosh the time has just flown by

Been enjoying my Yaya duties, prepping play days, cutting out fabric and paper shapes for sticking, walking round the garden, (bunny came too, just not teddy lol) collecting leaves, twigs to turn into hedgehogs, we even made a card for Mummy and Daddy using cosmetic disks for a snowman.

Theo loves baking, we´ve made muffins, biscuits, fairy cakes and include him in all aspects of prep (within reason) for meals so he feels included and interested to eat it. I stayed over with Rebecca and Theo for a few days as Daddy was lucky enough to go on a business/pleasure cruise across the med. Starting in Barcelona and ending up in Italy. Then they stayed here for a couple of days too.

Rebecca is enjoying her rather intense course in Spanish and Theo is now using some Spanish words, some he has picked up from nursery and some from us.

This year it was so enjoyable to dress the tree with them, rather than half hearted as last year and lovely to see Theo pick up on the room decorations too.

The granddaughters have been busy too, both winning a first in their groups in the cheer leading competition. 

Just getting over a really heavy cold, Theo was quite generous in sharing, its hanging on, as they do and now Chris has succumbed. 

Noticed a few flowers in the courtyard which were a little surprising, we have had such a mixed bag of weather, heavy rain, really cold, high winds, warm again, so it was quite uplifting to see the Gerberas had flowered again, the begonia, although a little over, was still flowering and then found this little type of flower growing in the pot.

Even the geranium is having another burst

I finished another jumper for Theo, although forgot to take a photo, with another one on the needles, still haven´t sew up the jacket, but its ready to do so.

Tomorrow is Chris´s birthday and we are all having dinner together and they are staying the night, should be fun.
take care

Friday, November 12, 2021

Ask Grandma

We have been having quite a bit of rain lately, every thing certainly needed it but now of course the weeds grow.

The sensor in our upstairs water tank has gone on the blink, we were alerted to it as water started cascading down the landing walls and stairs, it is automatically fed from the deposito, so we are having to pump the water up with one of us listening to how full the tank is and the other ready to turn off the switch. So we have been wet inside and out but we have nice clean stairs! lol, luckily the stairs are all tiled so at least there was no soggy carpet to worry about.

Had another lovely morning looking after Theo as his Mum was doing her spanish lesson. I had printed out various patterns of under water themes and we spent nearly an hour colouring and sticking. The other day I had cut out various shapes, trees, a house with opening door and windows, stars etc and found some lace that resembled flowers, we had great fun sticking the shapes and embellishing the flowers with Theo proudly taking his pictures home to show Mum and Dad. I´m looking forward to making Christmas crafts with him, and making a card for Mum and Dad. 

He was wearing this great top yesterday, made me smile. 

 He had just woken up and was getting ready to leave so he was a bit dazed, the message basically says, ask Grandma anything, if she doesn´t know she will make something up.

I have picked up the stitches for the collar of his jacket, then just need to sew it up and it will be ready. I have been doing the blanket too, so that is slowly coming on. I ordered some yarns from Deramores and tried the Wool warehouse too so that Rebecca could bring them over with her. She brought them up yesterday so I´m getting itchy fingers lol

take care