Friday, December 2, 2022

Advent time

I have mainly been concentrating on making advent drawstring bags for Theo. Everything has come from the stash, I brought all the craft stuff with me when we left the farm years ago, which has proved to be very useful.  I´ve topped up some things like ribbons but all the Christmas material has come into it´s own.

I asked hubby to print out some luggage labels with all the dates on then glued them to red card, I did contemplate making felt ones but decided there wasn´t enough time and I couldn´t be asked lol. Had to lay them all out and divide the gifts so they made an interesting find on opening. Decorated a wooden box with tinsel and wrapped the gifts carefully mixing them up so Theo has to find the right number. Thought it would help with his numbers and also learn patience with only one a day.

I made a special one for the 18th using Christmas Rose material as a remembrance for baby Rose.

I left it on the table ready to take only to find that Sashi had made herself very comfortable in the box, should have taken a photo, but I was more concerned in getting her off.

So yesterday we visited Theo, we explained the concept and he looked in wonder that there were so many bags in there. Last year Rebecca bought a set of advent books, so he was in his element of choosing which wrapped book he wanted, which was read twice at bedtime, then as a treat he was given a little chocolate one, lucky boy with three. 

He has been finding going to nursery a bit of a struggle and we have been trying to uncover why. Last weekend he said "Mummy, I have a problem" aww bless, not even 3 yet. Turns out a new boy is being a bit of a bully and upsetting him. Hopefully the calendars will be a bit of distraction for him.

I decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present too.  The cold temps badly effect the Fibro so to save energy and the fact that trying to bend and do low jobs like wainscoting, edges, mopping etc are very difficult for me, I decided to organise a cleaner to come once a week for a couple of hours. I still find myself thinking, I should be able to do this, but we have 5 reception areas, clockroom and kitchen downstairs, plus 8 cats, so to have some help is going to be marvelous. So instead of beating myself up, I´m thinking of the nice things I can do with the energy saved, grateful that the hard jobs are being done and enjoy a fresh home. Defiantly a Loreal moment, yes I´m worth it. Also the person enjoys cleaning and gives her a little pocket money, win, win.  We have a friend coming to stay at the weekend and she is willing to do the guest room, remake beds so that will be a relief.

Our front bell is ringing which means the groceries have arrived, better go and get that sorted.

take care




  1. Never mind Theo learning patience, I'd be chomping at the bit to open all those lovely parcels, and how lovely making a special one in remembrance of Rose for the 18th. How lovely to have a cleaner coming in to help, just a couple of hours will make a big difference, I'm sure. I've just caught up on your last post, the picture which Chris painted is fabulous, he has such a talent.

    1. Theo is enjoying his little parcels. Having a cleaner for a couple of hours is brilliant, takes the sting out of not being able to do certain things. Thank you, Chris is already eyeing up his next subject xcx

  2. lovely idea for advent for Theo - he will have so much fun. Absolutely get a cleaner if you are needing it.... we can't do everything forever... somehow our bodies don't like it!! xx

  3. That's a great advent calendar for Theo - he is a lucky little boy. It's good that he told you what the problem was too. Good for you on the cleaner - that's a good all round solution.
    Best wishes