Saturday, June 26, 2021


Finally found my round to it, as I was going to post on Tuesday but things got in the way, like doing some indoor painting especially on one door. Really hate the smell of gloss paint, but it had to be done, one of those itches that needed to be scratched. As you can see it was long overdue!

A good tidy up on the shelves, old phone boxes thrown away, (the things we keep!) and the wood wall trims painted.

Tuesday was quite a special day for us as it was the anniversary of when we first met, 50 years ago! really! 50 whoa.

On Tuesday 22nd 1971 I was allowed to attend the Arbor youth club in Pyrford, Surrey. for the first time. It was quite a large building, with cafe, table tennis and snooker room, outdoor areas for 5 a side and a large hall where various activities took place, and where eventually I joined the Ladies weight training team and went on to be the Captain.  My older brother was a leader there and  I was only allowed to go as he could keep ├ín eye´ on me. That went down well, not, but something I would take as long as I could go.

This rather nice looking chap kept walking passed me, very shy, but eventually someone introduced us and the rest as they say, is history.

Oh my, look at those white socks

Chris had booked a table on the terrace at Maria´s and had taken some pink cava along to chill, he also gave me a lovely bouquet 
We had a lovely meal, I chose swordfish, Maria presented the cava (no corkage) and in fact gave us a bottle of wine that comes with the meal as we left. Lovely gesture.

Well I had better go and get on with some chores, we are having visitors (all being well) on Sunday so a bit of a spruce up is needed.
Enjoy your weekend
take care


Thursday, June 17, 2021

At last

 After 4 years of laying dormant and being left near the kitchen window, my Orchid has just produced this beautiful stem  although another flower has opened after taking this photo

I really thought it had had it, although the foliage was good, so nice to see it revive itself. Will have to look on google as to its further care.

Also in the courtyard, a second pot of lilies has flowered, I think I prefer this colour to the rather bold, brash orange ones.

I have knitted a little jacket and a pair of dungarees for Theo´s little rabbit. My idea was it might help him to learn to dress using the button and poppers on the straps of the dungarees. I made sure I fastened them well and will advise that he plays with them with parental supervision.

I found one of the old flower pots had cracked and was going to throw it out, but then I thought about it and decided to try to create a little fairy garden. I dug out the contents, saving the one little plant that had survived, found another couple of broken pots and started building. It isn´t the prettiest of pots but hopefully by the time its planted up you won´t see much of it. Unfortunately it is situated where we get full sun most of the day, it´s also very heavy, so it´s a bit of a slow process.

 Today we had a trip out to the foreign office in Alicante north, to secure our TIE´s, basically an up to date identity card. We had to wait as they were running over an hour late, but it was very straight forward having all the paperwork in place, so after finger prints were taken and being told the cards could take up to 4 weeks to be produced, that was it, finished. Collection is from a totally different office in Alicante, thank goodness for Google maps.

Better go and get on with the evening meal

take care




Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A finish

Finished Theo´s little jumper, weird pattern, short body but extremely long sleeves, so I changed it using the measurements for his jacket. Not overly happy with it and I don´t think I shall be doing another one.

 Still it gives him another jumper to mess about in.

We had a "little" harvest this week of the peas, Chris is one of those who likes to eat them straight from the pod, so I think a few went awol lol

We had a second similar picking a few days later, just enough for a taster.

Earlier in the year I had to prune back Rose´s rose, it had some sort of fungi and I wasn´t sure if it would come back, but I´m so pleased with it, flowering well

We had to retrieve our post so a little jaunt into Benissa. They have opened up a new Chinese bazaar, that makes 3 now! so I decided to have a nosey round. This one has a wider range of home accessories which gave a few ideas, not so much craft items as the other one, different items so it will be a case of hunting around between the two largest ones.

On my mooch I spotted some alphabet jigsaw puzzles, ideal for Theo. One has numbers on the back too, I shall keep them here for him to play with and plan to make some drawstring bags to hold the pieces once they are unwrapped.


They are all wooden, bright and cheerful and for 2.80 euros each, I thought quite a good bargain.

I also repotted my avocado plant. Grew this from the seed a couple of years ago, it obviously enjoys its new home and spreading its roots with its new growth. Wonder how many years I have to wait until it may produce fruit lol

 Our car is a little poorly at the moment, needs two new wheel bearings, so we are home bound until they can lend us a courtesy car and get it fixed. Never mind, the sun is out after our wet weekend 
take care