Friday, January 29, 2021

It´s sunny

The weather has warmed up again, at last, so a few jobs done in the garden, especially pruning the roses, a clear up from all the recent high winds which decimated my pelargonium plant, ripping huge branches off. So I took loads of cuttings of them, so hopefully they will take.

I had left last years Basil plants that had gone to seed in their pots for them to dry and decided to harvest the seeds, goodness, talk about a good game played slow! The tiny flower pods were still quite closed and refused to yield their prize without a fight. I shook, rubbed, tapped and ended up having to open each pod individually, and there is another plant to go.....

I had a request from one of Rebecca´s friends to make something for the baby she was expecting. She has loved all the things I have made for Theo and really wanted hand made as none of her family do any crafting.

We knew they were expecting a little girl, so I started on a medium sized blanket for her and a couple of pairs of mittens and a little turban hat. All finished now, just need to post them off, especially as the little one has now arrived.

We had our supermarket delivery yesterday, I ordered 2 red peppers, they are absolutely huge. That is one draw back of ordering in this way, you can never tell what sizes you are going to get on the fresh veg.

The avocado is for scale!

Knitting a jacket for Theo and just had another request for another jumper, so better get on to it

Enjoy your weekend

take care


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Birthday boy

We celebrated Theo´s first birthday last week

A year old where did that go, missed them so much this year but we put up a birthday banner and balloons and joined in on zoom.

 One of our presents to him was this fun combination of dens and tunnels, there are 2 dens and 2 tunnels, all interconnecting, 

It was a joy to watch as he scrambled through, giggling in delight and thought it great fun when both Mummy and Daddy crawled in too.

Then they made it into a ball park, even more fun. I´m sure this be delightful for the garden in the summer

Then came the birthday cake

Antoni made the cake topper and 1 figure using his 3D printer

I think the grin says it all here 

Would you believe it, Rebecca and I chose the same Winnie the Pooh birthday card

take care


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Hello again

 Hello again,

Bit late, but, Wishing everyone a Happy New year, let´s hope it is happier than the last year.

Despite everything, we had a lovely Christmas day, we had two zoom calls with Rebecca, Antoni and Theo, so we were able to be in the room with them and watch as Theo explored his first Christmas presents, not quite the same without hugs and cuddles, but it was a lovely to join in and see them.

Theo´s music and sensory classes moved onto Zoom and I was invited to join in with their New Year´s eve party, wonderful to see Theo interacting with the music and activities, such a shame not to be able to socially interact with the other families in person though. Theo loved attending the groups and was learning social skills, another casualty of the times.

We had quite a stressful time trying to send our parcel of Christmas goodies over, we used Parcel2go and the service was absolutely awful, they refused to collect even though we had paid, then informed us the next delivery slot was 29th December! luckily we contacted a local service of man and van who was going over on the Friday and our parcel was hand delivered on the Saturday, excellent service.

Rebecca used the same service, but they ruined that and we didn´t receive her parcel until 30th December. The positive side was we had another christmas day, again with zoom.

Today is Theo´s first birthday! can´t believe he is 1 already, so hard not to dwell on the loss of his first year, daily video calls etc just doesn´t cut it, although seeing his wonderful grins and hearing his giggles on the video link is a joy. I know I´m biased, but he is doing so well, walking for 2 months already and now is trying to run! As soon as he sees us he grins and then waves goodbye and says bye at the end.

We shall zoom later and be able to join in his celebrations.

I was really busy during the last few months making all sorts for him, a Christmas stocking was requested

but I also made a large Christmas bag for him

A set of building blocks, with a custom made box to keep them in

Then a Christmas tree was requested, made from felt with felt shapes, the idea being that he could put his own decorations on his tree and leave the real one be.

It worked really well and he enjoyed the process

Hand made gift cards, Rebecca wanted keepsakes for his first Christmas

I managed to source an alphabet wall hanging, which I quilted, he can use it as a play mat too.

There´s more, but perhaps they are for another day. Stay safe everyone, take care, back soon