Thursday, February 2, 2023

Faux planting

 We have been having a cold snap, gets right through you, but the Almond blossom doesn´t seem to mind and its popping out on the trees around us, ranges from dark pink through to white. We have lost quite a few of our own trees, age, drought, pests but we have quite a few saplings establishing themselves again. Not always in a suitable place I have to say, but the olive trees do the same thing so unless you want a tree suddenly growing in the wrong place you have to be vigilant.

I´ve had these Gerberas for 3 seasons now and they seem to be determined to ignore the cold weather and are flowering away. Definitely on the shopping list again for this season.  My cyclamen, bought for a couple of euros back in November are doing well too.

The area at the bottom of the stairs is a trifle dark, I have tried several plants but have found nothing that will tolerate the conditions. So I decided to make a Swiss cheese plant, using felt and florist wire, I fashioned leaves into something which resembles the plant, used one of my Dad´s stained glass pots and gravel and planted it. With a little imagination it fills the brief and at least it won´t die.

Last week we were collecting Theo from nursery every afternoon as his Dad was away on business and Mum was working. We took him home and played, but on Friday we brought him up here with us, great fun playing and exploring. We had visited a local charity shop and found 3 huge bags of  wooden train set parts, with trains and cars and accessories, all for 10e, which made great tracks and a good deal of fun. I also bought 30 books, all for 10c each, so the book shelf was quite enticing. 

At last I´ve found the photos of the jumper and throw

That time again, dinner calls

take care