Friday, January 30, 2015

Back to minis

It´s been really warm these last few days and we have been able to sit in the naya in the afternoons doing some crafting. We have decided to resurrect our miniatures, after putting everything on hold for so long it´s nice to be able to feel we are able to do this.
We had several projects on hold, including a wonderful bureau that hubby was making.  He had cut and assembled the main unit and it had stood languishing in the cabinet just begging to be finished.  He took it all apart and stained all the pieces, reassembled and polished it

There are still drawers to be made and then sourcing items for the ink wells, pens and paper
I had designed this rug and finished the main stitching using 22 count and cross stitch, so all that was needed was to finish it off

Thinking of the haberdashery shop, I trawled through some of my archives and started this little embroidery.  I should really have used 40 count silk gauze and tent stitch, but I didn´t have any so had to make do with 40 count evenweave, cross stitch, not ideal but it worked.
I have since finished the design and it is ready to be attached to a floor embroidery frame

I showed Chris what I wanted, he did a quick drawing and it is now just waiting to be stained and the embroidery mounted. 
I have started a bell pull now, but the light was not the same and I have had to use the magnifier at times which is not so comfortable and I would really like to source some silk gauze as I think it would be easier.
Today has been about 20C out of the wind! but we have had such terrific gusts its a wonder we have not suffered more than a few smashed pots.  It has been reported that gusts of 134km were recorded in Alicante last night, don´t think we reached that here, but we sure did have the snoring rattling doors keeping us awake.
Rebecca and Antoni have just reached the UK after spending a week in Venice for their anniversary.  It was bright but very cold and last night they were awoken by some strange noises coming from the streets.  They realised that the strange contraptions they had seen were portable pavements being laid down because it was a high tide and it had rained so everywhere was flooded with over a foot of water.  Obviously the powers that be had this all worked out, must be a case of been there, done that, many times.
They had a lovely time but did say that everything was very very expensive, even a 30 minute gondola ride was 80 euros, so they took the water bus to explore some of the islands and attractions and waterways, but what a lovely adventure.
I have placed my supermarket order for tomorrow and have included extra for Rebecca so I can go and stock her fridge up for her, for her return. Fingers crossed the snow doesn't fall at Gatwick!
Have a great weekend
take care


Thursday, January 29, 2015


I use a lot of lemons and several years ago we bought a couple of lemon trees, the one on the terrace is obviously planted in the wrong place and is very sorry for itself and the other is in the courtyard.  It flowers and starts to fruit then somehow loses the will to continue, today I spotted this.....

One lonely little lemon, it would be nice if it would hold on this time.  So it´s a good job that Antoni shinned up his mother´s tree and brought me these

It might seem a strange thing to say, but the fresh lemons taste completely different, almost sweet with full of flavour zest and of course no wax on them.

I did harvest the last of the chillies and have popped them in the freezer ready for use

A friend contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I was interested in any embroidery threads. It was rather a sad story as she was selling loads of crafting things for a friends family as she had sadly passed away and they didn´t have a clue as to what to do with boxes and boxes of stash.  The nice thing was the money raised was going to charity.  This is what I bought.....

There are over 350 skeins of thread, mostly DMC and Anchor and some Mayflower, she said she only wanted 10c a skein but as I was having the lot asked for 30 euros, although I did up it to 35e for the good cause.
We have been after some pool side loungers and whilst outing and abouting we spotted a sale on and so stopped to browse.  Unfortunately the loungers were not very comfortable and even the sale prices were extremely high, but I did find these two wonderful little planters with their friendly bugs attached. Couldn´t pass them by as I thought they were fun, so I bought one for Rebecca too, bargain price, they were only 5e each.

Took this photo mainly as a reference, a sort of before and after, the plant really needs repotting but we are afraid it might snap.  It closes up in the heat of the summer to protect itself and as the weather cools you can see it opening up until it does its thing with flowering.
I shall take another photo when it blooms

We have the first of the almond blossom just gently unfurling their petals, very soon the whole valley and surrounding areas will be beautiful candy pink

 take care

Sunday, January 11, 2015

First post

Happy New year to everyone

The gig NYE was a resounding success, the music quiz went down well and the predicted excidus just after midnight didn't happen because everyone was on the dance floor having a great time.  We also had an invite to return for a future event.  Win, win!!

Daniel, Shine and Leocia took off just after Christmas to visit Madrid, it was a surprise to us and we did feel rather deflated as we were so looking forward to having a full two weeks with them. They did return on the 2nd and on the Saturday all 7 of us went to Maria's restaurant for lunch, which was absolutely heaving so this took all afternoon, but was really enjoyable and I took advantage of having cuddles with Leocia.

As part of Leocia's christmas present I knitted a pretty cardigan/jacket with matching hat

I asked for a photo and Shine decided a fashion show was in order
The hat fitted fine, but the way Leocia is growing I don't think the jacket is going to last very long.  I knitted it for age 6-9 months and she is only just 5 months now!! Big girl!

I had already started to knit another jacket and had finished the back, but decided to undo it all and start again this time for the size 1-2 years

This was Leocia's main present, lots of sounds, textures, music and quite comfortable, and they managed to get it in the suitcase!
Really sad when we had to take them to the airport on the 5th, just have to rely on skype

We have one terrace where in previous years we have turned it into a veggie patch, as long as you plant early and harvest most things before July before everything gets burnt its ok, we also have a water outlet in this area for irrigation.
Apart from keeping the weeds down, for the last 3 years we have not touched this area, with Rebecca's illness and Chris's accident, we had neither the time nor inclination, but this year we decided to clear it and give it another go. We are trying to get our mojo back and enjoy once again the things that were put on the back burner

The weeds were over 7ft high and everything is covered in bind weed, nightmare!
Chris had to go to the town hall to get a burning license and being very careful managed to get rid of the first batch of debris
about a 1/4 of the way there, I can see digging up the bind weed roots is going to be a mission, a slow process being careful we don't overdo it
It's fun thinking of what to plant, but will we get there in time? We are thinking beetroot, spinach, pumpkins etc and perhaps keeping the toms, peppers and the like in the inner courtyard.  We have about 10 types of chilli ranging in heat and colours from chocolate to yellow 
We are having a warm January with temps about 20C which at least makes it quite pleasant to work 

Well, hope you all enjoyed your weekend,
take care