Friday, August 26, 2016

A beautiful, wonderful event

We have just returned from our trip to Gibraltar with Rebecca and Antoni
we left Tuesday morning, flying from Valencia to Malaga
(didn´t realise just how big Malaga airport was)
We grabbed the hire car
squeezing our luggage in and headed off for the one and a half hour drive to Gibraltar

This time we had booked an apartment in town which we hoped would save some costs as we could do self catering, although in the end I´m not sure if we did .
The two bedroomed ensuite apartment was very shabby from the outside, but hey we were living inside which was really quite nicely furnished, the beds were comfy and the presentation was, well adequate, but for three days it was fine

We had the fore thought to stop in La Linea on the spanish side to find our usual supermarket as we know the products and it was far far cheaper than Gib´s Morrisons

Rebecca and Antoni set off by 8 o/c on Wednesday to wait for the Registry office to open just in case there was a long wait, being August Gibraltar was extremely busy.
However they were first (and only) in line and finished the first part of the paperwork quickly
You have to return for 11.30 to receive your documents and confirmations all is ok and to get the affidavit signed and returned
Nail biting moment in some respects, but considering you have already sent these via email and had them confirmed before you attend should mean it´s plain sailing
Which of course it is, but human nature makes you stress a bit!

Approaching the Rock
Our view, every bit of space is built on but they do plant trees etc in between
We had a mooch and then a drive all around the island

Thursday went in a flash, getting ready, arriving, and the ceremony
We were allowed to film and also make a video link via skype for those who couldn´t attend
It was a very nice atmosphere, serious but relaxed....
After the ceremony on Thursday we walked back through Main Street, gaining lots of smiles, looks and congratulations as we went

This is being considered as the legalities with the ´wedding´still to come
We found a lovely space for a photo opportunity

Not sure if you can tell how proud I am of my beautiful girl but it was very moving and emotional considering (......) and Antoni ended the day calling me Mum...........
take care


Monday, August 22, 2016

Catch up

With all the holiday makers here we have had hardly any internet which is frustrating to say the least. It´s like this every year at holiday times and it just goes to show how we now take this service for granted, especially if you want to google something.

I´m still making things for the wedding with some finishes, so I thought I would show you the ring pillow. I took the initials from the wedding invitation and they both love it, phew!

Rebecca also decided on necklace and earring sets for the bridesmaids, how ever the costs were high, so I sourced all the components including the gift boxes and put them together myself, thus reducing the outlay considerably. 
The jewellry trade is notorious for adding between 200 and 300% to their prices

The days are ticking by, not long to go now, guests have booked flights, need to plan some menus for our house guests, thinking easy buffet style, what doesn´t get done is fine as no one will know but ourselves.

We had such a brilliant evening on Saturday. Rebecca and Antoni had collected 6 bottles of wine from the venue for us to taste and choose.
We decided to replecate the menu as far as we could to give the wine a fair go.  We bought fresh monk fish (gosh they are ugly) and made a sauce then lamb with veggies. We tried and tasted and changed our minds, but the evening was full of laughter, fun and we all put our two pennyworth into creating the dishes.. None of us are really red wine drinkers, finding them to full of tannin, but instead of a dessert we got out the goats cheese, my oh my that made a difference, wonderful.....
We then decided on a late night dip to cool off in the pool, where even I had to admit the water was beautifully warm and again the greatest of fun was had by all playing with the go pro´s under water and mucking about, so no photos unfortunately having too much fun..

take care

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A little jaunt

Well I think the last week+ has been the fastest week ever, it just disappeared!
I flew into Exeter on the 31st July, having left home at 6.45 where the temperature was already 31C, we landed into 17C oh what a shock, cardi straight on

Daniel, Shine, Leocia and of course new baby Maia were there to meet me.
I had a very busy week doing Grandma duties which enabled them to get on with household jobs that are extremely difficult with little ones, so I earned my keep lol

Helping to prepare Leocia´s 2nd birthday party, remembering just how loud two little people can be when the screaming starts, dragging nursery rhymes out from the memory and being inventive when a 2 year old refuses to do something without yelling was seemingly all in a days work.

They had a trip to London to get Shine´s visa ready for the wedding in September and fittings for the flower girl dress, along with my outfit, which thankfully arrived just before me and it fits!

I was returning on the 8th from Bristol and luckily Chris looked to make sure all was good for the M5, alas no totally closed above Wellington, which meant the long way round. Thank goodness for satnavs trundeling down the A303 heading towards Andover seemed to be going totally in the wrong direction until Shepton Mallet when we turned left and headed through little country lanes until we came out about 5 mins away from the airport. It took 2 hours but at least we got there.
It was a late flight so we didn´t arrive home until 1.30am to a welcoming committee of all the furries.

Yesterday saw Rebecca and I in Valencia for a dress fitting, which took nearly two hours
discussions on the finer details, one layer of tulle removed and the warning of do not lose any more weight as this is the final fitting!
All I can say is ´stunning´absolutely beautiful, even with the pins etc so on the day I know tissues will be the necessary accessory.

Well enough chat, flowers and boxes, decorations and more waiting for me, better crack on

take care