Friday, April 29, 2011

Iris garden

we have a lovely display of iris at the moment, this is our view from what we call the mountain terrace.

we are trying to build up a collection extending the flowering period

just above us higher up the mountain are the iris gardens, an amazing array of colours and varieties, quite spectacular

we have to go some to replicate though.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Odds and ends and millinery

I had a lovely day on Friday, wonderful company, a smashing lunch and some lovely presents. DS, DD and her boyfriend had the opportunity of guest tickets to one of their favourite bands in Barcelona (a four hour drive away) which turned out to be Friday night not Saturday, they really wanted to go but didn't want to spoil my day, a really sweet thought but as they were not leaving until early evening (the band wasnt on until the wee hours) and I had had their company all day I persuaded them to go. So it was a good day for all.

We are having a rainy spell, mustn't grumble though as we desperately need it. We have been over run by weeds in the cactus garden but the ground resembles rock and it is impossible to get them out, but after a day of chores on Saturday, Sunday I decided to have a play....
I made this odds and ends pot using felt and an empty can

Then I decided to try my hand at millinery, using card as the base and twine and a few feathers, I was quite pleased with the result

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tote bag

2 posts in one day!!.... finally took a pic of my tote bag, our main supermarket is stopping giving away carrier bags and although we save and recycle the bags, I thought I would make some, this being the first.

Happy Easter to everyone

.... today is also my birthday, but I had the best present early as DS arrived from the UK on Tuesday and is staying for 3 weeks - yeah. yesterday we did a little shopping in Calpe where it was blowing a gale and whipping the sea up, we tried a new restaurant along the front for menu del dia, it was reasonable but not the best which was a shame. We had a fierce storm during the night so I fear these little beauties will be a bit battered today.

hopefully the lavenders and sages are ok as they are making a pretty splash of colour

I have been remiss in not takin a pic of the finished project, must get the camera.

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daffs, furries and stringing

what a lovely surprise in the post, DS had sent a parcel of some Earl Grey decaff tea that we can't get here and some seeds, also inside the parcel was a cardboard tube, quite heavy and well wrapped. Carefully undoing it revealed the contents, 2 bunches of daffodils. DS knows they are my favourite flower and we don't have them out here, what a sweet thoughtful surprise.

some of our furries investigating what is usually a stiff reed type plant that has suddenly produced these wonderful looking flowers. They resemble fushia flowers in their appearence, but they transform the whole plant into something quite unique.

I decided to use some fabric from the stash, not my usual colour, but bright and cheerful anyway. I even remembered the stringing method, which delighted the furries as they tried to get the swinging tails off the ironing board

Whilst I was at it I cut out some more diamonds, always handy for those moments when you can't get too involved with something

I was really pleased with the pieced material, I even managed to get the squares all lined up, so was chuffed

Just have to make it up now.........

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diamonds are forever

It's been unusually hot for a few days and after going to town and the market on Saturday where we bought various vegetable pluglets we noticed a huge plume of smoke in the next valley. It was caused by someone not being vigulent when burning and resulted in the village being evacuated and half the mountain ablaze. There were a couple of other fires in the area too so burning licences have been put on hold during the dry weather.

The mimosa trees are all out in bloom, these are everywhere including along the banks of the motorway which creates a lovely colourful hue as you travel along. I remember my Mum always bought Grandma mimosa in the spring, I remember too the heady scent, they would have loved to see it growing so naturally and wild.

I have been playing with diamonds, which like topsy grewed and grewed, I don't know what they will become, I think I shall have to wait and see how many I get before running out of the materials.

I also finished the bodice of the gown, although DH seems to make the dolls quicker than I can dress them lol

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At last.......

What a lovely day on Sunday, it was Mother's day, I was given these beautiful flowers by DD and these from DD's boyfriend, we had a lovely leisurely lunch at Maria's then later I was presented with fresh chocolate strawberries that they had prepared, they didn't last long! with an ecard from DS it was a great day.

At last some what shall I turn it into?

I have also been making costumes for the dolls that DH has made and painted

trying different designs and materials - the man is the baker for the victorian bakery that DH is making for the exhibition. Just the bodice to make for the blue dress, biggest problem is fraying when making the 1/8th inch seams, I'm rather loath to use glue and don't have any fraycheck so just plain perseverance will have to do.