Thursday, May 26, 2022

New arrivals

More glossing of doors with some still to go, second coats too, have to pace myself and acknowledge when I´ve had enough.

Rebecca and Theo have been up several times, lots of play and enjoyment of their comany.

Rather a sad week last week, we lost two of our eldest furries. Lucy on Tuesday, after a very short illness, she was 14 and then on Thursday her nephew, Simba, was 13. Such a big hole left. Then Rebecca asked if we would take on their two, Siamese mix, they were house cats, but when they moved back to the UK they were allowed outside, so got used to coming and going. Consequently when they moved back here into the 3rd floor apartment the girls were house bound again. They were getting upset, bored and cross with each other, then they realised that Antoni was becoming very sensitive to them as in allergic reaction. Not good for any of them. So we are presently keeping them inside to get them acclimatized with the run of 2 downstairs rooms before we let them venture out.


Sashi and Sonia

  I was given this pot of lillies several years ago as a birthday present. They flower each year, but this year they have given a rather spectacular display, with multi headed blooms,  I have moved them to a place where the furries don´t go as they are poisonous for them.                                                                 


I have wanted a new sofa for ages now, but we have a problem with the chemicals, formaldehyde that they use in manufacture, so we have to buy second hand, we found one recently, in excellent condition, a two seater with recliners for a very reasonable price. You can just see a glimpse in the cat photo. It was delivered and the old one removed, they also took away an old sofa bed that had certainly see better days, Ok we had to pay 12e each but so much easier than contacting the council or trying to remove them ourselves. 

My sewing machine, a Bernina 630, went off before Easter to have a service, the foot pedal was not responding and it wasn´t happy. I then received a call explaining that a piece had broken and to confirm the cost of repair. They hoped the part would be in Spain, if not it would come from Switzerland. They still haven´t received the part! so long now, always the way, there are several projects I would like to do making rice bags for Theo as a throwing game, bunting for his bedroom and a cushion for his chair. Just have to be patient awhile longer.

Enjoy your day

take care



Sunday, May 8, 2022

Gone bananas

A couple of days very heavy rain, again, put paid to any decorating, too wet, damp and unable to open the windows. Quite a bit of prep though, washing and sanding down ready to go.

Yesterday was a nice warm bright sunny day so I took the opportunity to start glossing again. In our bedroom suite there are 8 doors, 5 of them slatted (they are going to be a pain) plus the usual wainscoting etc, anyway the 2nd bedroom door and the balcony door got the treatment. I placed the onion in the area but the fumes were pretty strong so I added a bowl of dry bi carb, that seemed to do the trick.

With all the rain in the last month everything has gone bananas, this is the pretty time with all the flowers parading before the temperatures rise, but this year its gone potty.

This geranium seems to have quadrupled in size

The herb garden is mainly rosemary and sage at the moment, it´s great that its gone potty as I use a lot of these herbs. The bees are loving it with all the purple flowers in bloom, a constant hum with their busyness.

A ´sea view´across the top garden, it´s well in the distance but still there lol, we have a different view from the courtyard, Calpe which is must nearer and can even make out the shipping.

A little reading too, treated myself to a couple of books on kindle that had been recommended, rather than the rubbishy freebies. A little knitting, clothes mending and a few play dates. Friday went down to play and then Theo decided that he was quite happy playing on his own, which gave us the opportunity to sit and have a lovely chat and good old catch up. He has a large car transporter with different compartments for his smaller cars, I love the way he pronounces the words so clearly and matter of fact. He has started to tag on the word actually at the end of his sentence, all in context, so sweet.

Warm and sunny again so I think more painting, have to finish it before the temps rise too much and the paint dries on the brush

take care



Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Bits n bobs

More painting, this time in our bedroom, we have double doors, but I only painted one so far with a new pot of gloss. The coverage is so much better, think I will get away with one coat, oh but the fumes are really strong, even the onion trick was struggling.

We haven´t bought any tomato plugs this year so I decided to use the trick where you slice bits off and plant them. They came up really well and now I have transplanted them to grow on, hopefully some nice cherry toms to come. Did the same with the strawberries but they didn´t come up.

Tidying up the courtyard from last years old pots and the heavy rain of late, took mint and geranium cuttings which are growing well,  

I wanted a sort of Moroccan look solar light for the courtyard, spotted this one and love the way the pattern splays out

Last Monday the nursery was closed for the fiesta, so Rebecca and I took Theo off to the beach as we had a few other things to get too. Last time we went there the sand was very course and gritty, this time it had been replaced with light soft sand, much better to play with. We had a nice treat of lunch out as it was warm and sunny.

I actually picked up my knitting again, haven´t done any for ages so it was a nice change

Time for lunch

take care