Friday, July 2, 2021

Bliss in stickers

 Really can´t quite believe it....

On a spur of the moment decision, Rebecca decided to bring Theo over and stay for a couple of weeks. I last saw them back in the beginning of March 2020 with Theo being a babe in arms to now being a little tornado.

She decided on Thursday and arrived Sunday morning, just in time before they changed the rules yet again. Theo was a good as gold on the journey and enjoyed looking out of the planes window. He was happy with his toys and books.

Theo certainly recognised us immediately and he has settled in well. We have been having great fun, he is really into his stickers and now I have a sticker wall in the kitchen. It´s the little things that bring such joy, seeing him interact with everything including a few things he shouldn´t lol, but then that´s what learning is all about.

I bought him some magnetic alphabet and number tiles which we have spent hours playing with using our fridge freezer as a base, Rebecca´s one is housed in a wooden case so ours is ideal. He loves taking things out and then putting them back in their little case.

We have been into town where there is a little playground for him to enjoy, along with a trip to the supermarket where he has enjoyed finding exciting new goodies to taste. We also popped into the bazaar and picked up a water jacket for the pool, he wasn´t very enamored with it and took it straight off. Luckily our pool has wide shallow steps so he will be able to play without getting into the pool properly.

Lots of hugs and cuddles, reading books, bath time, he is so patient with the cats too, after months and months of just longing for the moment, it´s hard to believe he is really here with his lovely Mum.

I have also been able to give Rebecca some quiet time of her own, especially as Theo doesn´t sleep very well, and we are all enjoying being all together at last.

Today Theo and I made a pasta box and spent ages playing with tubs and scoops, yesterday we turned the toy box into a water bath and got thoroughly wet, he was watering the plant nearest to him, then I said perhaps he should try another plant, so next load he toddled off to find another one. He understands so much and he loves his colouring books and crayons.

Look at those curls, just had to share 

Right has better go, bathtime soon and more Grandma (Yaya) duties

take care