Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Bit cross

 Well miffed actually

We ordered a new car seat for Theo, ready for their visit in plenty of time, 7th August, with a status of in stock and a delivery date of the 13th. Then it was moved to the 17th, now its a question mark.

So we have had to reserve a hire one, it´s not that expensive but just a hassle of driving 40 minutes to collect it then having to return it. It´s just the fact it was only ordered because it was in stock and the company are very backward in replying to emails  grrrr

We were told about a new charity shop that had opened in Teulada, about half an hour away, so we paid a visit taking items to leave.

I was hoping to find some books for Theo, buying English books from is expensive, I was in luck, I found some board ones, a few simple Spanish ones, including first 100 words and various others with lovely pictures that we can explore.

 16 books all told total cost of 1.60 euros

I spotted a complete wooden puzzle too for 1e, a push along truck and a soft play house

Total of 4.60, well chuffed.

 Theo seems to be into bugs, bees and butterflies at the moment, ideal.

Now we just have to wait until the travel lists come out tomorrow and just hope we are not on them.

Just picked another 2 containers of cherry tomatoes, double to quantity of the ones in the photo, (forgot to take a pic), roasted, blended and made into Moroccan meatballs in tomato sauce. It´s the blend of spices that makes this dish, coriander, cumin, chilli, sweet paprika, garlic granules

Better go, some chores to do before the groceries arrive

take care


Wednesday, August 18, 2021


 We have been having temps reaching 41C, phew that´s warm.

So have been hiding in the relative cool of the finca, I decided to make some more beaded jewellry to top up my board in the restaurant.

Bit of an up hill battle though and its so sticky all the beads stick to my hands and the thread seems to want to tangle. Still I achieved 2 necklaces and 3 bracelets

I also made a dinosaur for Theo´s toy box

The cherry tomatoes have gone berserk so I roasted some with herbs and made it into a sort of pesto, then with some nice spices used it for a chicken, tomato risotto. Must make some more and freeze it as it went down well.

We´ve had some courgettes and a few beans but neither have done very well this season, but the chilli plant, which must be about 5/6 years old now is doing ok along with tasty peppers.

Rebecca, Antoni and Theo are due to come out at the end of August, but then the powers that be are reviewing whether Spain will go on the red list, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed it doesn´t happen as they are so looking forward to their break.

take care

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Sad day

 Very sad day yesterday as Chris´s Mum passed away, she was 92.

She had suddenly become unwell this last month, including a stay in hospital but she is now at peace and no longer in pain. She had visits from family in the morning and we did a video link for a brief time, so it felt like she was waiting to say goodbye to everyone, then slipped away

Mum was the local lollipop lady for many years, then worked as an assistant in the village chemist, so many people knew her and it´s quite heart warming to read condolences from so many. 

She will be greatly missed.

It will be extremely difficult to attend the funeral so we are arranging for a video link so we can join in that way, strange times.


Friday, August 6, 2021

Wonderful time

 Wow, where has the time gone?

I know we all say it but it´s so true, Rebecca and Theo stayed with us for a whole month, absolute bliss 

 all the face time of the past months certainly worked as Theo fitted in so well and was quite content with his new surroundings. We have quite a few little steps in the house, but once he was aware of them he negotiated them very well. One of his favourite words is cat and he was enthralled as one after another of the furries appeared, he loved to help to feed them and giving them their special treats. He was very kind and gentle with them too.

Rebecca and I took him several times to the beach, we made sure we arrived early and left before the sun got too much. He wasn´t too sure of the sea but had great fun in the sand.

Every evening he would trot off to get the watering cans and helped Grandad to water the courtyard plants. We are having good crops off the cherry toms etc and he was very good and didn´t pick ´the little balls´ as he called them.

Theo gained so much confidence in the pool too, wary at first but then enjoyed playing on the wide steps and launching himself off.

Rebecca wanted to take us out for a late lunch, so we headed to Calpe port where all the fish restaurants are, she has been missing her seafood, Theo was good as gold, sitting trying all the different dishes, before they came over he had no real interest in food, so this was so lovely to see. Whether it was the change of environment or a few Grandma tricks, but he was soon eating away, enjoying the spices and herbs I cook with, trying sandia (watermelon), although he preferred to eat it rather than have it blended as a drink. He ate copious amounts of fruits and it just seemed to click how nice it all was.

I was able to watch Theo whilst Rebecca caught up on some sleep, Theo was not a good sleeper, but with lots of help and support we managed to correct that and he is doing so much better which in turn relaxes Rebecca. She was so much more chilled and we felt recharged with sharing, talking, lots of hugs and cuddles and generally being together after so long. 

It was so wonderful to watch his antics and see him working things out, some of them left us asking how on earth he managed to do that, especially with things we thought we had made safe, very clever.

Then it was time to say goodbye, a bit of a faff getting the relevant return tests but it was done. It was so quiet when they went and they left a big hole. I kept busy decluttering and sorting things out, miss them very much

The lovely thing is they are back again at the end of August for 2 weeks, with Antoni this time, soooo looking forward to that. In the meantime its back to face time but now he is holding his hand out for me to do walking round the garden and the little piggies, so sweet.

A few chores to do, although we are up in the early 30´s C so it´s a bit melting, glad we have the pool

take care