Friday, February 20, 2015

Ouch - the week that was

What a week! The gas tank needed filling up, the leccie bill from over Christmas period came in, a 5cubic metre load of logs were delivered, also a tanker of water for the house

If that wasn't enough, the pump for the dirty water system has packed up,although it seems it can be refurbished rather than replaced (phew), but we need a tanker to clean out the pit,  the water pump in the Casita isn't working and some how, some where all the water from its depositos has disappeared, which means another tanker of water for them before we can sort out the problem.

To cap it all despite our best efforts of finding out why the dishwasher wasn't working, the plumber has discovered its pump has died.  Apparently he said most of it is due to the very high calcium levels in the water here, everything just furs up and pumps, machines etc,  only last about 5 years! Great! Just have to buy a pair of marigolds.

Oh and because of all the very high winds we have had in the last few weeks, the level in the pool has dropped by about a foot, the wind just seems to whip it up and sucks it out, so we will need another tanker of water to top it up again.

So looking forward to next week for my massage, going to need it by then.

Never mind, it's the weekend, just carry on crafting :-)
Enjoy the weekend whatever you may be doing
take care

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A treat

This morning I had my treat and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hubby's valentine gift to me wasn't flowers or even chocolates (can't eat them anyway!) it was one of these 

a wonderful hot stone massage
(and no its not a piccie of me lol)
Rebecca treated me to one last year whilst in Exeter, every one is different but today's was very relaxing with a mix of  stones and hands, certainly helps the fibro. Today the therapist used the stones on my feet, an area we all seem to forget about just how hard we work them. They certainly felt better afterwards.  I think I wafted out of the treatment room rather than walked, to the comments of you look very relaxed!
I really enjoyed the aromatherapy massages that Rebecca used to give, didn't mind being a guinea pig on those occasions! She had a wonderful technique, very calming and caring, such a shame she is unable to do them anymore. Maybe in time.

I have been having a play with random miniatures but the light conditions have been so dull for the last few days I haven't managed a good photo. On my to do list.
take care

Monday, February 9, 2015


There I was a few days ago saying about the almond blossom being imminent and how we were in the naya enjoying the warm sunshine.  Should have kept my thoughts to myself..... the temps have plummeted and we even had a snow storm, ok it didn´t lay here but just above us on the mountains it certainly did. It didn´t hang around long but its unseasonably cold and although the sun is shining it is struggling to reach double figures, I don´t do cold, makes the fibro worse, however the blossom is starting to appear and it´s beginning to look pretty.
I joined Ancestry a couple of years ago and have been delving into the past, I have enjoyed the fact that if I have contacted a fellow tree holder we have been able to swap stories and help each other on our way.  This week it was the other way around, someone contacted me which was lovely and they were from a branch of the family that I knew very little about, my father´s maternal side.  I knew two  great Uncles had emigrated to New Zealand and had become very wealthy businessmen, with one of them becoming Mayor of Lyttleton, (funny enough the same area hubby used to live) and a gt x 2 having a cow keeping business in Chelsea, then a pub in Essex. I didn´t know that a great x 3 was gate keeper in Hyde Park and owner of 14 cottages and land in Suffolk, or that his eldest son exhibited along side Turner and Reynolds in the Royal Acadamy. There was a sad side though as another gt x 2 uncle and his wife disappeared from the radar and left the young children in an orphanage. Still looking into that one.  My new found rellie was so sweet giving me information and it certainly filled in many gaps, feel quite enthused again.
It´s DIL´s birthday this week, so it was thinking caps on in plenty of time to make the post.  As an addition to her main present, I made a little needlecase for her, as I had noticed when staying there that she didn´t have one.

Hopefully a little bit nicer than leaving her needles in the packet

Last week I was keeping Rebecca company for her scan, she was not looking forward to it because of what happened last time when they bodged it, so I thought a little gift might help.  I made this so that I could put a little message inside, along with a opal moonstone crystal for her

The scan went ok and we returned Friday for the results, but unfortunately some of them were not available.  Why they left it so near to the consultants appointment is beyond me especially when both are like hens teeth to get.  So we are back again soon for further tests etc, hey ho......
I will leave you with this little gem, talk about busted.............

Lucy has been in Jackson´s shop and is now sporting the latest fashion in collars..... a miniature window................
take care xcx