Saturday, September 17, 2011


How can a whole week have whizzed by since my last post? A few months ago I took out a subscription to Homespun and I have been very pleased with the magazine, I thought I was getting withdrawal symptoms having not received one for a while. Well this week two arrived, bliss. I settled down to read the first one in the sunny courtyard with a nice coffee, americano descafinado (black decaf), I really love how the magazine gives background and history and little curios and of course the patterns. Some of the stitcheries in the Christmas in July spurred me on to make some christmas presents, so that was a bonus too.

I was very restrained and saved the next issue for the following day and thoroughly enjoyed that too. Interestingly the article about tulle mentioned John Heathcote and his invention of the bobbinette machine. The Heathcote factory is in Tiverton, Devon (UK) which was the nearest town for us whilst living at the farm. He moved his business to Tiverton after the unrest in the North with the Luddites, where many machines were destroyed, it was said that despite being offered money from the government to stay and replace his factory, he decided to move down south and start again. The leat from the river supplied the necessary water for the factory and it stands on a huge plot. It is still employing a fair number of people in the area and John Heathcote was the benefactor for numerous schools, clubs, organisations and lots of housing. Many of his bursaries continue today. He commissioned his house, now a National Trust property, situated on top of the hill overlooking the town so he could see his factory and set in wonderful grounds.

Some more goodies this week - I took advantage of the free shipping offered from Doughtys (UK) and ordered some lovely batiks

A little stitchery finished - this was the original pattern that Cheryl of Willowberry Designs kindly gave us, before we altered it to have two love birds. Lovely little pattern, just needs to be made up now.

I made one of these beaded fobs for the Wedding Planner folder and liked it so much I made myself one. As DH and I have the same model of phone it is very useful to identify mine.

Have a good weekend


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wedding planner

I have been busy working on a very special project - A Wedding Planner for my beautiful DD and her boyfriend. I wanted to help them to enjoy the lead up to the special event by collecting various ideas, lists and plans that they could add to and build up. I chose a file, covered it in their favorite colours and added decorations.

Just in the nick of time Cheryl of Willowberry Designs very kindly gave us a lovely pattern of
Felicity Finefeathers. Well actually the original pattern was only one bird but I needed two love birds so DH altered the pattern for me and it was just right for the inside cover of the planner.

Awhile ago I spotted some 'Love is' fabric and thought, as you do, a metre would come in handy, the vibes were about and I already had ideas of what I would do with it. I took the individual sayings and fussy cut them then cut frames to finish them off. Each heading page has a different saying and embelishments to suit the theme. At the back I included a pouch for postits, pens etc so it was all to hand.

I must admit I was thrilled when the gift was handed over as they were both over the moon and said they weren't quite sure where to start and how useful the planner would be.

I'm sure over the coming months the file will be full to the brim, a really lovely keepsake for them too.

Enjoy your weekend


Monday, September 5, 2011

Playing games

As we went coastal on Friday, Sunday we decided to go up into the mountains, rugged, majestic, craggy and somehow different every time we go up there, changing moods of the weather effecting the colours, shadows and feel of them. Of course we had to stop for refreshments and had lunch over looking the view. It was a bit blowy at times but warm and our lunch very nice. The menu del dia started with a large salad with two tapas dishes, bread and allioli, by which time we were feeling quite full and wondering how we would fit in the next course, a lovely paella. Every one does their paella differently so you never know quite what you will be getting, suffice to say it was very tasty. DH even had room for a blackcurrent cheesecake, but I chose the melon.

We began playing a little game of searching for faces and shapes in the craggy surfaces of the mountain, we found a frog, bear, lion, seal, Merlin, a snakes face, and in the little outcrop you can see in the picture was the face of an ape from the Planet of the Apes films. You will probably have to zoom in a bit but it is certainly there. I did mention this fact to one of the owners (who is our neighbour in the village) I'm sure she thought I was barmy lol

After all the lunch, tea was a very simple piece of toast, no room for anything else!
Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, here we go with another week.....

Saturday, September 3, 2011


We had a little trip out yesterday down to our nearest coastal town, Calpe looking for supplies. This town is a magnet for all the holiday makers and in the height of the summer it is impossible to park, the roads are congested and basically you don't go unless you really have to. Well they must have all gone home because we could park, drive around and although still busy it was much more comfortable.

They have been revamping the town, building roundabouts and generally causing mayhem, but walking along we passed this bush in flower, not sure whether it is a hibiscus or how you spell it lol but it was very beautiful and as most other plants have frazzled in the heat it was lovely to see.

Weekend again, the weather has cooled slightly so maybe even some stitching will be done!?
Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing