Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Firstly I would like to thank everyone for your lovely comments, they all created a warm glow and a blanket of friendship. Please forgive me if I haven't replied individually.

This last week has sent some hard challenges and some minor ones and others that can be considered an irritation, even if it brings you out in a rash (g), through out it all what has sustained me? stitching!

I finished my waistcoat (knitted), a little stitcherie, bought christmas pressies and started a more complex piece of stitching. Unfortunately I have as yet not conquered the process of taking piccies off the camera and onto the computer, but it is a process that DH loves so hey!! but then he went to the UK to escort MIL out for a visit, hence no piccies......yet!

DD under went her surgery, it was not without its own dramas, but the end result is very positive and each day she gains a little more in recovery. As the nurse said, mama's here! nothing more to say.

Tomorrow is another day with its good fortune and positive outlook, and now DH is home, maybe a few piccies lol

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cross stitch projects

Today is part two of chookblue's cross stitch projects, what I forgot about was the time difference, so I am 'late' but have put some piccies up anyway. You seem to ignore them, taking them for granted being on the walls and it was only when looking at what to post that I realised how many there were, so I didn't want to bore you and chose a few.

When I saw this pattern is was so a must have - possibly every crafters sentiment!?

Another Lavender and Lace with the Angel of Hope, I stitched this one at the same time as secretly stitching the Angel of Summer for DD so that I could use it as a distraction for her as she used to return home from college and come looking to see what I was stitching.

This one I thought depicted a lovely scene and at the time we had just been given some geese and had chickens at the farm.

Hardanger, another technique I really enjoy

I adapted this pattern to personalise it for my parent's 50th golden wedding anniversary, they were really pleased with it and it used to sit on their sideboard.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lovely morning

This morning we went to Jalon where we had arranged to meet Sheila for coffee. Sheila had contacted me after finding my blog and we found we lived within the same area of Spain. We had a lovely morning chatting and filling in the spaces of who, what, where and Sheila's sister Pam came along too, so it was really nice to meet them both. it was so nice to chat with like minded ladies, especially as Sheila loves doing the stitcheries and cross stitch amongst other things. So I am grateful for blogger for my new found friend.

This wall hanging is using some of the sashico patterns, although it is hard to see the gold thread in the borders, and the birds were made using applique rather than stitching. The beautiful central material was from a pair of pj's, so a little repurposing here too.

Off to take some more piccies of some cross stitching to join in on the second part of chookyblue's

Monday, November 15, 2010

Some finishes

Feeling in the christmassy mood, I finished this mantle swag today, a pattern from Wee folk Art, a little more for christmas. It looked good on the mantle but it was too dark inside for the photo

It was such a lovely day, warm and bright, it was a shame to miss it, so headed outside where I finished off this little cross stitch project.

Then tackled the cable border of a waistcoat I have been knitting, I hadn't been looking forward to this part of the pattern, but with a little concentration it wasn't as hard as I thought. Certainly a little more challenging than k1 p1 beanies.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cross Stitch

Joining in on Chookyblue's cross stitching, thought I would show a small selection of pictures, this one was stitched by a family member way back in 1831 when she was 8 years old. Although it was showing signs of wear it was professionally framed several years ago in the hope of preserving a little piece of our family history. Definiately an heirloom

This one, although not in the same league follows the same lines

The Earth Dancer - I began this one when we came over to Spain as at the time we did not know where we would be or living and I needed something to concentrate on

The Angel of Summer was stitched for DD's 18th birthday in June 2003, I managed to stitch this whilst she was at college, although once or twice she nearly caught me out by returning home early. It took me three months and was only just finished in time.

Somehow, cross stitch is always the one to fall back on, no matter what other projects are in the pipe line. Although these days I draw the line at 28 hpi rather than using 40 hpi silk.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girlie day out

I had a lovely girlie day out with DD, the weather was very bright and sunny, albeit nippy up here as we headed off into Calpe about 1/2 hours drive away. We had a good mooch around a new (to us) chinese bazaar, where they seem to sell all those items you just can't find out here, we did a couple of errands, headed to the shoe shop and we were both lucky enough to buy some boots. Then over to Casa, this is a lovely home shop, selling wonderful arrays of candles and holders, decor items that make a statement, glassware, and crockery with a mediterranian feel.
This time of year they have all their christmas decorations and I do like to add a little something to our collection each year. Although DD gave me a compliment telling me I could make most of them but even better. Maybe she is biased (g). The first Christmas we were here, I gaily bowled over to Casa in December only to find everything had been sold/packed away and gone, it was then I realised November was the month to note the diary.

Feeling a little weary and in need of lunch, we headed over to the port side of the town where we meandered along in the now warm sunshine, looking at the restaurants. Trouble is you are accosted as you go by zealous waiters trying to entice you, we were offered free sangria whilst we browsed the menu and the wonderful iced displays of sea food platters. These are quite spectacular and can get up to 180 euros for a platter for 8 people. Hmmm we settled for the menu del dia for 9 euros.
Would you believe this was for 3 courses, including wine and bread. DD chose sole and myself swordfish. Wonderful value

The kittens are growing up fast, but no less nosey and full of mischief, here Amber was caught red pawed as she had been exploring the new miniature shop/house. Don't believe the innocent look.......

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miniature jewellry and sunsets

A busy week, sadly DS returned to the UK but we look forward to seeing him out again at Christmas. We sent him off with a shopping list for a few christmas goodies.

Today we went to Miniature club, we have a different venue, the Cultural centre in Pedregur, its quite a way for us but very nice. We had a split group with some finishing off the jewellry chest with DH and the others making the tiny jewellry with me. It was a very nice morning, as a group it was decided to make a street for an exhibition, the Victorian period was chosen, with everyone deciding on their own scene or shop. One way to while away the winter hours!?

We have been caught in the tail end of a weather system that covered the southern half of the UK, its been blowing a gale up here, trees bending, plant pots whizzing about, its amazing how winds like this suck out the water in the pool. Suddenly there was an eerie glow and DH caught the sunset behind the Casita and our summer kitchen.

Then towards the mountain

I had a lovely surprise in our post box today, a pattern from Cheryl Goss from Willowberry Designs. I was lucky enough to receive this from one of her giveaways, so thank you Cheryl. I tried to take a piccie but after all the excitment of the sunsets the camera had died so I must wait for it to charge.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Fun was had by all at the Halloween party, with many in costume, fire eaters and more. It was held in caves which added to the spookyness.

Monday we all went for lunch at one of the restaurants on the other side of the mountain, its quite a climb even in the car, but at the top the views are quite spectacular. The day was bright, sunny and clear and we could see the islands of Ibiza and Majorca in the distance. The lads had already decided to try the traditional Moroccan tagine, which you have to preorder as it takes a long time. It is a type of slow cooker, made from clay and glazed. The funnel style lid fits inside the rim of the base and all the condensation created returns to the pan, this one was lamb with spices, huge raisins and whole almonds, absolutely scrummy.

I thought I would show a little clutch bag I made using the cut away method with layers of different coloured organza, with bead embellishment. The base material was a satin skirt of my Mum's, so I suppose that's a little repurposing too. I was lucky enough to have been given button blanks in various sizes so I did beaded buttons for a bit of bling.