Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A little catch up

Been pottering about, doing bits n pieces, sowing seeds, now we have been able to get some compost, some crafting, renovating, reading. We have been having more low pressure and torrential thunder storms, it always exacerbates the fibro, especially any added stress, so I have been struggling a bit.

Been a bit Eeyoreish too with the pain, and found I didn´t have any thing to say,
 which as they say, if that´s the case then don´t say anything at all lol.

I found an old bar stool looking very much worse for wear so after rubbing down all the peeling varnish and getting it back to basics, I painted it a nice bright colour.

It´s hard to believe that its been a year since we had to pack up the family home and move MiL to her care home. We did it on the back end of the visit for her 90th birthday and managed to collect bygone treasures and childhood memorabilia. One of the treasures she said I could keep was a  wood and wire Victorian bird cage. We had the stuff shipped back in February, so why I had a sudden whim to sort it out I don´t know.
I think I used several pots of elbow grease as it was so rusty with layers of dust and grime.

Wirewool, a soft dremil wheel and beeswax.

I haven´t decided what to put inside it yet, a nice candle maybe, certainly not a bird thats for sure.

Whilst sitting quietly and trying mind over matter, I started on some coasters for the courtyard table, made 3 so far

I was given an old pair of riding boots, so after Chris drilled some holes in the soles, put some gravel in the bases for drainage and stability, topped up with compost and planted them up. They fit in nicely with the theme

Theo has been enjoying his toys, especially the crunkly book, so I´ve added to his collection by making the fins of the fish crunkle, with a couple more pentagon balls.

Then made up my own pattern for a little owl

I thought I would start another book, maybe with little pockets to put shapes in, but I wasn´t in the right frame of mind so instead I went through the materials stash, folding, straightening and even ironing, it was a win win because I have ended up with a neat and tidy cupboard and found a few long forgotten treasures along the way.

Been taking cuttings from various established plants, honeysuckle, jasmine, geraniums, rosemary, they have 2 chances lol, then I did the trick with the end of the celery, it worked lol

A gentle day today me thinks, we have a skype call later this afternoon to wish MiL a happy 91st birthday. Then to morrow is Rebecca´s birthday, so although we speak or video call every day it will be lovely to catch up with her on her special day.
take care