Friday, August 12, 2022


I am so pleased for Rebecca, she has secured a new position, Monday to Friday which works with nursery, although a few Grandma duties needed here and there. It means weekends are relatively free for altogether time and a few adjustments into menu planning etc means it should work out.

Well, a week has passed since the fiesta, where it went I don´t know, the numbers attending were vastly down on previous years, to be honest I didn´t make an appearance for one reason or another, Friday I needed to get some rest ready for Grandma duties the next day, although the band was so loud that was very difficult, then Saturday I was pooped, luckily they band wasn´t so loud enabling me to sleep. They didn´t finish until 3am. Sunday with not so many attending they finished early. The charengito was collected, along with the extra bins, the bar was dismantled, all the bunting removed and you wouldn´t have known anything had occured.

Sunday morning church service where Santa Barbara is paraded around the plaza followed by the congregation 

This is the little church were we had our wedding blessing

I hope you are all finding ways to keep cool in these high temps, we are up again today 38.5 with a hair dryer wind, grey water being used for plants as usual. I´m so pleased that we have our new taps as it´s much easier to turn them off whilst teeth cleaning washing hands etc.

Theo has been doing his potty training, he took to it straight away, very little mishaps, marvelous 

He has gained so much confidence in the water that pool time has been great fun.

Keep cool, enjoy the weekend

take care



  1. Congrats to Rebecca - very good news. It's that hot over here at the moment too and I am really looking forward to it cooling down!
    Best wishes

  2. Many congratulations to Rebecca on her new job. Your pool sounds perfect in this weather.

  3. busy and noisy time of the year in your town.... but exciting too. Well done to Rebecca... that is great news... we have seen about the very hot temperatures...keep well x