Thursday, April 2, 2020


I know I´m saying and feeling the same as everyone, gosh it´s hard not being able to be there physically for family and friends.
Finding positives, however small each day is a way of getting through this nightmare.

Rebecca is on the severe, high risk register so they are both isolating for the 12 weeks, luckily Antoni was working remotely anyway, only travelling into the office once a week, which of course has all stopped now. Rebecca has just received a second food parcel with all sorts of essential items fresh veg and a few treats. The 2nd one also included personel wash items , little bottles of shower gel, shampoo, soap etc, including 2 toilet rolls! As she hasn´t been able to get a supermarket delivery slot until 12th April, she was so surprised, but delighted and felt quite blessed as this has not only helped and take away some of the worry, but has given her a lift. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who are helping with this service along with those who are donating.

We have daily video time which is helping both of us and she sends daily photos and video of Theo.
He is growing so fast and is quite free with his smiles and gurgles, although he also likes exercising his lungs which is a little daunting for a new Mum trying to figure out what is wanted.
During one of our calls, Theo was intrigued by the video and hearing my voice, he started smiling at me as I was talking to him, we thought it might be a fluke, but no he did the same the next day, aww bless.

We have also been extremely lucky in that our neighbour asked if we needed anything from the supermarket so we were able to top up with some fresh veg and a fresh chicken. I have been quite inventive in the kitchen and managed to get 7 meals out of the chicken, plus making fresh stock from the bones. I have been experimenting with different spices to ring the changes and give different tastes to the dishes.

We have been quite active in the garden, taking advantage of the very rainy weather we have been having, it has made weeding possible having loosened the soil from being like concrete.
I think we may be able to tame the jungle wilderness. Its raining again today so hopefully with better weather tomorrow we can do some more.
A couple of weeks ago I saw a 5 minute gardening video suggesting that you take the whole seed compartment of a pumpkin, loosen the seeds a little and plant it in its entirety in a pot. Well, give anything a try, this is the result, they need transplanting now.

Something has already had a nibble though

When its been pouring, I have taken the opportunity to just sit, recover a bit from the gardening and
make a jacket for Theo with little cat buttons. 

I also finished off a little vest top

It has a moss stitch at the top which gives it a different look

Well take care everyone, stay safe

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


We had a reasonable day weather wise last Thursday and with the two of us pulling weeds out for 2 hours we managed to fill a huge building sack up. Lots still to do though
Since then it´s been raining, heavy, drizzle, huge showers, but wet, wet wet, great for all the plants but not so good being holed up and the furries are using the house as a race track or finding themselves little hide aways to snooze.

I decided to make some soft toys for Theo
I don´t have many childrens fabrics in the stash, but I thought as long as they were bright, colourful and cheerful they would do the job

pentagon patchwork balls

A toweling softie with different textured ribbons, felt features and a little rattle inside

building blocks

It always amazes me just how much stuffing these little things take. I like to use just little pieces at a time as I find it prevents them being lumpy

Just have to continue making for now, saving them up ready to post.

We have just been locked down for a further 15 days, our kind neighbour ventured into town for provisions this morning and managed to get us some potatoes, broccoli, sprouts and spinach. But no cat food was to be had, luckily we had bought a huge bag of a cheaper version we don´t normally use
so they will have to put up with that for now.

take care

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Back home

Well that was a bit of a panic
With impending lock downs in Spain and conflicting information, I decided to cut short my visit and head for home.
I managed to book a flight for Saturday afternoon, although they wouldn´t allocate me a seat until check in
There were a few trains running direct to Gatwick, without changes, couldn´t deal with 2 changes.
Reading town was almost deserted and the train had few people traveling,  likewise the airport was very quiet. 
It was rather stressful not knowing if the flight would be able to take off and land, as earlier in the day flights from another airline had turned back half way across France.
Despite my late booking, I was allocated special assistance, such a brilliant service, and a window seat, the plane was only half full so obviously there wasn´t a problem.
On approach to Alicante I could see that there was hardly any traffic on the roads and again the airport was quiet.

The cloud formation was really interesting

But I was back and before the final lock down which is supposed to be tomorrow at 8am.

Such a wrench to leave so suddenly, but it seemed the best option. We had hardly left the house during my stay, only to go to a baby massage class which Rebecca had been going to and a supermarket trip, otherwise we relied on home delivery and the bonus of having Amazon prime.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and it was wonderful to help and look after Theo leaving Rebecca to catch up on some sleep and catch her breath.
We put some time saving ideas into practice, chatted and generally had girls time together.
Poor Theo had to have his first round of innoculations last Thursday and he has been under the weather since, although they were warned it could happen. 
Does make you feel a little helpless when he was being so upset, but we took it in turns to comfort him with lots of cuddles, nothing like it when they fall asleep in your arms.
In the last week he has began to really smile and interact as he begins to focus properly on his surroundings.
Such a joy to share those moments.

Everything here is shut and travel restricted to visits to pharmacy, post office, supermarkets (one person from a family only) work, hospitals or emergency visits only.
We don´t go out that often normally so it is really no different, apart from the need to go to the supermarket, and being quite isolated up here in the mountain it will only be the residents of the village that would have a need to come up here.
We have plenty to do around the place, especially the garden, luckily Chris managed to get veggie plants before the restrictions so they need to go in and of course we have our hobbies. The bonus we have is it is quiet warm and the sun is out.

Where ever you are, take care and be safe.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Over here

Well would you believe it, I
have been over here for over a week and it's all going at a fast rate of knots
Chris came over too but only for 6 days. Although he did manage to fit in 2 football matches with Reading playing at home.
We had arranged to meet MiL and SiL for Sunday lunch so they could meet Theo and we could have family photos, but it wasn't to be as Mum wasn't feeling well and not up to it. Such a shame.
I arrived to find a beautiful vase of daffodils in our room and Antoni bought me this pot of teeny tiny ones. So pretty. 
I'm doing this on my phone and that photo went in the wrong place, never mind!
I'm doing lots of Grandma duties, so Rebecca can catch up on some much needed sleep, and just have the pleasure of having an uninterrupted bath etc.
It's so lovely to share these precious moments, Theo has changed in the last few weeks already. He is quite strong in his neck muscles, holding his head up and he is a wiggle bott. 
Rebecca has joined in a couple of the local baby groups, including one for baby massage. I'm so pleased she took up my suggestion to get out of the house and meet other new mums, so good to talk and swap ideas and not feel isolated and realise they are saying and experiencing the same things you are.
I think I have managed about 3 rows of knitting so far and Rebecca had seen something she would like crochet for Theo, just need to find the time lol

Take care

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Fun but practical

Firstly, apologies for not replying to your lovely comments on my post of Theo´s one month birthday,  I am certainly counting down the days, can´t wait for some Grandma hugs and daughter cuddles too. Today is the first day for a week I have felt human again. Chris went down with a nasty cold and bless him, he kindly shared it, I did say he didn´t have to share everything!

Today I received a message sent about 5am from Rebecca, not that I saw it that early, she was obviously up with Theo, anyway she sent a link and said Mum I know you are clever, (flattery gets her everywhere) could you make some of these for Theo please.

Well Theo is brilliant at doing what all little boys do when you take their nappy off, usually resulting in a complete outfit change etc and a face full if you are not careful
I checked out the link, thought what a good idea, yep can do some of those
I also checked out the usual one stop, very large company that supplies all and found that they wanted 9.99 for 3 with different variations, no way! with a little time, patience and a good rummage through the stash, we could do this

So I set too, 
I was pleased as it took me out of feeling sorry for myself and gave me something to focus on that was useful and removed some of the cotton wool that had somehow replaced my brain

What on earth is she talking about, you may ask.....

Well they are called pee pee teepees or wee wee wigwams, take your pick

Little production line

They are basically one piece of cotton and one of toweling and they do pass the water test (pardon the pun) I used a syringe to test them
So with a certain piece of anatomy encased, hopefully it will help

I also finished off the little blanket that she asked for, ran out of yarn, but hope its ok, so I am going to send a little parcel off tomorrow, I know I can take them over with me but it´s always nice to get a little something in the post and then she doesn´t have to wait so long

this is folded in 4

I shall await the results of the wigwams!

I do hope that all of you in the Uk are ok after the devastating storm Dennis
take care

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

One month old

I know we all say how time flies
but it really has
can´t quite believe little Theo is one month old

Wide awake after his bath

He has changed already, counting the days.....

take care

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Logging in

We´ve just had our second delivery of logs for the season
We have used the same supplier for years and he always gives us a little discount which is nice, we also recommend him to others, so I suppose it´s a little bit of scratch my back etc!
We always order 5 cu m and get a nice mix of almond, olive and other woods and he keeps it all under cover so it´s nicely seasoned and dry

Now we just have to barrow it all down to the wood shed and stack it, bit back breaking, but as it´s our main source of heating, it must be done... slowly....

Thomas investigating the pile but he refused to turn round

I have had a little tidy up in the courtyard and amazingly found these

Would you believe, over wintered without any protection
I was pleased to see the geraniums are nice and healthy to, must take some cuttings

Our only casualty seems to have been a large lavender bush, which is such a shame as it was tumbling over the wall into the lounge patio and a rosemary.
Definitely need to replace those, I use quite a lot of rosemary for culinary purposes, I like to sprinkle it over roast potatoes with garlic granules and add sprigs to roasted veggies amongst other things. Just crushing the leaves to release the oil just gives everything a fresh lift too. 

I must admit the sage has been a little neglected but it doesn´t seem to suffer, the other evening, wanting to make sage and onion stuffing, I harvested a bunch then put the leaves in the processor, along with onion, garlic and slices of bread, it was very aromatic, peering into the oven dish, Chris commented "What´s this" however it soon disappeared! 

Lavender brings back memories of sitting in Grandma´s garden, aged about 7 or 8, collecting and drying the sprigs and making little bags for the house. 
It´s nice to replenish little bags each year, and of course wonderful to see the bees enjoying the flowers. 
take care