Sunday, August 12, 2018

Birthday boy

Our little micro climate missed out on the rain again yesterday
Inland they had storms, some dry where the lightening started some fires
There was a serious one north of us where over 2500 army personel, 21 water planes and ground crews attended. So sad with 40 homes lost but no casualties thank goodness.
We have a complete ban on any type of fire including gas bbq´s, so why are they still selling disposible ones in the supermarkets etc, daft! especially when villa owners do not put warnings in their infomation packs for guests about the ban.

We have a birthday boy today
2 years old, time flies
Butter wouldn´t melt!

Just a little more done on the cot quilt and a little knitting too
Bit hot really

I´ll leave you with last nights sunset, very pretty
If you are wondering why there is a wire fence with tin cans on it, next door put this eyesore up a few weeks ago, ugly, dangerous, but there is no telling some folk

enjoy your Sunday
take care

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Pottering about

I have been tidying up the courtyard and melting in the process!
After all the lovely flowers all the pots needed rearranging and sorting out, some are even budding again which will be nice.
We planted some cucumbers, plum and salad tomatoes and these are now ripening nicely.
We have already had quite a few cucumbers and along with some of our plum tomatoes, Chris made some gazpacho, (a very flavour some cold soup)

I also put down a large pot of potatoes, be interesting to see what happens to those.
We were a little late with the courgettes but even they have flowers now
We have found container growing in the courtyard to be the best way of growing some veg especially with the difficulty of watering well.
I love going outside and picking what you want.

take care

Monday, August 6, 2018

Water baby

Done and dusted for another year, phew
Early evening we were entertained by the traditional dancers, then it was supper followed by another band, who actually finished early at 12.30 so a reasonable bed time about 1.30! although being deprived of sleep its amazing how difficult it is to drop off
Apart from the streamers and mobile bar waiting to be dismantled, you wouldn´t even know we had four days of partying, everything is swept and cleaned 

We have been here 11 years now and one of our priorities was to have a pool
We are lucky that it is just over 9 x 4 m so a length is achievable
The steps are built in such a way that it doesn´t hinder swimming and you can reach  Agatha (the fountain) easily. The top step warms up in such a way when the skimmers are on it pushes the warm water into the pool, which is currently 30C
Having fibro it is difficult to get any exercise that doesn´t cause alot of pain and anguish
I decided to get in the pool and gently work away at some lengths and by going diagonally gain a few more inches
5 days in, I am up to 50 lengths (approx 400m)
Can´t say I have noticed any difference yet, but it must help towards a little fitness and possible weight loss?!
Taking the opportunity whilst the water is warm
As Dory said keep on swimming lol
take care

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Party time

Fiesta time again
The festeros are doing things a little differently this year which is quite nice
The streamers are the same, very pretty
Friday night was a change of band which didn´t finish till 2.30am
So by the time every thing had been packed away it was bed for 3.30am
You can see our ground floor courtyard in the top left hand corner
So you can see its pointless trying to sleep until it´s over.

Usually all is quiet till Saturday evening and the furries have all day to 
recover and go outside until we round them up again and shut them in.
This time we were woken at 7.45 am by fire crackers  being lit as they organised a bbq for breakfast
Then set up a bouncy castle for the children
(our neighbour being a big kid - she had never been on one)
At least it was quiet in the afternoon and we managed a little siesta
Each evening a picnic supper is enjoyed about 10pm before the band starts around 11pm
this finishes about 2.30/3 am

Sunday morning is the church service and races
The church has been decorated with lillies and the scent is really heady
Part of the service is Santa Barbara being paraded around the plaza twice with the piper and drummer leading and the congregation following 
This years festeros present cake to next years festeros with a flower, so it´s our turn next year
They also serve ice cold lemon drink, rather like a slush puppy in texture, very welcome as it was 37.5 in the shade by then.
Races are held for all age groups with prizes for all the children
Then gradually people disperse ready to start again tonight.
Unfortunately the Spanish love fire crackers and let them off without warning, which is very disconcerting and extremely loud.
Hubby gone off for a siesta so I am doing a little knitting under the ceiling fan
take care

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Yesterday we had temps of 36 in the kitchen courtyard, higher up by the pool
so what does hubby request?
Can you cook muffins? You know like Rebecca? I really fancy some muffins
Can I co.... splutter, wont say my retort, but it was decided carrot and walnut
I really don´t like saunas but that is what the kitchen felt like
Note to time say no in this heat
Have to say they were rather yummy
(Rebecca and I used to cook muffins together, then as a money making spin for some pocket money, she began to cook several varieties to take to school to sell to her peers, made quite a bit with it too. Few years ago now lol) 

In for a penny as they say, so whilst it was hot I quickly prepared aubergine slices, courgette and red pepper to roast for 20 mins ready to go with dinner. I make my own version of cajun spices so I sprinkled some on the aubergine then served with a little balsamic vinegar.
I had some mince in the freezer I wanted to use up but Chris is not a fan, so enticed him with home made burgers served with a creamy mustard sauce
New potatoes here are called potato garnish rather strange, but tasty.

Our supermarket shopping was delivered this morning along with a new watermelon
I still had some left from previous so decided to dice and then blend
I have made this juice before, quick simple nothing added and extremely refreshing when ice cold
This evening someone gave a cheeky grin and suggested adding a splash of strawberry gin
It was quite nice, but I much prefer just the juice
Watermelon also can aid weight loss, contains Vit C and potassium and can help with inflamation and asthma, win, win then!
take care

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Smashing time

Training complete with flying colours then back to work Saturday
What a difference!
Rebecca doubled her targets in sales and of course was boosted by the treatments
the job satifaction has doubled and she even made some regulars who have rebooked
On the up!

I have sort of lost any mojo of late for sewing crafts and have been doing some knitting just to fill in the gaps and give me something to do, but the last couple of days have been too hot and uncomfortable to knit, especially as I knit with one needle under my arm.
So I shelved that and retrieved my cot quilt which I haven´t touched in a while
All hand stitched hexies, it is starting to take better shape
Suddenly a black and white streak landed and proceeded to make himself comfortable
I didn´t have the heart to move him
then he tried it out for size
Bit wider please
But a while later utter disgrace!
Ooh ooo, walk away, just walk away, wasn´t me!
Somehow he had managed to  upset the cat tree, landed in the plant and the momentum smashed the pot, he just ran, but came back to view the situation which was even funnier as the pot had been sort of swept and the plant righted
Don´t you just love them!

take care

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Did the earth move?

Good morning all
Last night it certainly did
and before anyone goes anywhere
we had an earthquake here
It was only! a 3.1 but we were awoken about 2.45am to the sudden whooshing noise and what felt like someone rattling the windows and shaking the bed and that was just one of the after shocks.

The epicentre was Benissa, about 7km from here, although it struck near Calpe
Certainly a new experience for me, but for Chris having lived in NZ for 23 years it was a little shake
No reports of damage yet, which is good

I think those in the UK are  experiencing similar temps to here, hot at 35C in the shade
I know Rebecca is saying its hot as she prepares for day 3 of 4 days intensive training in Bristol
Apparently to do ít their way´rather than your qualifications
Still it will give her the opportunity to earn more money
She also discovered she is what they call a hybred! and has another one day course in August
She decided to stay with her SIL raher than commute so they are having a girlie time too which is really nice.

A few chores before melting then not alot!
We are heading for the August shutdown where most businesses close half day and other completely close, anything official paperwork related is practically non existent.

Well take care in the heat