Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Second opinions

Friday saw us at our friends 70th birthday party at Marias restaurant. Brilliant afternoon, lovely food and they had asked Chris to  play, which he did for about three hours. Didn´t think he would be able to as on Wednesday he tripped and stumbled up the step in the hallway, smacking his right elbow on the edge of the stone pillar. A quick rub and all was fine, until later in the evening when he noticed a huge tennis ball size swelling.
It started to bruise as you would expect, but he refused to seek any advice or treatment and gaily carried on, he really didn´t want to let Roger down for the party, however Friday evening he saw the error of his ways and off we went. By this time the bruising was spreading both up and down the arm, we were not very satisfied with the diagnosis and we were told to return on Monday for trauma clinic. Antibiotics, elbow sling and blood thinners, (not a good idea when you are on asprin!)
Sunday was Rogers actual birthday so it was a lovely bbq with everyone joining in with a few games of boule, beautiful sunny day.

Monday the clinic told us a different story, a little better, but still not particularly satisfactory, no sling, use at will, strong painkillers and use a compression bandage for a month. Now totally confused with the bruising and swelling down into his hand, he went off to see the GP today.
His opinion finish the antibiotics, do not take any of the other meds as they haven´t been proven to help, take the bandage off, it causing the swelling, use it and elevate when resting.
He basically confirmed our Google search, he is also very good at not pumping you full of meds that you don´t need and listens to the holistic approach. His final thought was the hospital wanted to just give him something to look as though they were doing their job!! Scary or what! 
The body will heal and take care of it, might take a little time.
If in doubt ask for a second (or third) opinion and trust your instincts.

take care

Friday, April 6, 2018

Going potty

Been over doing things, there´s a surprise! Paying for it now with a huge flare up, so beastly
However yesterday I managed to repot some of the beautiful flowers I had bought before Easter. The chinese bazaars sell some lovely plants at a very reasonable prices, most of these I bought for 1.80 euros.
I wanted a splash of colour in the courtyard 
by the time I had potted them up I had no energy left to arrange them how I wanted, but it certainly did the trick.

You can just make out Puff in the front

 and this is Merlin

Rebecca has given me all her pretty purple pots adding more colour, she even gave me a hanging basket and one of the petunias turned out to be a trailing one so I popped that in too.
Every thing dries out so quickly so it has to be a daily task to water but that is a small price to pay for such a lovely show.
Just need to start sowing seeds now, but I think that will be for another day soon
take care

Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone
Just got back from another girlie day and night at Rebecca´s ahead of Antoni´s return this afternoon.
So that was the last one as we know it, of course there will be many more but they will just be different.
We had to make a run to the recycling as the car was full
but we did manage to pack another four boxes, again with exclamations of why did I keep that to treasures heading us off down memory lane.
We have a habit of writing notes and leaving them to find later or finding a lovely card and giving it just because, so coming across quite a few of these kept us busy remembering with lots of love and nostalgia. 

Chris has been busy turning some of his photos into clocks to sell at Maria´s, they have been quite popular, just need more clock faces.

Rebecca wanted a print to frame of her Summer Angel, a chart from Lavender and Lace collection.
I secretly stitched this for her 18th birthday whilst she was away during the day at college, but I had to have a spoof one too as she would return home asking hom much I had completed of it, she used to say it was taking quite a long time, not knowing the other one was being frantically work on.
I started stitching in the February and finished with a week to go before her June birthday, it was framed and collected on her actual birthday, talk about squeaky!
It incorporated lots of beads which were time consuming but very worth while.
One problem is it is very large and extremely heavy so she doesn´t want to risk taking it with her at the moment, so next best thing, a print.

Enjoy Easter
take care

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

More pampering

More packing boxes, carefully wrapping precious items, whilst stopping to reminise over some of the  treasures so Rebecca booked a lovely treat for us at the Diamante Hotel in Calpe
A wonderful spa session

The main pool is really large, one of the biggest we have found so far and the water was sooo warm, like stepping into a bath, it was heaven, especially as I have been in so much pain with the fibromyalgia lately.
It was so relaxing and the ability to move around and swim in the warm water was very theraputic for me.
There were four whirl pools of varying temperatures to choose from and five different showers.
Some were freezing jets of water, I missed those out!!, others fine needle like jets, they stung! and just very warm water to cascade down on you, like the tropical rain shower.
This one had jets of warmish water at different heights and as you walked along they squirted at your ankles, knees, hips, quite powerfully, but not to hurt
There was a sauna, which I know from previous experience, doesn´t work for me and leaves me feeling quite unwell, a Turkish room, very dry, and a Thermal one, but I was quite happy floating along in the main pool while Rebecca tried them out.
I was able to swim very slowly and gently up and down giving a sense of achievement with active exercise. On a bad day even the soles of my feet hurt so this was ideal.
For the first 20 minutes there were one other couple but from the on we were on our own and we stayed for 90 minutes instead of the supposed 60, no one queried so we stayed.

A couple of things I totally avoided, like the freezing plunge pool and the ice scrub, I know they are supposed to help, like finishing of your morning shower by turning the hot water off, but I was there to enjoy not punish lol
Soft soothing music played thoughout and there were refreshing jugs of flavoured water to indulge in.
A detox, ginger, lemon and honey, digestive, mint, lemon and cinnamon, antioxident of lime and red berries. I think I enjoyed the detox one best.
We were given complimentry vouchers for a mojito cocktail afterwards
so after changing etc we set off to claim ours. I really don´t go in for spirits but this was really nice and as half the glass was ice it diluted it nicely. All this for 20 euros and if you booked for 5 sessions it reduced the price to just over 11 euros. Hmmm definately have to give that some serious consideration.
It was so quiet every where, complete contrast to the ´season´when its manic
We headed off to the beach front for a lunch of baby squid and grilled salmon, whilst watching the waves rolling in, then headed home where it was neighbours night at Maria´s restaurant.
By this time we were so chilled out we were practically horizontal and falling asleep.
What a fabulous day with my beautiful daughter, it will be so tough when she goes.
Whilst I am excited for her on this new adventure and part of her life , it will be such a rench, so I shall just have to jet off to see her.
take care

Thursday, March 15, 2018


I have been busy helping Rebecca with her packing and sorting again, getting there bit by bit.
I had a lovely Mother´s day weekend, which started off staying at Rebecca´s and having a deep luxurious bath using a scented bath bomb from my Lush Christmas pressie.
Rebecca is on mains water so using the water wasn´t so much of an issue. Then curling up cozy with a tasty dinner in front of the TV.

Saturday, Rebecca and I went to the Arenal in Javea, having a lovely lunch of goats cheese salad with prawns and Iberian ham and a side of sepia (cuttlefish).
It was busy and wonderful to sit in the sunshine by the sea.

On Sunday Rebecca came up to us and we decided to lunch at Maria´s restaurant, again lovely, especially to spend more time with her before she goes next month.
She bought me some Petunias, and fragrant pinks, idea for this years tubs, guess what colour??


Felix has been watching the other furries and has worked out how to use the cat flap
so he is off exploring, only yesterday he decided to climb the large almond tree in the courtyard.
He had great fun climbing, but hadn´t really considered his return journey.
His pitiful cries prompted Chris to get the long ladders to rescue him. He got out again when it was nearly dark and was only just stopped for doing it again.

We were invited to a 50th birthday celebration and I left some of the parcel decorations on the table, Thomas started playing and well one thing lead to another.....
Doesn´t he look cute......

take care

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Oh my goodness, we have had our little Felix for 4 weeks now....yes really
and today he found his way upstairs and into our bedroom
He is bounding around like a little rabbit
Probably because of his poorly leg, he learnt to hop around
now he is bounding around and investigating like there is no tomorrow
we have to be very vigilant  about keeping the inner courtyard door firmly closed
today he actually poked his head out of the cat flap
wont be long now!!!´

We were given a poinsettia plant before Christmas which has given lots of colour,
and I have been vigilant about the cats, but I left it outside and found these lovely droplets on it

Just for fun I bought Chris a little jig saw puzzle for Christmas
It is completely black and white
the fun is once completed you get to colour it in
with pieces the size of a finger nail and no real picture, it has taken him 2 days to complete.....

One of the furries got into a little cupboard and decided it was a lovely little nest
whilst putting everything back in place, I found a little project from a while ago
I love trying different techniques and this was from the Japanese folded patchwork time

I like to make things that are useful whilst enjoying fabric manipulating
Japanese folded patchwork is definitely that

Pretty and useful

take care

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kantha projects

Spring has sprung here, thanks to my beautiful girl bringing some back home with her.
These are just delightful and my favourites
Rebecca carefully wrapped them up and protected them in her hand luggage by using cardboard tubes
They were really tightly closed and I have had such enjoyment as I have watched them slowly unfurl these last few days.

I don't know the name of this plant, but we know it as a money tree
My Mum had one of these in Surrey when the kids were young and she wove enchanting stories for them around the bush, sometimes even hiding small coins amongst its leaves for them to find. Not every time they went there of course, just to add to the mystery.
I noticed this one coming into flower
 Little star flowers. It made me smile a lovely way to remember Mum

Fiona http://bubzrugz.blogspot.com.es/ made a post about kantha stitching, I mentioned that I love this technique, so relaxing, Fiona asked what sort of projects I had made using it, so I thought it an idea to make a post of it.

Years ago now I attended a workshop by Surjeet Husain, who was born in India and trained in music, art and design. She was a mind of information and I thoroughly enjoyed using shisha glass and the traditional stitches she demonstrated, making several small projects, little purses and bags.

A little table runner
I didn't follow a pattern as such just let the needle flow,
I stitched this whilst sitting by my sons hospital bedside as he battled with Guillain barre syndrome, the rhythm was comforting. That was about 13 years ago now.

I used some of the techniques on this wall hanging, again just letting the flow take its own course.

I used perle threads and silks, sorry its a bit hard to see in the photo.
The hanging now rests on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Today has been a lovely bright day and warm enough to sit in the naya, so I took up my hexie cot quilt to continue stitching, nice way to pass the afternoon. Still a way to go on it!!

take care