Monday, January 15, 2018

Lush, beading and knitting

I´ve probably mentioned before about the strong bond Rebecca and I share, so much so that one only has to think of ringing the other  and the other rings too.
Would you believe, as like last Christmas, this year we bought each other the same gift, even the same product.
Although it was difficult, I kept a straight face when I received my gift first, wonderful pampering from Lush, lovely Rose shower gel, argan cream and bath bombs.

It was such a lovely moment when Rebecca opened her parcel to reveal her Lush goodies
Then we fell about and had huge hugs.
Last year we did the same, giving beautiful mandela colouring books, along with colour pencils, even down to the pencil sharpener. Amazing.
Wonder what next Christmas will bring.

I have spent several days making bracelets to put on my display board at our local restaurant
I decided to just make the one pattern but in various colourways for quickness as the restaurant had opened after the holidays and I needed to fill some spaces.

I thought I would add different styles later on

Last year I knitted a cushion cover for some serviceable  cushions, just didn´t like the material, basically making it up as I went along, I think it was a double moss stitch
I finished and fitted it, then started the second. Turned into a bit of a UFO so I finished knitting it, altering it slightly then sewed it up and I am quite pleased with the result.
Only thing is, the first cushion has been there for several months and has been loved by some of the furries, hence a slight colour change lol

Ages ago I purchased some random skeins and balls of yarn that were being offered at knock down prices. Some were ribbon, others merino or llama, various thicknesses and colours. I just wanted to see what they were like, its always difficult to order on line without the luxury of a quick feel first.

Today I had a ´moment´ and found a 50g ball, lovely colourway, very soft merino and decided to knit something, again using the double moss stitch, this is what I made
I have several large spider plants that usually stay outside full time, I take the ´babies´ pot them whilst still attached, then separate them when they are established. I have found they become much sturdier plants that way. It also allows me to replace any that may get damaged by the cold or sat on by the furries.

Spider plants are also good for removing chemicals from the air and for their ability to absorb carbon monoxide, so thought having one in the lounge with the log burner going would be a good idea. I didn't have a decorative pot holder, so I cut down an 8L water bottle, dressed it in its new coat, and popped the plant inside.
Think there may be a bit of yarn bombing going on soon

Have fun, take care


Thursday, January 11, 2018


No, we haven´t been travelling
I know its been over for a while, but I thought I would share our continuing Christmas pressie
Rebecca and Antoni woke us on our fun day with a lovely cuppa and two pressies.
They were very heavy, bulky, knobbly and long
Have you guessed yet?
Tad dah
We trimmed the ends and put them in water, which seemed to have extended their life
so we can pick what we want.
Good job we like brussels

Chris enjoys capturing the sunsets, he puts out several cameras, some on a time lapse and gets some lovely results. This one is taken in the other direction looking south towards Altea.
He selected his best shots from the vicinity including our popular restaurant and turned them into postcards, which seem to go down very well with all the visitors. 

As Antoni returned to the Uk at the weekend, Rebecca has stayed here for a couple of days, which has been really lovely. Catching up, doing hair, taking me to hospital for results of the Well Women checks, (all fine!) and even going out to lunch. All very enjoyable.
Today it´s her turn for hair treatments, she mixes a dye of cyclamen and purple which I apply for her, it looks really good when done, with the majority of her hair having a purple hue and the bleached panel, vibrant.
So had better go and get to it.
Take care

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy new year

I hope everyone had a lovely time Christmas, and Santa brought you everything you wanted.
Our Christmas day this year was on Christmas Eve.
Rebecca had been working five straight days but had the 23rd off, returning to work on the 26th.
Spanish traditions are different and they really celebrate for Three Kings 5/6th January.
It is always difficult when you need to split the festivities between two families, so this year Rebecca and I decided that we would ´do´ Christmas eve and they would stay overnight, leaving them to visit Antoni´s family on the day.

It worked out very well, albeit a little strange as we felt we were one day out for the rest of the week.
Christmas day we joined the neighbours for a drink at one of our local restaurants, we were going to stay for lunch (normal day as far as the Spanish were concerned) but still felt so awful from this bug, we changed our minds.

Yesterday was so mild, we reached 22C it was lovely to sit in the Naya enjoying the sunshine. Then I got itchy feet and decided to tackle the rose bed, it was piled high with debris from our high winds the other day, amazing how far the fig leaves etc travel, including four basket loads retrieved from the pool, the roses were in dire need of a good pruning. I tend to forget that everything is done earlier than the UK.
It looks so much better and just to make me smile one bush even had these

Three lovely flower buds.

Daniel, Shine and the girls flew out from Heathrow on the 29th for a month in the Phillipines.
Visiting Shine´s family and just relaxing

Wishing you all the best for 2018 with lots of love, health happiness and energy
Thank you for visiting my blog and ramblings this year, I really appreciate it
Happy New Year
take care

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy christmas

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas

Enjoy the festivities

take care


Thursday, December 21, 2017

When life gives you oranges

Yesterday we ventured out into town to collect the post and a few necessities.
It still makes me smile after all these years of being here, when I see orange trees laden with fruit lining the streets of the towns.
It is a sort of surreal feeling but feels very festive somehow.

This bug seems to have depleted all our energy and we were both absolutely shattered by the time we got home. Little by little!

On both of my flights to the Uk, I had a window seat and was able to get a couple of good photos
The first one is going over our Sierra Bernia mountain range, you can also see Calpe rock

The second is over Benidorm

The return flight was rather bumpy with seat belt restrictions most of the way, items even flew off the trays unless you held on tight. It was good to land!
Have a good day
take care

Monday, December 18, 2017

Exeter trip

I decided to go to the Uk, to visit Daniel and the girls. I was only going for a week, but was persuaded to stay for two. The weather was Cold but at least some days were dry and even saw a few blue (ish) skies.

I was able to see Leocia´s first nativity play and then join in a play afternoon with Maia at her nursery. I was definitely on Grandma duty, looking after the girls whilst parents went to work and even for them to have a rare night out with their friends.

One of the high lights was a steam train journey from Paignton, Devon to Kingswear near Dartmouth. It was so well produced with signs along the route for the children to spot and a cast of actors performing Sleeping Beauty. The characters went along the whole train in each carriage to deliver the story and on the return journey Santa arrived in our carriage with some excellent presents.  We even had mulled wine and mince pies to enjoy. 

I have visited these places before but never on the train, the scenery was lovely, especially going into Kingswear along the estuary. Brought back so many memories.

I had a day in Exeter to myself and enjoyed meandering along, collecting a few presents along the way and then enjoying a lovely vegetarian lunch at our favorite Herbies.
I was allowed a generous 23kg luggage allowance and I have to say that every bit of it was used up!

Apart from knitting a new dress for rabbit, there was no time for crafting, or sitting down much for that matter. You forget the constant demand for attention or emptying potties and the next meal, or even the swaying cuddles trying to get a fractious toddler off to sleep.

Everyone was just getting over colds when I arrived so it was little surprise I had a mild dose of one, but on my return I caught a virulent cold that has been going around all the neighbours, including Chris, absolutely awful, thumping headaches and sinuses and hacking cough to boot. It has absolutely knocked me for six, so glad I had organised most of the presents already. Taking life very easy at the moment.
I took advantage of Daniel´s Amazon prime whilst there and it certainly made pressie shopping much easier.
Before the train trip

 Exeter cathedral

 I decided to give my pressies to the girls so I could enjoy the fun of them opening them.
Here is the little elephant I made for Maia

 Love the little tail
I bought the pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits and have to say the instructions were excellent, very clear with total count down of stitches throughout. I have one for a rabbit too.
Maia was so sweet, walking round with elephant tucked under her neck giving it little kisses.
The other gifts were well received too.
Think I need a hot lemon and honey, catch up soon
take care

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Caves and finishes

Years ago now, I made Rebecca an advent calendar with little pockets, its a bit of a ritual now to fill it up and she enjoys her daily treat. I have done really well this year and by mid November I had only two presents to find.
We both enjoy our crystals and so I decided I wanted to go to the gift shop of some local caves to find something that would suit.
The caves are about 40 minutes away, not far and it was a nice ride in the sunshine.
Now I do not ´do´ caves, can´t even watch cavers or pot holers, gives me the creeps, however Chris persuaded me to give it a go.
It was very interesting of course, I just had to keep a lid on my thoughts, have a look at the video he took

I found what I wanted in the shop so we headed of to pay Rebecca a surprise visit as she had a day off work. Just need to wrap the presents up now.

I have been adding to the dolls set made for Leocia adding some things for Maia
A little blanket to keep dolly warm
I am making an elephant for Maia, still in bits! and thought a little sleeping bag would keep her snuggly
Leocia has started dancing lessons and ballet so I thought leg warmers would be just the ticket
Need to make some for Maia too

Finished off a jumper for me, but I´ll save that for another post
Take care