Thursday, September 19, 2019


At last I can share the wonderful exciting news
Rebecca and Antoni are expecting again

She is now 23 weeks and little one is due 14th January 
It is truly wonderful to be able to say this and although the weeks leading up to this have not been without their trials obviously due to the traumas with Rose, those mile stones have now been passed and I must say that she is being well looked after by her maternity team, who have offered her scans etc every 4 weeks and detection tests were carried out early, all with very positive results.   

They are also giving extra consultations to her to make sure of her own well being and support for any concerns she may have, especially as it is tinged with sadness over Rose.  I am relieved that they are doing this, especially with the damage caused by the cancer, so cardiologists, they even fitted her up with a halter for 24 hour testing, hematologists, you name it and she has been sent 

Rebecca is now beginning to relax and the excitment is creeping in as she is now feeling movements.
We enjoyed looking through various baby sites together, planning our shopping trip as I am going over in a few weeks and building lists for all those necessary items and planning her baby shower in a couple of months.

Positively Blooming, as they say

I have been busy over the weeks making baby blankets, mainly smaller ones that can be used in a car seat or Moses basket, along with her caterpillar, which she was delighted with.

But now, even more exciting, at the 20 weeks scan they decided to find out what they were expecting
and.... drum roll........

It´s a boy!

I had fun looking through the Deramores site for yarns now we know what colours to have and together we choose various blends, including cotton and bamboo.
I shall just have to be patient now for it to arrive.
The delivery is quite good, about 5 days and with orders over 40.00, and it´s sooo easy to go over that! it is post free
In the meantime I have a couple of projects in mind so I don´t think I will have idle fingers.

Well better be off and start them then!
take care

Friday, September 13, 2019

Stop the clock

So enjoying having Rebecca and Antoni here
Just need to slow the clock down as the week is disappearing so fast

A couple of days visiting the beach before the weather broke. The sea is at its warmest now and although it was very windy it was pleasant to swim.

Antoni took his go pro into the sea and filmed all the fish darting about, including some rather large ones
He had bought a super duper snorkel mask which enabled him to really explore the sea bed
whilst doing so he found a wallet, wedged between two rocks
Someone had obviously forgotten to empty their pockets before swimming
Amongst the contents  was a work pass so he intends to ring the company asking to speak to the person, hopefully being able to return his property.

Its always difficult to keep personal things safe on the beach, unless one of the party always stays with the bags, but we have some very good waterproof pouches which hang around the neck, big enough to keep keys, cards money and even the phone safe.

Unfortunately, after weeks of high temps and blazing sunshine, the weather broke on Thursday and we have had gota fria (cold drop) storms, where the cold air meets with warm and the warm sea.

We have had absolute downpours, but because we are between two mountain ranges, we have been saved from the awful destruction of some of our nearby towns and villages.
Even Denia, about 45 minutes away, where we were on Wednesday, was hit by a tornado, roads were like rivers with cars being tossed around and carried away in the torrential rain, just like toys.
Anyone unlucky enough to have left their cars in the underground car parks they favour here, would have seen them completely ruined.
Further south towards Alicante and Murcia have been hit hard.
The same with north, Valencia area took a hammering. That region has quite high rainfall anyway which the orange groves and rice fields love.

But it hasn´t diminished the joy of having Rebecca here, chatting every day on the phone doesn´t come anywhere near being face to face and collecting lots of huggles, chatting and sharing and just doing everyday tasks together.

They are taking the opportunity to catch up with some friends to, so the next few days will be busy.

take care

Thursday, September 5, 2019

I did it!!!!

I did it!!

With the kind help and patience of Jo at Through the Keyhole, I realised that I was so fixated on the right hand gap that I failed to see the one on the left
It made sense then and I completed the heel and moved on towards the toes

Haven´t completed it yet, been doing other
 things, but I am determined to.

Getting quite excited now
Two more sleeps and Rebecca and Antoni will be here, yeah!!!!

They are on a very late flight that doesn´t land until 12.45am Sunday
but it does mean we shall get another day together
Antoni can only stay a week, but we get 10 whole days with Rebecca

Can´t wait to collect and give loads of huggles and hours of catching up

Groceries ordered, being delivered tomorrow
Water received, after the last fiasco of waiting we got it in early
Linens done, just need to spruce up the guest room
and wait!
Might try the socks again to pass the time!

take care

Sunday, August 25, 2019


In the past I have tried knitting socks without success
I am not a very experienced knitter but manage to plod away on simple items
So I invested in some nice dpn´s 2.5mm, but put it on hold for a bit

Having seen all the wonderful socks  being knitted of late I thought I´d try again.

This time I thought I would start with some baby socks, thinking smaller, easier....
I thought I remembered a baby sock pattern that Jo had previously made
(Thanks Jo)
and followed it through to Ravelry

Grabbed the pattern and started progressing
 Ok, fiddly things but managed to do the ribbing for 3"

Put in a life line, just in case and proceeded with the heal flap
so far so good, another life line then on to turning the heel

Set up A - done
Set up B - done
So I have 10 stitches  with 4 left over - turn
Row 1  - doesn´t make sense to me as I am now going the wrong way!

Read on to the gusset instructions....que
How do they manage to get 13-16-13 sts?

Oh dear!
Before I gave up, I thought I would throw it out there to all you lovely Ladies
Especially those who knit such gorgeous socks
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Oh well shall just have to do something else in the meantime

take care

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Unappreciated gift

Cats are renowned for showing us their love by bringing us presents.
With 10 furries we do get our fair share at times.

When I was hosting the needlework retreats at the farm we only had the one cat, but she never lost the opportunity to be part of the picture.
One lunch time as we were all around the table chatting away,  she strolled in with a live baby rabbit, holding it by the scruff. After strutting around for awhile she then let it go.
We had to stop everything to round it up and return it to the fields whilst she just sat preening herself with a satisfied grin on her face.
When ever MIL visited she would always present her with a mouse, MIL hates mice at the best of times and would be on the lookout for one of her ´pressies´
Occasionally she would bring a bird but funny enough she would never touch the hens or chicks or even the ducklings, she always gave them a wide berth, head and tail up in the air showing no interest.

Of course here there is a wide range for them to try to play with or catch as we live in the campo, including crickets, mice, voles, tree rats, lizards etc.
Monster surpassed himself the other evening, luckily I had already gone to bed, when he trotted into the lounge, proud as punch,  with this dangling from his mouth

It was about two and a half feet long, a bit skinny, but never the less, still a snake.
Not sure if it was poisonious, but he had killed it luckily 
Thank goodness Chris was still up, couldn´t bear to think what would have happened if he had brought his present to the bedroom.

A few years ago Amber had brought a very live and angry one in to the craft room, but she soon decided that her new playmate was not very happy when it kept rearing and spitting at her. So she dropped it, turned tail and headed outside, leaving us with the task of trying to locate its where abouts amongst all the drawers and craft materials.
We did find it, but had to clear the room to do so, we put it in a large plastic box to dispose of it.
I do not like snakes, never have, so whilst I would be able to deal with most other things I would certainly have turned tail and ran.

Thank you for your gift Monster, but next time don´t bother.......

Chris has continued to revamp some of the old family photos, painstakingly repairing and researching colours of buildings etc.
This is his latest one

Certainly brings it to life

Better be off as I have something new on the needles that I am trying......
take care

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


We were invited to join our friends at Maria´s for a meal last Friday as it was Leslie´s birthday
We spent a lovely evening dining and chatting, especially as the evening cooled to a reasonable temperature. 
I also received 65e as a result of some of my jewelry items being sold.
Nothing like selling something to give you the incentive of making some more.
Maria is quite happy to display my board without any commission as she says it gives an added interest to the place.

I try to keep the prices reasonable, as I would rather sell the pieces, covering basic costs of materials with a little for time. You never seem to recoup all the time costs involved when hand making items, but every little helps and there is no point in having loads of beads sitting in a drawer when they could make a few pennies.

I decided to make something a little more chunky and came up with this necklace and bracelet set

Various shapes picked at random

I also made a collection of  spiral bracelets but in smaller sizes, more for childrens or smaller wrists.

Although they are made with the same basic pattern, I love the way they all look so different with the various bead combinations.
I have to think outside the box on some of the colours as they are not really ones I would wear

It certainly whiled away the hours as its been too hot to be outside (up to 39C)
Just need to put them on the display board and hope they sell.

take care

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Peace after the fiesta

Peace and tranquility has returned to the plaza
I enjoy sitting first thing of a morning in the courtyard, a cup of tea in hand with just the insects buzzing and the birds twittering, a gentle breeze wafting the heady scent of the Jasmine around and a reasonably cool 26C before it hots up (currently 33)

A week before, the council come around and strim all the edges to the road, paint the stage, then the bins and the charanguito (pop up bar) get delivered and next years festeros stock it up
The festeros arrive early Friday evening and decorate the plaza and set tables etc up 

,Friday evening we had a reasonable band providing music after the ´meal´ although they didn´t start until after 11pm and finished around 2.30am.
Snacks such as monkey nuts, plates of pickled veg with olives, gherkins, onions etc are laid out with water melon slices followed with the traditional cake and Muscatel wine, with everyone tucking into their picnics.

 The beer and wine is also free, although no one takes advantage, the charanguito sell spirits, soft drinks and coffee and the proceeds go towards next years fiesta.

After the meal, the tables are cleared and the dancing begins

This is the beer station

Saturday follows a similar vein, although the band wasn´t quite so good and they were still packing away at 3.45am

Sunday morning is the church service followed by next years festeros being given huge slabs of cake with a red carnation in it. Iced lemon drinks are served (rather like slush puppies) then the childrens races with a prize for every child, the winner of the adults races are given a live rooster, quite what they do with them afterwards I don´t know! 
There is a lull until early evening when the traditional Spanish dancers give a display

The video was taken from our courtyard balcony, birds eye view!

The duo played for a while during the meal and again afterwards
They were upbeat and really enjoyable to listen to

They do like their sequence dancing and were happy to play whilst people wanted to dance. This was about 1am

I must admit I did give up by midnight and headed home, absolutely bushed
As usual, everything had been cleared away and collected by Tuesday, with just the streamers to take down

Our friends came up from the nearby town of Jalon for a couple of the evenings and said we were lucky as their fiesta goes all week long with music not finishing till 6am, don´t know how they do it.
No wonder everything here either closes for August or are on reduced hours. Even any building work, unless it´s a public building, is forbidden

I think the pool beckons
take care