Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Moors and Christians

Our local town of Benissa have just celebrated their Moors and Christians festival.
It lasts for days and most of the town shuts, so no post office etc
They built a castle in the main car park, quite realistic
then on various days they have processions with quite stunning costumes
Each group have their own band and they march along the streets
One parade the Moors take the castle, then the next the Christians reclaim it
Chris decided to go along on the Sunday evening
This is when they use the blunderbus guns
He said is was so noisy
They come along and spray the streets with water first so that any debris is extinguished
Then they go for it

Each town have their own costumes, so much work goes into these fiestas
this comes after only a few weeks of their own town fiesta

I´ll leave you on a quieter note
This was taken on a visit to Two Locks Exeter
take care

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Home again, home again

Hello again
I had a lovely time in the UK, but it did zoom past very quickly. I flew into Gatwick where Rebecca met me and we caught the train.
My first week was staying in Reading with Rebecca and Antoni and seeing their flat
It is quite compact but we all managed and it was fine.
Rebecca and I had a few shopping excursions, I only took a hand luggage case knowing they wanted me to bring back one of their large cases, so of course I had to fill it up with something
Chris did well from a visit to Primark and I picked up a few things.
We also caught up with family for MIL´s 89th birthday celebration

They have bought themselves a little car so we went off in search of a yarn shop I had found via google, which was in Thatcham. 
It was housed rather out of the way in the countryside, in an old telephone exchange building.
Scrummy yarns, lovely colours and the circular needles I wanted that Amazon refused to send over here. I bought some sock yarn and some DK so I was able to knit up a beanie for Rebecca ready for the winter, she wants matching gloves now lol
 I was rather surprised when the bill came to 65.00 (Opps)

The yarn kept falling off the ball, most annoying

I spotted this yarn in a poundstretcher shop
Pound a ball but 3 for 2

We celebrated Rebecca´s birthday with a lovely meal in Waggamummas but the week disappeared.

Saturday saw us heading off to Exeter, a 3 hour journey, mainly motorways to visit Daniel.
My how the girls have grown, we had a lovely weekend catching up.
Rebecca and Antoni stayed on the Monday too and we heading into the city and visited the cathedral green.  They have finished the first part of the restoration and the cathedral looked very smart (and clean) The green has a calm, serene feel to it, very soothing

Beach time in Exmouth, fish and chips by the sea then playtime in the sand with the girls.

Rebecca got very upset when it was time for them to go home, as I was staying all week, they decided to come back the following Friday, which helped a lot. It´s very tough being so far away now, but we will do it

It was a quiet week with the normal routine of work and nursery, but lovely to catch up with bath and play time.
I was so pleased that the weather was warm making it all the more enjoyable.
My return flight from Exeter was at 6am, yes I know not good, but oh so much cheaper, so I was off at 4am. We were delayed for 45 minutes but he must have put his foot down as we were only 5 minutes late. 

So back to Spanish life and it´s Hot!
take care

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Well those last few days flew by. 
Hubby happy as he has a friend coming to stay for 9 days, so he will have company
Amazing what you can fit into a hand luggage case, don´t think it would work too well with winter jumpers though.
So hasta la vista
take care

Sunday, June 3, 2018

T-5 and counting

We have rain!
It absolutely hammered it down during the night, which unfortunately has meant alot of the geramiums and daisys have been pummeled, but now we have gentle rain which will soak into the ground and pots and give everything a nice refresher.
Even the car is clean!
As usual it is all or nothing here and it´s brightening up, we are so protected by the mountain range the rain cells usually split in two and go around us.

I have made several sales from my jewellry board at Maria´s recently so thought it about time to replenish some items and try a new design.
The central bracelet is a double spiral and the other three are single ones.
I like the look of the double as it gives a chunky feel without being too heavy.

I have just finished two more but these are for birthday pressies for Rebecca and MIL.

I asked Rebecca what she would like for her birthday, having already organised a few items to be sent, she said she would think about it.
Then on Friday evening she rang saying she would like a hug and a visit please.
I must admit I had been looking at the flight costs, but these have been quite high.
However Antoni was quite insistent  I go over and he found a flight with BA for 32 euros!
Hand luggage only but that´s fine.
I hope to visit Daniel for a few days too, in which case I can return from Exeter, more expensive but doesn´t involve trains.
Not really enamoured with the journey but so looking forward to giving and receiving lots of huggles.

It´s MIL birthday the day before Rebecca´s so we are going to meet up with her too.
So it´s T-5 and counting

I have already sourced a couple of yarn shops in Reading, can´t wait to visit those, especially as Amazon refused to send out circular needles and dpns, UK only. Might get to continue with the sock.

Take care

Friday, May 25, 2018


Last week we needed to drive to Finestrat, a large commercial centre about 40 minutes away on the motorway. Our friends needed to go to so we clubbed together, then decided to return home on the normal road which takes in Altea. 
We booked a lovely little restaurant for lunch called Opera. Everything has a musical theme including the menu, my salad was Ravel. Inside the bar is constructed from an old piano with lots of instruments adorning the walls. With sea views its charming.
They do the most amazing salads, such a wide variety of leaves, melon, pineapple, grapes, our friends were a little skeptical of รก salad´ but soon changed their minds.
I know its a bit sad to snap meals but......

 Goats cheese
 The dishes were deep and the photos don´t really do them justice

Even the coffees were served with flair
Worked out with meals, wine, soft drinks and coffee for 15 euros a head
Not bad.

We have an old Spanish rose in the courtyard, gnarled trunks, twisting and twinning around each other, most of it has unfortunately died, but it is such a feature and the furries use it as a scratching post and climbing frame to reach the roof

We now have another interested party involved, as you can see Felix and Monster are making their inspections
A couple of years ago we started to hear chomping and then wood dust started to fall, a serious amount too.
Its happened again this year, chomp chomp
This is what it is

Apparently it is a Spanish blue bee and they are making nests and burrows in the trunk,  judging by the noise and mess they must be making lots of tunnels.
They are quite large and make a noisy buzz when they fly
We had masonry bees at the farm but they were tiny in comparison.
They are not interested in us, but it´s worth ducking when they are flying around.

Have a good weekend, hope the weather is kind for the bank holiday
take care

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pig´s ears

Now I have nothing against piggies, their ears or any other part of them and I know they like to find a nice patch of mud to roll around in to keep cool amongst other things, getting themselves into a complete and utter mess......
To make a pig´s ear is a mid 20th century phrase and means ´completely botch something up, to make a complete mess of it.....
This was first found in print in a 1950 edition of the Readers Digest.
An old proverb dating back to the 16th century says, you can´t make a silk purse out of a sow´s ear.
The English clergyman Stephen Gosson published a romantic story in 1579 and in it referred to people who were engaged in a hopeless task, alluding to what might be the result if someone did try to make something from a sow´s ear, not a silk purse but a complete mess.....

Where am I going with this?

Certainly doesn´t look right
My self challenge of knitting socks.............
I knitted the heel flap, undid it again, learnt about a life line, put in a length of thread through the stitches so if you have to pull back you don´t loose your stitches.

When I was knitting it, it came out inside out, ok turn it the other way, but I decided to carry on, then suddenly even though I was knitting as before, the other side appeared, then just as before it suddenly went back to the other way......odd or what
Even though I pulled the stitches tight when changing needles I still got a ladder grrr
I think I will order a short circular one from Amazon rather than 4 needles and see if that makes it any better, before I bow down gracefully.

Not all was a pig´s ear though
I crochet these pot holders/hot mats for Rebecca as I saw hers were rather well loved!
I thought she would like a little parcel so posted it off, unbelievably it took 13 days to reach her, but she was very appreciative.
They are all the same size (two just folded)
Not her usual colours but useful none the less

Off to find something else to do rather than a sock!!
Enjoy the weekend
take care

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Hi, sorry the link didn´t work for the little squirrel video, so do try again. Its only short, taken through the car window. xx