Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Brrrr its really chilly, the temperature has suddenly dropped about 12 degrees down to 15 and we have had some rain, which we really needed.

The shooting season has begun which does get a little annoying early on a weekend morning when the guns start off, they always sound so close and we do worry about the furries - just in case it was mistaken identity.  At the farm in Devon, I would regularly find brace of pheasants hanging across my washing line gifted from the local shoot, sometimes the local hunt would bring round venison too. I never got involved in the politics of the hunt but when I first bought the farm I was approached  for my views, what a tricky question for a newby on the block, suffice to say I declined to comment saying everyone was entitled to their opinion but no you are not doing it on my land, something they did respect thankfully. Mind you many a time the back door was opened by a very large stranded hound and a very grumpy Master of the hounds having to come and collect it.
We are seeing the signs of the wild boar roaming up here again and poor DD had a run in with one as it darted out in front of her car on a country lane, the impact was enough to set the automatic hazards off but not the airbags thank goodness.  Again luckily for her she managed to break and although they hit, the boar ran away with no obvious sign of  injury and apart from another shake up, she was not hurt either.They are such big brutes.  Must say that I did pass the comment that 2 incidents in as many weeks in the car was 2 too many, no more thank you!!

Finally got round to taking some photos of various bits n bobs I have been pottering at in the last couple of weeks
another scarf for the pressie box

This time I decided to only cast on 7 stitches instead of 9, it didn't seem to make any difference really to the width but of course much longer, so a little more versatile.  
I found some little cross stitch card kits tucked away, must have had them since the late 90's when my parents retired from their craft shop. Just right with very little thinking involved

Some more wrist warmers, for me this time, I was lucky enough to buy a very good winter coat when we visited the UK in June, half price to boot, these will go very nicely with it.

Finally, a little more knitting, all the components are done now, just need sewing up, but what will it be?
take care

Friday, October 25, 2013

Still here.....

.....just haven't been in the mood to blog, or do much crafting come to that!
Hubby is having physio now and has been told to use it or lose it, he actually managed to hold a glass in his hand (empty) and lift it an inch off the table......progress

I had one of those phone calls that everyone dreads.....Hi, everything is ok BUT.........Poor DD has been in the wars again, she accelerated away from a roundabout, when the car in front suddenly breaked, she had safe stopping distance and breaked too, unfortunately the person behind didn't and rammed into the back of her.  Thank god no one was hurt and that she was in her boyfriend's car which had a very meaty bumper/boot, the other cars front was stoved in, also the police had a road block on the other carriageway so we already on the scene.  Something she just didn't need.

With hubby not being able to drive, I have signed up with the local supermarket for home delivery.  I used to use Tesco and Sainsburys in the UK, living in a remote hamlet in Devon it was ideal, it worked really well when we were busy with guests and unable to take the time out to shop. Anyway I thought I would give it a go here and I must say I have been really impressed.  Everything has arrived in good order, with long sell by dates and the fresh veg have been in excellent condition, the delivery man even carried the packs of water across the courtyard to the casita where I was storing them. The website has an english version and apart from the garlic which is normally bought in a net in the shop, so I ordered 1, yep, you guessed I got 1 garlic bulb for 22c, everything else has been spot on. 
As I am in the middle of a nasty flare up of the fibro, I have decided that the 7 euros delivery charge is so reasonable, probably cost as much in fuel going down the mountain, that I shall continue to order in this way and save myself wear and tear, time to be kind to me.

Today is DS's birthday, I really cannot believe he is 33.  He and his wife have travelled to London to see a show and stay overnight.  Apparently they get a coach ticket for 5 pounds each way, an absolutely brilliant deal from Devon to London. 

Weekend again, enjoy however you spend it
take care

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Butterflies and pressies

Life remains challenging but then again it would probably be boring if it wasn't!?

Whilst hubby has been mainly sleeping during the day I decided to have a little play, I selected some pretty butterflies and asked hubby to resize and sharpen them, he does it in minutes in publisher and it would take me ages.
a little glitter
They are sitting in a little holder ideal for pressies, pattern from Lynette Anderson
adds a different dimension to a plant
 I will print out some more and plan to use them to decorate presents just to add a little something

The online yarn store I use recently had a 30% sale, so I selected different balls to make some more of these
another chrstmas pressie, would match the wrist warmers I made previously
Still on the christmas theme, a nice hanging decoration
sorry couldn't find a way to turn it round
 Then I moved on to some lavender sachets along with another couple of dish cloth/pot holders.
My mind wouldn't stretch to anything complicated so I feel pleased to have finished several albeit simple things
Finally, leave anything open, a drawer, box or in this case a guitar case and you will find a cat curled up in it

DD is visiting today, so I am looking forward to lots of catching up
take care