Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wagons roll

I mentioned in my last post that we had some different visitors to the plaza.  We get people arriving in their cars to see what is in the ermita, we also get groups of walkers who use it as a lunch spot to take a break from their mountain trek.Some weekends we get families that come up to meet and let the kids play.  This time it was a group of four legged friends. I was first alerted by hearing bells jingling then stomping, looking out this is what I saw

Bygone age, it seemed a nice tranquil way of seeing the mountain though I did feel sorry for the poor horses having to pull the wagons in the heat (it was about 35C).
They all left after having their lunch and made their way down the mountain road.  I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be behind them going down as there are very few passing places and it certainly would have been difficult with the number of them.  Just hope they didn't meet any water lorries on the way.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to buy some sweet potatoes, I like to use them in veg thai curries or veg pate with lentils, or even just roasting them, anyway, a noticed on of them had little sprouts on the top, so I cut it off and placed it in some water.  Well this is how they have grown

What now? I have grown potatoes before, but not these.  So onto google, seemed straight forward, but the advice said to remove the sprouts and replant.  Now my green fingered friends, surely that means with a slice of the original potato, not just breaking the sprout off?  Any ideas?

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and doing lots of things that please you
take care

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Little bits

Haven't felt like blogging - didn't have much to say and what I might have wanted to say is probably best kept inside.  A bit blue too, but funny enough others in blogland have the same feelings, shouldn't be the weather as it's 32C at 10am and beautiful blue skies.  Anyway if in doubt, get the crafting out

Went into Calpe yesterday for a long overdue eye test, seven years opps! no wonder I needed new prescriptions and have been struggling with the close work.  So in a week I shall be singing the song 'I can see clearly now' Johnny Nash lol

I have been doing some knitting, stitching and crochet for our little Miss and Rebecca's friend Jo
Burp cloths, cotton bibs, bootees and a jacket for our little Miss
Similar for Jo, except the blue jackets has walked off!

ripple car seat/stroller blanket for Jo
and thanking everyone for your suggestions on quilting the little play mat/ quilt, that is finished too

Not as ambitious as some of the beautiful quilts we see, but I am still chuffed with it, a mix of hand and machine quilting.  You have to start somewhere! :-)

Talking of little Miss, we can say she has been named
Leocia Fleur Nathalie

Some household chores done! a nice cuppa and a few moments for me! ripple blanket, bibs or balls?
take care

ps. just had some different visitors in the little plaza, but I'll save that for another day

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I would like to.....

....introduce to you
Our first Grandie, a beautiful little girl, born Saturday 9th August 2014 at 11.54am, weighing 7.2lbs

Although we were unable to be there, Daniel and Shine skyped two hours after she was born
these photos were taken from our computer screen, 
We shared another two hours with them, looking in wonder at this beautiful girl created in love
The baby has a full head of hair, about 2" long and long enough for Shine to be able to brush it!
She also has a very well developed set of lungs! which she showed off with great volumn and determination

They haven't decided on a name yet but they think Fleur will be among them

It feels really surreal to see my child nurturing his own child, still can't take it in that there is now another generation of our family.
Like me, her Auntie Rebecca is itching to meet her and have copious cuddles