Tuesday, December 30, 2014

catch up

I hope every one had a great Christmas, enjoying the day in which ever way you chose

We had a great day, we were all here including Daniel, Shine and baby Leocia who flew in on the 23rd, Rebecca and Antoni joined us Christmas day, it was lovely having everyone together and celebrating Leocia's first Christmas.

It has been so hectic with the run up to the festivities, not only Christmas to organise, but Chris had a big birthday so I was organising a party for about 16 on the 21st doing all the catering myself.

Not only was it Chris's birthday but also the 40th anniversary of his first ever professional gig and he wanted to entertain our guests with a few songs.

It was a great evening enjoyed by all

Boxing day lunch, a good way to use cold turkey

Daniel, Shine and Leocia went off for a few days to explore Madrid and meeting a friend and
Chris has a new year's gig at a dinner and dance, so he is busy preparing a music quiz game which should be good fun. Me? I'm just trying to chill and catch my breath before Wednesday night
So just time to wish everyone a very

Happy New Year

may 2015 be every thing you wish for and more
take care