Monday, October 15, 2012

We're back

Yet another hospital appointment for DD on Thursday, this time it was for a second opinion on the vascular problems, unfortunately the second opinion was the same as the first and was not good at all.  More scans!

DH and I started our project of the Spanish street last year, but it was shelved due to lack of time and inclination because of all that was happening with DD. However, we are Back!  the Spanish bar is nearly complete, just needs a few tweaks, bar stools and a couple more accessories.

The grape picture above the bodega is actually a 1/12th scale version of  tile art that is in our Naya

The pictures above the bar are again from full scale tiles in our lounge and depict Don Quixote

We moved on to the artist's gallery - DH had already made the artist doll, so yesterday I made his clothes, belt and sandals.  We have to complete all the pictures and hang them in the gallery, then make some more items, but it is slowly coming along and nice to see it happening again.

DH also made this little hall table, just right for the cheese plant.

I have been doing a few Christmas gifts too in between the minis, I find there is only so long I can do them before my eyes get too tired, so it's nice to have normal size projects to make.

Wonder what is on the agenda today?
Take care

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday treasure and more minis

When my Dad was a young boy during WW2,  he lived opposite Croydon areodrome (Surrey UK) and would watch the planes as they arrived and departed and even had one overshoot into their front garden.  It was during this time that he and his father would approach households with bomb damage to their leaded light windows and offer to repair or replace them.  It was during this time he learnt  the technique.  Fast forward many years and upon my suggestion one rainy day when he was at a loss he took up the hobby again.  He changed from lead to copper tape and being that his background was in electronics, was a dab hand at soldering.  He had wonderful stocks of the most beautiful shaded glass you could image, just like our fabric stashes. He was also quite prolific in his creations, enough that we ended up taking his wares to the local market to sell.
This beautiful lamp stands proudly in my lounge and even takes low energy bulbs, so it can stay on all night.  This is my Tuesday Treasure hosted by Melody, sadly we lost Dad in Oct 2009 but I have so many of his lovely lamps, clocks and other treasures that he is around all the time.

We are still up in the early 30'sC unbelievably warm for October.  DD has her best friend and little 4 year old staying with her at the moment, so after yet another hospital appointment we went to Calpe for lunch then on to the beach.  I had quite forgotten the wonder and joy a 4 year old can radiate by slipping into his cossie and jumping around in the very warm rock pools and making sand pies and castles, it certainly made his day. DD joined them in the pools and then presented me with a teeny tiny shell and a pretty pebble, so really I can have two Tuesday's treasure today!

I even managed some crafting time at the weekend and played around with basket making, it was quite time consuming, but then again what isn't? and sticky with the glue, but I was pleased with the final results after trying various different threads.  We also made the contents of the baskets, with the exception of the cat!
 (Thimble used for scale)
 The Alibarba basket has a removable lid

I mentioned knitting the little shopping bag a couple of posts ago, so it was sewed up and a leather handle added. The other hand bags are made from faux suede and are very soft.  All in all quite productive.

It was back to chores this morning, but there is always this afternoon........
take care

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Not much crafting going on at the moment for me, unfortunately there have been more hospital appointments with DD, now she needs to wait for a further CT scan of her lungs, breathing tests, consultations and updates with the vascular department, its all go!

We have also just knocked down our chimney in the lounge, it held a cassette log fire which had burnt through last season and needed replacing.  I was impressed on the builders, we had removed what we could and covered the rest of the furniture, but they were very clean, removing all debris, swept up, even asked for another broom! and left the place very tidy.  Not like some we have had where I don't think they had even heard of a dust pan and brush.  Now we wait for the wall to be rendered and a new fire installed.

I did knit a shopping bag, it's just waiting to be sewn up and handles attached, so I will show you later, and I managed to needleweave a few more mini ferns ready for the flower pots.

Going to nip off now and see if I can sneak a little time crafting.

take care