Wednesday, May 17, 2017


We have just returned from a week away in the UK. We flew into Gatwick, such a huge airport, thank goodness for assistance, then headed for Woking to stay with MIL.
I had arranged a couple of appointments for the Thursday but once they were completed we went off with MIL to her caravan in Littlesea, Weymouth.
Her pitch is up on the top of the hill so commands excellent views of Chesel Beach and the lagoon. We were so lucky in that the predicted weather reports stated rain for most of the time, but it only rained during the night, so we were able to mooch along to the quay, have a lovely breakfast and do a little retail therapy. I was looking for a shop called Yours where I happy browsed away an hour and came away with rather a large bag of goodies.

We drove out heading towards Lyme Regis direction and found Hardy´s monument (ie Thomas Hardy) with a field nearby with a carpet of blue bells, so pretty. However it was blowing a gale, cloudy and freezing, bearing in mind we had just left behind temperatures of about 25C at home, so we didn´t tarry.

We left on Monday, travelling through heavy rain, which did stop by midday,
 back to Woking for another appointment. Then off to a Harvester for an early dinner as by this time we were all famished.
Part of the reason for going over was to help Mum sort out various things, as she had got into a bit of a pickle in not dealing with things very well. So we arranged for a home help cleaner, took stuff to the recycling and shredded what must have been a small tree lol. All sorted now and she is much happier now the little mountain has gone.
Having said that, her social life is pretty amazing and she does enjoy herself to the full.

We returned on Tuesday but were subjected to an hours wait on the tarmac whilst they sorted a few technical problems out, so were consequently 40 minutes late leaving, so by the time we arrived back home it was 2am, such a long day.
We had a welcoming committee though from the furries with Monster and Thomas leading behaving more like puppies than cats.
Nice to be away, but so nice to be home again, and back to 26C today
take care