Monday, October 3, 2016

Officially mad!

I hinted at the arrival of a new family member a few days ago

It was the Tuesday before the wedding, so as you can imagine things were pretty hectic
Our friends and neighbours firstly rang then popped by with this little cutie

We thought he was about 4 1/2 weeks old
They have several feral cats that use one of their outside store rooms so presumed that this little fella had made his way outside as they found him by the pool, but they couldn´t identify the mother and were worried that their 3 dogs would harm him
So they asked us to foster him for a couple of days until they could contact the local pet charity ARC

 He certainly kept the guests entertained

Lucy finds him irritating but at the same time she wants to mother him, Tammy has packed a sad and the others just ignore him
He is now into every thing and at the climbing stage where anything is game including your leggings
As you have probably guessed when it came to handing him on it was a done deal he would stay

So they say when you reach 10 furries you are officially mad cat people lol
but as the vet said 10 or 110 what´s one more!
Just have to think of a name now, any ideas?
take care