Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little things

The storm didn't materialize but we have had a little rain, unfortunately it was red rain again so instead of washing everything clean its left red marks. This year seems to be the year for Bougainvillea with spectacular shows of the vibrant flowers everywhere. Our neighbour has a bush against his house and this is the view we see from our inner courtyard balcony, looking down into the plaza.
You can just spy the med in the middle distance
This is actually our ground floor level, as the land rises as it goes behind the church, visitors to the plaza seem to think it is our roof balcony. Spanish properties tend to be like the tardis, not at all what you expect from the outside.

Work in progress in the cacti garden

Spent a little time chilling and doing some knitting, a sweet pair of bootees 

I used a cotton and bamboo mix for this bib, hopefully making it absorbant and easy wash 

 Rebecca's best friend is also expecting in August and she requested a little rabbit for the baby, so as Jo knows it will be a boy, he is wearing dungarees.
I found a nice little shop whilst in Exeter selling beads and various haberdashery items, including this little elephant, which I have stitched onto a little suit
Did the same with this sweet teddy, easy way to jazz up a plain item
More baby knitting on the go, the weeks are disappearing........
take care xcx

Monday, June 16, 2014

Seven years

And no itch....It's hard to believe, but seven years ago we were rolling off the ferry at Santander to begin our new life in Spain. What an adventure so far.............!!!!!

This cacti is the latest to 'sprout' its flower, which means afterwards it will die.  Such a shame as this is such a nice one.  It is in the garden where all the other agarves did the same thing and we are now in the 'slow' process of revamping the whole area
We have noticed that due to the extremely dry weather, a lot of the cacti are flowering, ones that we have not seen before, teeny flowers to large extravagant ones, amazing how plants can surprise you

As you know I have continued to have my grocery shopping delivered as it has taken away another energy draining process and allows me extra for nicer things.  This also allows bitza days when I use up veggies etc instead of just adding to them, this week I had saved a fresh chicken and was going to use it for that night's dinner, still several days in date so fine.  Or not!! oh dear, you just know don't you, when you open the packaging and reel, not good.  Instead I made a pumpkin, broccoli and chick pea thai style curry.  However I was a bit miffed as the chicken cost nearly 5e, so I rang head office, discussed the problem with a very nice lady who said that they would replace the product, but, and this is the best bit!! she asked if I wanted it to be delivered that evening or the next morning!!!! considering it was already gone 6pm I couldn't believe it, now that's service.  As it was I declined and added it to my next delivery.  I was well impressed though.

They are threatening a storm here, again, but our mountain always seems to save us, now I am looking out at darkening skies, with a hint of gloom, we do need it but will we get it, shall we get the buckets out to save the water..... we shall see......................
take care xcx

Friday, June 13, 2014

As they say 'I'm back'

Well actually I have been back home for about 3 weeks now, but so much seems to have happened that I just needed a break without forming thoughts into written words.

I had a lovely time with Rebecca on our trip, instead of her leaving after one week, she stayed on and we enjoyed each others company and friendship.  Unfortunately there was rather a high level of stress during our time there, which I won't go into, but that was another reason for staying together. Like the two musketters 

One afternoon Rebecca surprised me with a trip to a spa, where we enjoyed the facilities for just the two of us, along with a huge platter of fresh fruit and juices, then I was given the treatment of hot stone massage for the complete back of the body.  Well let's just say I whoffted out of there without a care in the world, delightful, if ever you have the chance do have a try.

I did have to pay extra baggage, (there's a surprise) but what with some good deals in Monsoon, along with toiletries and the must haves (like Marmite and coconut milk powder etc) it soon added up.  As I left, Rebecca continued on her journey to Hythe (Kent), enjoying a night in a very nice family B&B, to join her best friend and family, in the end staying nearly a  month.

I arrived home in time to tweak patterns etc for the craft afternoon at the Cancer Care shop, but unfortunately no one turned up which was such a shame.  However I had no control over advertising etc and I really think that was part of the problem.  Still you don't know until you try.

This last week seems to have sped by too, first Rebecca asked for my help in making a special 60th birthday cake for Antoni's Mother.

Then quite out of the blue we received a booking for a 65th birthday party in Gata de Gorgos, so it was all systems go packing up the equipment ready for the gig.  This was the first one since hubby's accident, every one was up dancing and it sounded brilliant and his hand held out really well.  So more bookings from now on!  then my usual morning in the shop followed by a very nice lunch at Rebecca's whilst helping her with the domestic chores. Making decorations for presents, then wrapping birthday presents for Rebecca, I do like to personalise them with flowers or butterflies, hiding sprinkles etc 

Wednesday saw me making another birthday cake, this time for Rebecca, finishing just in time for hubby to take the cake to the restaurant before Rebecca arrived.  We had a lovely lunch, sharing the fun and cake with the locals, super day all round.

Thursday afternoon we followed Rebecca back down the mountain, heading for the beach in Javea, where we enjoyed a cool drink by the gently lapping sea.  Then Rebecca and I went for a paddle in the sea, it is really shallow for a long way out and so it was so warm, we collected shells, had a giggle and stored memories. 

Today! well it had to be a chill out day, a little bit of crochet sitting in the Naya, it was 31C in the shade, the pool is getting up to temp so I wonder what the weekend will bring.

Enjoy your weekend, where ever you are and what ever you are doing.
take care
ps. sorry no piccies, I did take some but just haven't done anything with them yet