Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little minis

This is our yukka at the beginning of the drive way with the mountain as the back drop, it didn't flower last year so its nice to see it in bloom again

I have joined Lynette Anderson's project club, although unfortunately I still can't get the little badge to go on the page, anyway, this little thimble bag was the bonus pattern.  They are really easy to make and cute too.  I increased the pattern making ones for larger pressies.  These are ideal for tiny gifts or crystals, any manner of things.

I have also been making plants, 1/12th scale, here are a couple of ferns and although the mass of french knots look a little strange, they are destined to become trailing ones, like these....

quite effective once in place.

Also made tiny flower pots and bowls from stiff paper ready to be placed in the florists or in the house garden.

The first project from LAPC was for this delightful pouch.  I have made plenty of this type of pouch before, especially for Christmas decorations, but I always made them so much smaller.

This size is just right for that special something you treasure or wish to give as a lovely wrapping for that special gift 

 plenty of room inside.  Great fun to do something different

better go, got some mini gardening to do, take care

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I had finished all the components for the frog and they all just needed to be stitched together and stuffed.

 After a remake of the head pieces, as I had stitched them wrongly and the yarn did not like being undone, he gradually came together and here is the finished article.

DD was really chuffed with him and he now resides on her shelf in her new house.

After a couple of days of cloud, the sun is shining so off to enjoy
take care