Saturday, December 15, 2018

Devastating news

I have been deliberating, swinging back and forth should I post or not?
Does any one want to know or should know, but then as many bloggers say this becomes our own form of a diary so yes here goes.

We have just received such devastating news that at Rebecca´s 20 week scan they have found serious problems with the baby, so much so that even after a second scan today they are saying that the baby would not survive outside the womb.
So with much sole searching and medical advice it has been decided that there is only one course of action. It is all going to happen very quickly, Monday in fact, and I have managed to get a flight out on Sunday to be with them, support them and help.
The medical team have been very supportive, explaining everything, it´s just a horrible process.

They have been told to name the baby as they can have a naming ceremony and there will be a sort of funeral service after.
Rebecca told me she is having an angel baby and that God missed her so much that he wanted her back.
A beautiful thought
So we shall say both hello and goodbye to our little Rose
Such a pretty name

Both Antoni and I are allowed to be with Rebecca throughout, which is a comfort to us all.
Such a sad, sad time

take care

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Baubles and tassels

I know everyone says the same thing, but this week really has just zipped me by.
They turned off the power on Wednesday, some for only a few hours, but we were off all day
Isn´t silly! you know the power is off and yet you still go to turn the light on or switch the kettle on
We are lucky in that we have an electric oven but a gas hob so can still cook etc. We were always getting outages and this made life easier, it´s better now, new meters etc and it has resulted in our bills reducing!
It was Spanish conversation evening in the old school house, but we were armed with battery torches, extra layers, which we didn´t need as it was quite warm still, munchies, wine, oh and our homework.
It´s usually for about 1- 1 1/2 hour, we kept checking to see if the power was on, getting slightly concerned of no power for the evening, but when the batteries started to dim we packed up. Outside I saw we had power, the trip had gone and we were sitting there in the semi darkness for nothing!

When we went over to the UK in November I took most of Rebecca´s advent pressies, there were two problems, one because the zip broke on Chris´s there wasn´t enough room in his smaller one for some of them, and also I needed to buy about 6 more.
So that was duly done, wrapped and ready.
Then I decided to make her a Christmas bauble

Looks a bit wonky in the photo but it wasn´t

Definately her colours and as one of her pressies was a length of purple tinsel they went well together, which funny enough she chose as her next gift.

I made the tassel using this little gadget
Bought it years ago and it certainly makes making them very much easier.
With three sizes to choose from you can make some really spectacular tassels

The art of making elaborate trimming or edgings including tassels is called Passementerie. In the 16th century the Guild of Passementiers was created in France with a 7 year apprenticeship before becoming a master. No wonder these creations used to show your wealth and standing in the community.
Simple or elaborate they are limitless, I used a silver glitter thread to run with the main colour, just giving it a little more interest. I didn´t decorate with beads this time but they do look really nice.

An idea that I have used over the years is to use the tassels as part of your decorations for your gifts. Personal colours or to match the current scheme, rustic ones from raffia to go with a gardening gift, or soft delicate ones for a special gift, perfume or jewellry.
If it will wrap you can use it. 
Obviously you can use the tried and trusted method of a stiff piece of card and wrap, as long as you secure both the lead in and off threads, then it´s much easier to fiddle with the top part and loop.
Have fun with it.

I also came across a lovely needle book that I purchased years ago when I loved looking in the local antique shop. The proprieter knew I collected sewing paraphernalia and used to save me odd and ends. It is probably circa 1930´s, it´s difficult to see, but the figures are pop up, very sweet

The sky is blue and the sun is lovely and warm, time to take a project up to the Naya and enjoy the rays.
take care