Saturday, May 28, 2011

Production line

Mass production on the flower front, these are made using a product called Flower soft, teeny tiny pieces that I glued to wire to create stems of tall flowers, although it looks alot when made up into bouquets or banks of flowers they soon disapear. I was making them in the courtyard when the wind blew, fatal, oh and no sneezing either lol. Also made some into little bushes
More additions to the shop terrace, this time the facias

Having a go at tree sculpting hmm we shall see.........

have a good weekend x

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the wars

Just a tad in the wars again. After my adventure with the almond tree, I had a run in with mosquitos, whether it was just the one and he was hungry or several and they were playing games of who can eat the most I don't know, anyway, I ended up with 47 bites.

Itchy and uncomfortable to say the least, it was when I started to feel really hot/cold and strange, (well stranger than usual!) that a trip to the farmacia yielded antihistamine and creme with the advice to drink plenty of water to try to reduce the poison of so many bites. I usually end up with a couple of bites but that many was taking the biscuit, suffice to say not much being done.

Although I did take the opportunity of finishing the miniature knitted jumper, will take a piccie later, and making 6 pairs of miniature curtains, I only have another 18 to go! These are for the victorian street we are creating for the exhibiton, DH has designed and built one unit which takes the individual room boxes, another 3 to go. It's the twiddles that take the time, drain pipes, chimneys and pots, bricking etc, I have also made some bushes using tapastry wool and the tufting method on canvas ready to cut out and place around the 'village green'

Only the bakery box is finished, the other two need work.

My new little iron has come into its own, I hand pleated 2 sets of the curtains, so much easier and lighter to use and being on the bench stops the constant up and down to the ironing board.
Off to make more curtains.......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Silver linings

having had a slight accident, whilst outside painting one of the garden walls, I turned round too quickly and moved forward to return to the house to get the phone, rushing as you do and smashed into a low tree branch which completely knocked me flying, landing on my back and half scalped me. As I sat there with little birds tweating in circles around my head all thoughts of the phone were forgotten, I did eventually carry on and finished the job but it must have given me concussion as for several days after it has left me feeling really yukky, but I hasten to add that during all this at no stage was the almond tree hurt!! lol

But all clouds have a silver lining and I took the opportunity to sit quietly and stitch this gorgous butterfly that Cheryl from Willowberry Designs has been kind enough to share with us. I used rayon and metallic threads with beads for the butterfly and stranded cottons for the rest. I really enjoyed stitching this, so a big thank you to Cheryl.
(I would put a link but everytime I tried it wouldn't work!)

It was recently my birthday and I my MIL was very kind and gave me some money 'to spend on myself!' I was told - so I did and these goodies arrived a couple of days ago, the little iron is going to be so useful for the miniatures.

We decided to go to one of the restaurants on the other side of the mountain in Masserof for lunch yesterday, it was a gorgous day, warm and sunny and Suzies place is in a beautiful setting, very relaxed and with good food to boot. The two lads had the tagine, lamb almonds and trimmings which was lovely and the rest of us chose from the menu, 4 courses plus 1/2 bottle of wine each and bread and allioli all for 16e each, good value.

We were all so hungry it was only after we had devoured everything that I remembered to take some piccies so just the view this time, which unless you have a huge wide angled lense is impossible to capture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

lemons and bags

DD and her boyfriend brought me a huge bag of freshly picked lemons, such a lovely sweet scent. I am totally and utterly allergic to oranges even the spray from the zest, but lemons I use in many a culinary dish. This time I made lemon curd, zingy but fresh tasting, I also made a lemon and curd cake, forgot piccie though, verdict... yummy

this little bag has been waiting patiently for some TLC - it got itself too near the heater and scorched the back. Such a shame as it took quite a time to stitch and bead the front using paua shell andd shisha glass too, so at last I got around to completely dismantling it, cutting out the poorly bits and reassembling. Really pleased I have got my bag back.

A few years ago whilst in the UK, I was lucky enough to find a large box of Weedons vintage patterns, a treasure in itself, those I did bring here with me. On this one I embroidered, beaded and used shisha glass and now have a sweet little evening bag.

Off to do some more painting..................

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fish and knit

everyone knows fish is good for you, if you like it that is, here it is quite an adventure visiting the fish counter. Such an array of shell fish, squid, octopus, prawns, mackrell, tiny fish, large fish, oh yes and some really ugly fish...... some I have never come across, others I can translate what they are and others just look interesting enough to buy and have a go. This one is similar in texture to tuna I was reliably told by the assistant, ok give it a go. I have an enamel fish kettle which is ideal for this type of fish, had to remove the head before serving otherwise DD wouldn't have liked it. True to her word the texture was meaty, filling but not too fishy if you know what I mean! A very pleasant supper al fresco.

I have been knitting a jumper and had finished the front, now the back is finished and one sleeve, nearly there......the needles are 1.0mm and the large needle in the foreground is 3.5mm just for comparison, little wonder I can only knit on these for short bursts before the eyes go.

Some good news, DS has decided to extend his visit for another two weeks yeah, whoop whoop!!!

take care

Thursday, May 5, 2011

a finish.....

finished painting the wall took an age, but wow what a difference both in asthetic value and the luz levels in the finca as the wall is opposite the finca wall with the light bouncing between the two, almost need sunglasses!!
As you can see everywhere the walls are white, except when we get the red rain, here the ria rue (summer kitchen) is not too bad so could wait till next year, but I think the casita on the left needs a face lift, its all go, even DS has been joining in cementing tiles and doing odd jobs.

best get on with it then!!?

ps. apologies for lack of upper case and/or letters missing, our keyboard is sick and getting very frustrating for ssomeone who touch types to type at snail pace cos the letters wont work properly. grr

enjoy your day

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


busy busy - the rain did the trick and a large amount of weeding, pruning and tidying has been going on, I also prepped one (long) outside wall ready to paint, one of the drawbacks to white washed walls you have to keep up or they look shabby. It threatened another thunderstorm this afternoon, but in fact it split between our mountains and although it was black it was not too much trouble. then this double rainbow appeared

No sewing but I did create these curried potato, onion and bacon pasties

then made a morrocan style spicy pork pie

trouble is the more you cook the sooner it seems to disappear lol

take care

Monday, May 2, 2011


we went to a craft fair held just at the bottom of the mountain, although a little disappointed in the numbers of crafts people it was a lovely sunny day and we caught up with Sheila and Pamela and some other friends which was nice. Oh and I bought a nice little evening bag and a bag of trimmings.
I have made a couple more outfits and have been trying different tecniques especially assembling the sleeves.

it's all a bit of a learning curve, some materials are better than others, DH decided to have a go at making felt hats

Any self respecting lady would want her undies, I bought some lawn, it makes such a difference to making these and not so bulky under the dresses

Lucy was quite intrigued during the photo session.....

Happy stitching.....