Monday, May 2, 2011


we went to a craft fair held just at the bottom of the mountain, although a little disappointed in the numbers of crafts people it was a lovely sunny day and we caught up with Sheila and Pamela and some other friends which was nice. Oh and I bought a nice little evening bag and a bag of trimmings.
I have made a couple more outfits and have been trying different tecniques especially assembling the sleeves.

it's all a bit of a learning curve, some materials are better than others, DH decided to have a go at making felt hats

Any self respecting lady would want her undies, I bought some lawn, it makes such a difference to making these and not so bulky under the dresses

Lucy was quite intrigued during the photo session.....

Happy stitching.....

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  1. Good to see you yesterday too :)
    Love your little ladies... and the fact that they are wearing decent underwear. You never know when a strong wind will blow their dresses above their ankles :)