Monday, May 9, 2011

lemons and bags

DD and her boyfriend brought me a huge bag of freshly picked lemons, such a lovely sweet scent. I am totally and utterly allergic to oranges even the spray from the zest, but lemons I use in many a culinary dish. This time I made lemon curd, zingy but fresh tasting, I also made a lemon and curd cake, forgot piccie though, verdict... yummy

this little bag has been waiting patiently for some TLC - it got itself too near the heater and scorched the back. Such a shame as it took quite a time to stitch and bead the front using paua shell andd shisha glass too, so at last I got around to completely dismantling it, cutting out the poorly bits and reassembling. Really pleased I have got my bag back.

A few years ago whilst in the UK, I was lucky enough to find a large box of Weedons vintage patterns, a treasure in itself, those I did bring here with me. On this one I embroidered, beaded and used shisha glass and now have a sweet little evening bag.

Off to do some more painting..................


  1. Hi Chrissie, Lemon curd is one of my favourites. Trouble is I eat too much of it when I make it. The beads with your embroidery look lovely. So glad you could rescue that bag. It does look like it took a lot of work to decorate.

  2. The bag is so pretty - it is good that you could save it. Love the pink one too.
    I have heaps of lemons on my tree at the moment, lemon curd sounds a good plan to use some of them.