Monday, January 31, 2011

Gone missing

I have been hunting high and low, everywhere, but I just can't find it! It seems to have disappeared, maybe if I stop looking it will creep up on me and surprise me, you never know. What am I looking for? my get up and go, creativity mojo what ever you want to call it. But I have been enjoying lots of others beautiful work.
Yesterday the weather suddenly turned mild and sunny and we managed to get into the garden, pruning, clearing with our 8 furry friends all enjoying chasing each other and what ever we were doing. The almond blossom has started to appear, strangly enough more up here in the mountains than in the valley. They range from white through to dark pink, this one had hundreds of bees terribly busy doing their thing, the noise was really loud. Lovely to see that they have survived, there are hives up the mountain where the wild rosemary grows, the collected honey is lovely.
A WIP - This is a roll top desk that DH has been working on, he has been finishing the little pigeon holes and has two swing out cupboards to make, slow but sure

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What a difference this week to last, we are having another cold blast from the north and the temps have plummited from last week's 20c to 4c brrrr.
We had an extra miniature club meeting today to finish the jewellry chest that we started a couple of months back. DH has been busy making a second jewellry case which has now been filled with tiny necklaces, rings and bracelets and he took it along to show .

I finished knitting a boys jumper all ready to be sewn together but it will have to wait until daylight tomorrow, as good light and fresh eyes are needed. I also finished off a little rug that I made using a beading loom and perle 12 threads but its too dark to take a piccie today.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Taking things gently, so made another pot of miniature flowers ready for the florist shop, the pink ones were made using thread with some beaded flowers too.

Then decided to try miniature 1/12th scale knitting. This is a christening gown for a 2" baby doll, using 1mm needles and crochet cotton.

Once the tension was right it was just like using normal needles, only thing you can't do is take your eyes off it, so definately not for knitting whilst watching telly.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flowers, cribs and jewellry

Yesterday was warm and sunny so after doing chores we went up to the Naya and made some miniatures. This basket of flowers is for the florist shop on the Victorian street. I also made another arrangement and various flowers, but those piccies seem to have disappeared.
DH finished off a jewellry chest complete with jewels and also made a crib for the baby he had already made.Both these items were for MIL's house and will be winging there way to the UK soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yesterday I escaped from the house where I have been basically house bound since Christmas - we were feeling much better than we were and decided to attend our monthly Miniatures Club. I'm glad we did, what do they say? a change is as good as a rest! We are making room scenes utalising a two bottle wooden wine gift case from our local supermarkets. We have all choosen a topic or shop from the Victorian ere and will display them in an exhibition at Easter. Everyone has their own ideas around the themes and it will be interesting to see all the interpretations. We were busy swapping materials from pieces of linen for flour sacks to fine wire for jewellery making. Being 1/12th scale you don't need 'large' bits (g).

Dh has been busy using the moulds that santa brought him and has made various figures, passing them to the 'costume department' for dressing! One scene will be a maypole feature so he will be busy making the children for the lady to dress, plus getting on with his own theme. At least Easter is late this year, so that gives us all a little time.

Jenny of Elefantz is running an auction of two of her lovely quilts to help raise funds for people caught in the devastation of the floods and fires in Australia, visit her here also the Gum Tree Designers are launching their New Beginnings appeal visit here to see, sending lots of light, love and energy for everyone involved.

ps. tried adding a link but it wouldn't work, hence the long winded way.....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

to you all, heres hoping the new year will bring everyone love health and happiness.
We are not doing too well on the health bit as yet, DS went down with broncitis just before christmas and in true form of giving and sharing (g) we have all succumbed to this nasty, one after the other. We all enjoyed christmas and were all delighted with our lovely gifts, since then absolutely nothing has been done other than essentials.
I have been looking at some of the wonderful gifts and work people have posted, but without a flicker of inspiration to pick anything up to sew, until today when I read Jenny's blog and saw her lovely ideas for 2011. Through the fog, I even, with the help again of Chookyblue, managed to add her button. One thing for certain, it can only go up from here lol