Monday, January 31, 2011

Gone missing

I have been hunting high and low, everywhere, but I just can't find it! It seems to have disappeared, maybe if I stop looking it will creep up on me and surprise me, you never know. What am I looking for? my get up and go, creativity mojo what ever you want to call it. But I have been enjoying lots of others beautiful work.
Yesterday the weather suddenly turned mild and sunny and we managed to get into the garden, pruning, clearing with our 8 furry friends all enjoying chasing each other and what ever we were doing. The almond blossom has started to appear, strangly enough more up here in the mountains than in the valley. They range from white through to dark pink, this one had hundreds of bees terribly busy doing their thing, the noise was really loud. Lovely to see that they have survived, there are hives up the mountain where the wild rosemary grows, the collected honey is lovely.
A WIP - This is a roll top desk that DH has been working on, he has been finishing the little pigeon holes and has two swing out cupboards to make, slow but sure

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  1. I am always in awe at the perfection of the miniatures. This desk is going to be spectacular.