Friday, January 25, 2013

Benji's new bed

On a recent trip to Gata de Gorgos, a village about 1/2 hours drive away, in fact where DD lives, I bought a new log basket.  They sell and make nearby, a wide variety of products made from wicker, hemp etc from bread baskets to furniture, but it has been taken over.....

Benji soon claimed it, nudging the logs out of the way....
then being on guard...........

I took advantage of a fabric sale on line and decided to try the jelly rolls and charm packs, it was a bit buying blind as it was difficult to see the fabrics
 haven't a clue what I shall use them for.........
DD did rather oooh and ahhh over the blue fabrics have to see, something for the pressie box perhaps?
 The purple and orange plains are to try to finish my first lap quilt, I started pottering on this last July, definitely a WIP

 but made the blocks using orange with the patterned, before I ran out, so I am using the purple to contrast 

but now I am playing with putting it all together I realise  its sooo busy.......
think I will need to join it all together using plain strips unless anyone has any other ideas

so I made another pile of the diamonds to continue  making the blocks for the other quilt
oh well better get on, few chores before playtime
take care

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Would you believe the almond trees are beginning to blossom already, perhaps spring has sprung

Finally finished the first area, looks very fresh and streamlined, just needs a heap of stones as a top covering and a few things taken to the tip

Started on the rose garden, took a 1/4 of the way through photo, had already filled a large sack by this time

then 3/4 before it got too much and I had to stop, need some rain as the ground is like concrete again

The next day I decided to have a rest, yeh right! the wall behind the swing seat was crying out to be painted, yup thats what I did, but being kind to my wrists and hands, its hard work painting rough cast, I sat in the sun making more of these

to be stitched together to continue making this, all hand stitched (must be mad!!)  I arranged them on the bed to get a picture of the size and how many more are needed, next thing would be sewing them all together hopefully in the right order!.......

this project has been one of those that gets picked up on the go or when you just don't quite know what else to do. So its looks like I am on my way to having my first quilt as there are enough blocks to at least see the resemblance of a quilt top.  Few more to make though

Now the question is how best to fill in the gaps around the edge? 1/2 blocks?,or single pieces or ??
Anyone got any ideas?

Oh well back to it........
take care

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunny and bright

The weather has been really quite lovely during the day nearly 20c blue skies, nice and sunny.  This prompted me to start in the garden, which had been rather neglected these last 12 months, really hard pacing yourself and not doing 'just one more bit', taken 3 days so far to tackle just one area. Nearly finished and really pleased with the results.

Another hospital trip on Monday with DD, this time the heart surgeon, due to DD's young age and the difficulty of the by pass, the decision was taken to let the huge word of 'time' take place and watch and see how our wonderful bodies can regenerate and reroute.  Fantastically, some tiny veins that are usually insignificant have taken up the challenge to take up the slack of the damaged ones and are trying to expand naturally.  Absolutely brilliant, we just have to be very patient slowly slowly..........

Unfortunately nothing on the craft front, too pooped!  Exterior wall painting tomorrow.......

take care

Friday, January 4, 2013

Better late.....

than not at all.... Happy New year to everyone.

Well that was a longer absence than I anticipated, having attended hospital appointments with DD then having an op myself I really needed Santa to bring me a huge bag of energy.  Only small projects were tackled but then with the camera still on the blink couldn't take photos before giving most of the christmas stitching away.
However there were a couple, these beaded flowers sparkled on the Christmas dinner table

whilst these organza flowers nestled on the sideboard

I did finish the knitted boloro for one of DD's presents, no pic though and found I could sit quietly in the warm knitting whilst recuperating. Trouble is there doesn't seem to be anything to show for ages.

I had an amethyst tumbled stone bracelet threaded with elastic that had started to perish, it lay quite forlornly waiting for something to happen to it.  Well it did, having been inspired by Wendy who had showed us  her lovely bracelets, after a google search for the technique, the bracelet became two

Unfortunately I did not have the right cord so improvised using perle, it still worked, just a little slippery, so cord is now on the shopping list

Certainly a technique that allows alot  of play time.

Yet another hospital trip today with DD for results of the vascular scans, not good! but a least we can see and understand the damage the tumour did and why things are still so difficult.  16cm of the vena cava has been rendered useless, whilst 7cm on the other vein has very restricted flow, 3 choices, change your lifestyle and live with the problems, have a stent which is not guaranteed or by pass surgery. Awful choices, however a year ago today DD had her first chemo session and now she is in remission, so a few more problems we will take in our stride and be so thankful for where she is today.

Weekend coming, some new projects perhaps?
take care x