Friday, January 25, 2013

Benji's new bed

On a recent trip to Gata de Gorgos, a village about 1/2 hours drive away, in fact where DD lives, I bought a new log basket.  They sell and make nearby, a wide variety of products made from wicker, hemp etc from bread baskets to furniture, but it has been taken over.....

Benji soon claimed it, nudging the logs out of the way....
then being on guard...........

I took advantage of a fabric sale on line and decided to try the jelly rolls and charm packs, it was a bit buying blind as it was difficult to see the fabrics
 haven't a clue what I shall use them for.........
DD did rather oooh and ahhh over the blue fabrics have to see, something for the pressie box perhaps?
 The purple and orange plains are to try to finish my first lap quilt, I started pottering on this last July, definitely a WIP

 but made the blocks using orange with the patterned, before I ran out, so I am using the purple to contrast 

but now I am playing with putting it all together I realise  its sooo busy.......
think I will need to join it all together using plain strips unless anyone has any other ideas

so I made another pile of the diamonds to continue  making the blocks for the other quilt
oh well better get on, few chores before playtime
take care


  1. Cats are so keen to try anything new arent they. Benji looks quite settled. Lovely lot of fabrics.
    That diamond pile looks colourful.
    Hugs xx

  2. oooh nice stash.... gotta love a fabric sale.... so funny how cats just take over.... I agree on plain strips for the pinwheels... they will be lovely....