Friday, January 4, 2013

Better late.....

than not at all.... Happy New year to everyone.

Well that was a longer absence than I anticipated, having attended hospital appointments with DD then having an op myself I really needed Santa to bring me a huge bag of energy.  Only small projects were tackled but then with the camera still on the blink couldn't take photos before giving most of the christmas stitching away.
However there were a couple, these beaded flowers sparkled on the Christmas dinner table

whilst these organza flowers nestled on the sideboard

I did finish the knitted boloro for one of DD's presents, no pic though and found I could sit quietly in the warm knitting whilst recuperating. Trouble is there doesn't seem to be anything to show for ages.

I had an amethyst tumbled stone bracelet threaded with elastic that had started to perish, it lay quite forlornly waiting for something to happen to it.  Well it did, having been inspired by Wendy who had showed us  her lovely bracelets, after a google search for the technique, the bracelet became two

Unfortunately I did not have the right cord so improvised using perle, it still worked, just a little slippery, so cord is now on the shopping list

Certainly a technique that allows alot  of play time.

Yet another hospital trip today with DD for results of the vascular scans, not good! but a least we can see and understand the damage the tumour did and why things are still so difficult.  16cm of the vena cava has been rendered useless, whilst 7cm on the other vein has very restricted flow, 3 choices, change your lifestyle and live with the problems, have a stent which is not guaranteed or by pass surgery. Awful choices, however a year ago today DD had her first chemo session and now she is in remission, so a few more problems we will take in our stride and be so thankful for where she is today.

Weekend coming, some new projects perhaps?
take care x


  1. Happy New Year Chrissie and what a start you have.... one step at a time for DD and all of you.... of course I will continue to send thoughts your way....
    and I love the beaded flowers... so clever... and great fixing up your bracelets

  2. I'm so glad I inspired you, your bracelets are lovely! It's really good fun, isn't it?

    Love the beaded flowers! Did you make them?

    I didn't realise you had had an op, I must have missed some posts over the festive season. Hope you are OK?

  3. Ahh, nearly missed this post. Lovely flowers, that is so clever. Love how you have repaired your bracelet, with the bonus of having 2 of them.
    Take it a day at a time is all you can do. Thinking of you and your daughter often.