Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We seem to be having a week of little creatures.

First up came the lovely beaded dragonflies I have been making, then we found a baby lizard in the kitchen and rescued him from the furries, putting him in a safe place outside.

He must have found his way up the drain as he suddenly appeared in the en-suite guest bath, so he was rescued once again.

We have been having trouble with our tv satallite, losing signal at the most inopportune moments, even losing half of the last episode of Downton Abbey! Quite frustrating, we thought poor signals due to the very wet, cloudy weather.  DH did go and clean the dish and removed a web but still problems.  Time to call in the experts!

What did he find? A huge tarantula had made his new home up inside the sensor, so every time he went out we were fine then on his return - poof all gone again.

The cure? a very sophisticated piece of polystyrene shoved in the gap! 
One very expensive eviction!  


  1. Lol. I read your post when I had just got home from our trip and still was time poor for comments, and just reread about the spider - what chaos he caused, and such a simple rmedy. Hope it is still effective.

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