Thursday, April 25, 2013

Busy busy

Unbelievable, a week has just disappeared, where did it go?.........

It was my birthday on Monday and DH, DD and myself went out to lunch, this time to a little restaurant in Masserof, over the top of the mountain and half way down the other side.  It was cooler and overcast so we sat inside......being a Monday I thought it might be a little quiet.....but there were lots of other diners (pic was taken after some had gone).
 The group of Spanish singers were there too and began playing to another table when suddenly they came over to us and began to sing happy birthday - how embarassing - I believe DH had mentioned to Suzi when booking what day it was.........
Suzi's husband and chef is Morrocan, so the food has a nice twist to it and is very enjoyable - warm bread with freshly grated tomato, garlic and olive oil topped with anchovie
 along with finely sliced parma ham and these little minted lamb skewers, vegetable soup followed then steak with veg, but as usual we were so engrossed in eating and chatting that we didn't take pics
We don't do puds or cakes because of the allergies, but I don't think we would have had room anyway
DD likes to give lots of sweet little gifts as well as a main, this lovely hairgrip was one of them and will be really handy for hair up in the hotter months to come, unfortunately Mr postman had not delivered her main pressie so looks like an extended birthday
 DH surprised me with my own tablet, so now I can have all my books, music, meditations in one place along with being able to use the net away from the main computer, quite liberating
 It was lovely to hear from DS too but again Mr postie was being a bit remiss, shame he couldn't visit as planned but there are other plans to come
  My beautiful flowers
It was such a good day (hard to believe that last year we were sitting around DD's hospital bed eating of all things McD's)
 Yesterday we drove into Calpe to source and price some garden items, including membrane for the new area in the bottom garden, this is where the huge cacti were before they flowered and died, so we are revamping the area.  I also managed to get some curtain material for the balcony doors in the bedrooms, along with sheeting size backing for the diamond quilt (when I get it to that stage lol) and best of all I bought a few bits for DD's birthday in June, so quite successful for a change

We walked down through the town to the beach where we had lunch, the view from the restaurant looking over to Benidorm in the far distance
 just in the right of the picture were some sunbathers in swimsuits, it wasn't that warm!!
looking over to the Ifach
What a change today, we are at the beginning of a 3 day weather system of storms and solid rain, all the furries keep trying all the doors and windows to see if it is any better from there.  They will turn the house into a playground later.........
take care

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mixed bag

It's been lovely, and sunny for about a week now, temperatures up in the early 20's and thankfully the winds have dropped to a light breeze.Something DH was pleased about as it has enabled him to fly and slope soar.  He watches the birds catching the thermals and sends the model to the same place, then he found the birds looking for him in return as he found new thermals.

The garden has been giving us some colour too
 These pictures were taken on the top terrace
 The white iris's are more advanced than the coloured ones which are still in bud
The herb garden with a tumbling mass of anemones 

I finished another cowl and DH inquired as to what it was - so rather than explain I put it on him, mistake! - the result was he found it very comfortable, warm and snuggly and wouldn't take it off - this was going to be for him as a little Christmas stocking filler - back to the drawing board on that one then! as least he agreed to model it.

Decided to make some more cotton cloths from a bamboo and cotton mix yarn - but crochet this time, I used these as my take out projects whilst I was attending all the hospital appointments with DD
We have now completed this round of tests and appointments, hopefully nothing now till the next round in July.  On the last day I was waiting for DD in the main reception hall of Denia hospital, quite oblivious to the goings on around me, happily doing my crochet, when a spanish lady purposefully strode up to me, dug in her bag and produced a piece of crochet of a double flower and stated that she would show me how to 'do it properly!' well I admit I am self taught and yes I know I put the yarn to the hook instead of the other way round, but it works for me, but she was obviously quite affronted by this, luckily she didn't stop but went on her way, don't think my spanish would have been up to that!

The yarn company I buy from in the UK were having a 40% sale so I decided to chose some random yarns that I would not normally select, including more needle felting yarn which I thought would compliment the merino tops I already have.  There was also some sari ribbon, haven't got a clue what I shall use it for, but I'm sure a light bulb moment will happen, open to any ideas......

This yarn was amongst them - pretty colours but rather like a flat tape Luckily they had included a free pattern - so this became......

this... quite mad really
.  Must be off now, going to enjoy the sunshine
take care

Monday, April 8, 2013

Little bits

A little crafting done over the weekend
 haven't done much in the way of miniatures lately

A miniature quilt and pillow set
with Hardanger  I start in the centre and see where the needle takes me

DH made the bed base along the lines of a 1980's water bed

Second colourway, 

I personally prefer the purple one,  it's harder to see the central design on this one.

Also did a little more on the diamond quilt, trying to fill out the odd edges and a little knitting
It's a fiesta day today so everything is shut, more stitching perhaps?
take care

Friday, April 5, 2013

Not good news.......

but fantastic news.........
Yeah.....DD had her results today and is still all clear of the big C.........

It was a year ago today that she was taken into ICU after her stint of 12 weeks chemo, and we began the 12 days nightmare, so it was only fitting that we had good news on the 'C' front, even if they have confirmed that any further treatment on the veins is not recommended -time will tell.

So yesterday we booked ourselves in for some girlie pampering -  a massage and facial followed by a nice lunch, and DD stayed over ready for today - more consults next week

Well my take along project was finished
 Looks like a heap of nothing, in fact it is a cowl, ready for the pressie box

A couple of close ups of the little needlelace stitchery

The wing slipped a little, but you get the jist

Oh dear, stitchery was wonky! never mind - do you have days like that?

Stone arrived today, the rain arrived this evening, lets hope the gardener arrives in the morning!?
take care