Monday, April 8, 2013

Little bits

A little crafting done over the weekend
 haven't done much in the way of miniatures lately

A miniature quilt and pillow set
with Hardanger  I start in the centre and see where the needle takes me

DH made the bed base along the lines of a 1980's water bed

Second colourway, 

I personally prefer the purple one,  it's harder to see the central design on this one.

Also did a little more on the diamond quilt, trying to fill out the odd edges and a little knitting
It's a fiesta day today so everything is shut, more stitching perhaps?
take care


  1. Lovely to see some more miniature work. I have missed seeing what you do, but understandable break from it. The little quilts are gorgeous and I think the purple is my favourite also.

  2. So sweet... I agree with Marilyn - it is lovely to see some of your miniature work... I find it so amazing....