Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bits n bobs

Today was the last day of Judith's EBCC, as usual there were some fabulous projects and worthy winners. I have really enjoyed taking part in this and seeing all the wonderful ideas others have and their lovely work and Judith worked really hard bringing us ideas and inspiration. Thank you.

Yesterday we wandered into the older historical part of our nearest town, with it's very narrow streets, colourful buildings and cobbled steps, it was really pretty and we found some interesting little shops. One was selling wool, amongst other things, although not a great selection I did buy a very colourful ball to make a beanie for a christmas stocking present. Just as we were leaving I spied some Perle thread and Anchor skeins and although again expensive, I now know where to go if I run out.

Today I continued with my miniature garden, I had put this on hold whilst awaiting further supplies and for life to slow down a little. The garden will be for the front of our miniature house.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

EBCC September Challenge

Well only a few more days and then September will be gone, I'm sure time must be going faster.
Here are a couple more items for the EBCC, these little trees would look cute as a table decoration, (I found the pattern on wee folk art) a nice little project when you want something to do in the evening without it being too taxing

A fabric bowl, lightweight, ideal for picnics

I decided to use Stumpwork for Judith's September challenge Inspired by nature. It's hard to see in the photo but the mushrooms are needlelace created over a former to give it a hollow 3D look.

The rest are basically french knots by tweeding the threads

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I enjoy using herbs for all sorts of purposes, culinary, household, hot mats etc and earlier in the year I took some cuttings from our main rosemary bush, I had quite a successful take rate and when they outgrew their pots I transferred them into something larger. Apart from watering I didn't take much notice of the young plants until..... something else started to grow in the pot, it grew and grew, flowered and then bore fruit.
Here you can see it growing over the basil and leaning into the wall where DH hooked it up to protect the fruit. Which was a cucumber. Maybe the seed it was in some recycled potting soil as all the other cucumbers are in the veggie plot, then suddenly this fungi began to grow too, what a lot going on for one little pot.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday (Sunday) we took DD out for a cerebratory lunch for successfully completeing her NVQ3 in hairdressing management. Her Record of Achievement portfolio is now bursting at the seams with all her numerous and varied qualifications. We are all very proud of her and her success.

The little restaurant is within walking distance from home and is typically spanish, laid back, relaxing and enjoyable. We meandered home along the bancales taking in the magnificent view of a majestic mountain range bathed in sunshine to continue relaxing by the pool, chatting. A very nice way to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon.
It wasn't all lazy as I did do some stitching earlier, having seen one of Judith's suggestions for the out door gifts for EBCC I decided to modify the cutlery roll. I thought this would be ideal for one for taking to workshops, but made the pockets big enough to accommodate more settings.
I also put a hand wipe sachet and a clothes wipe for those opps moments in with the napkins.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


After a trip to town the other day to our post box, I found a goodie bag from Australia. I had ordered several patterns from Judith in her August sale and was delighted to find these. Now the problem is trying to decide which one to start first.

I actually managed to get a little sewing done yesterday even though my mind was on other things which I couldn't shut off so it took me twice as long. I had noticed several times that a rather strange looking insect, it seems to have two parts to its body, very long legs, a potential long sting and a deafening buzz, had been landing and exploring one of my WIP hanging in my sewing room. Having roused myself to investigate this is what I found.

The insect had found an unlikely place to start building its nest, it was made of a clay substance that was quite hard once peeled away, we thought we could see some pupa inside so DH just relocated it away from the house. The residue did come off so the piece was saved, but I wonder what attracted it to the fabric in the first place.

This is what I was sewing, my first gift for the September EBCC, am I behind or what

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I decided on making sweet and sour chicken for dinner tonight but needed some almonds to go with it. Armed with a suitable container I started picking from one tree near the pool with lower branches, as I picked the kittens thought it great fun to take them out of the container, play football with them then return for more.

The harvesting is usually done by spreading nets all around the tree and knocking the nuts off with sticks then collecting them up in the nets. They use the same method for collecting the olives. Well I was only going to pick a few!!?

I brought them back to the inner courtyard to seperate the nuts and husks, Amber decided to get a better view

I'm helping really I am - we keep the husks to help light the winter fires
The yield - now for the painful bit of cracking them open, they have machines which they bring on to the bankales but we only had a hammer. Must admit they are rather yummy.
Only 17 1/2 trees to go now......................... think I prefer stitching!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cooling Caves

Our guests have all returned to the UK and it seems really quiet now, after five weeks of visitors we are back to 'normal', what ever that means lol. The weather has been very kind with good temperatures, perhaps a little too warm for some, so a place of interest to visit were the caves at Benidoleig. With the heat outside I think it was a welcome break to view these ancient caves which were about 300m long and a cool 20C.

Unfortunately I don't 'do' caves, so could only view the photos everyone took and admire the formations from the comfort of my armchair.

So with guests and dealing with lifes ripples on the pond, I have done very little stitching, so once I have caught my breath there are a few projects I want to make for the EBCC.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Catch up

Where did the week go? DS has returned to the UK (we do miss him) but because we had coordinated flights we collected our friends from the airport at the same time, thus making only one airport run. We have been outing and abouting to various locations and the days seem to have disappeared, not much stitching being done but great to catch up with T & L and enjoy their company.

We heard last night (Friday) about the NZ earthquake. DH spend 23 years in NZ, including experiencing several quakes himself, and is very familiar with the area hit, and with friends and family in Christchurch our heartfelt thanks go to the fact that no one was killed and very little injuries. Our thoughts are with everyone in the area effected.