Monday, July 25, 2016

Little beaver

I have been beavering away in my little space in the inner courtyard, doing what you may ask, guess! yup flowers, flowers and more flowers.
I thought the production line was quite, well productive, until I separated them into wands, bouquet, bird cages and whatever, then realised that they didn´t go far. Keep going, keep on going

Although I did take some time out to do some secret stitching as Rebecca was away in the UK and I have embroidered three sides and the top of the treasure/memory box

I also took the plunge today and went in the pool
Now I hate being cold
But being told the pool was 28C was quite enticing
The temp in the shade was about 31.5C
Great my sort of temps
OMG it was cold!!!!
Even when you get out and ´cool´off in the gentle breeze then get back in
It was still COLD
I did do a few lengths so that was a gentle break into the exercise, no point in pushing it

Busy week, been asked to attend the meetings with the photographers and officient, its all go
Have a great week
take care


Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Manor

I was quite productive yesterday and made 5 gardenia flowers, not bad going, but it does take a toll on my hands and wrists, so today I decided to make little bell flowers for the memory box just using the thread rather than wire.

I sit in the upper courtyard, near the kitchen as I can just nip in and out if I need any craft items, oh and water! it has been 30C in the shade in this part, much more out by the pool. It is a nice area to sit crafting, excellent light and some shade.
We have a pergola and it is covered by a spanish rose, but it has been shedding its leaves with gay abandon and is quite naked, the area now has no shade, so I have to try to move with the sun, such a pain.

As I haven´t taken any photos, I thought you might like to see what Chris has been up to with The
Manor house
In particular the staircases, which are all hand built

Next will be looking to sell it as it stands or to finish

I´ll just leave you with Thomas, sitting out the other evening enjoying the evening, Thomas came to join us, he is rather close to about a 15ft drop into the plaza!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, take care

Thursday, July 7, 2016


I have been attending a hypnotherapy meditation class for a few weeks, very interesting, and no we don´t end up clucking like chickens as the media would have you believe. However it is extremely relaxing ie think horizontal and at the same time invigorating, allowing your own thoughts to mix with the suggestions.  It can help all sorts of ´problems´ tensions, medical problems etc.  A total chill out zone, if you get the chance to try just give it a go with an open mind and see what happens.

Rebecca and I decided on a little retail therapy
Now bear in mind I hate shopping, just can´t be asked
however its amazing how the word ´wedding´makes you think otherwise
so off we went to Valencia
First stop was Ikea
Never been, just know the hype that goes with this store
It was Huge, really huge
We decided to stick with the items we wanted to look at, ie vessels for wedding flowers
It´s very clever, they ´walk´you through various areas so you see items and stop and yes buy!
ie the babies department,
But we were very reserved and didn´t load the trolley up
A few items for the kitchen, a few for the wedding and a couple for the grandkids
Even at the checkout it was all very slick
The area is huge, with so many stores, this is the shot taken from the exit of Ikea across the ´park´

Would you believe, there was even a ´huge´store what would be the equivilent of Ann Summers, really didn´t feel the need to explore!!

Another point on the list was a visit to a dress shop looking for an outfit for the Mother of the Bride
Ok, now here they all seem to be a size 8-12
So if you are a little over that then you are in trouble
Oh my goodness, some of the dresses they gave me to try had us in stitches
No, nope, sorry no pics, horrible
Needless to say it was either, forgive me, but very grandma´ish or flemenco style and totally unsuitable, gosh, how to be made to feel very big (which I´m not) very frumpy  or totally ridiculous
so it´s back to the drawing board on that one

Today we have had some of the funny wet stuff on and off, trying to convince us it has rained
but it did interupt the beaded flower making for a bit
but still carrying on
so take care