Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Manor

I was quite productive yesterday and made 5 gardenia flowers, not bad going, but it does take a toll on my hands and wrists, so today I decided to make little bell flowers for the memory box just using the thread rather than wire.

I sit in the upper courtyard, near the kitchen as I can just nip in and out if I need any craft items, oh and water! it has been 30C in the shade in this part, much more out by the pool. It is a nice area to sit crafting, excellent light and some shade.
We have a pergola and it is covered by a spanish rose, but it has been shedding its leaves with gay abandon and is quite naked, the area now has no shade, so I have to try to move with the sun, such a pain.

As I haven´t taken any photos, I thought you might like to see what Chris has been up to with The
Manor house
In particular the staircases, which are all hand built

Next will be looking to sell it as it stands or to finish

I´ll just leave you with Thomas, sitting out the other evening enjoying the evening, Thomas came to join us, he is rather close to about a 15ft drop into the plaza!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, take care


  1. Hi Chrissie wow that Manor is amazing ,clever Chris ....

  2. Hi, thanks, the rooms are nice and big so you can really go to town with the decor, xcx

  3. we have to take care of our hands! the manor is wonderful and those steps so detailed. careful Thomas!

    1. Absolutely, listening to your body is important, and I got to do some hand sewing ☺ xcx

  4. The Manor is fabulous, what a great project. Eeek, Thomas is braver than I am, I don't have a head for heights at all.

  5. Must admit it does give you the wobbles looking over, we usually have the blind down tight but the winder has broken. Does give us a birds eye view into the plaza though xcx

  6. Love that doll's house Chrissie, it so reminds me of my Gran's. Little bit of a different style as it was very old but very similar. Children don't seem to get doll's house so much now. It is more fill your own online doll's house etc. Give me the old kind anyday!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

    PS:Hot in the city too :-)