Friday, April 28, 2017

My day

It was my birthday last Saturday (22nd), a special one, lets just say it had an ´0´on it!
Daniel, Shine and the two girls flew over on Thursday, as did Mum (Joyce) and sister in law, Jo.
Rebecca and Antoni joined us on Friday and we had a lovely family meal. 

It was so lovely to all be together and of course catch up with everyone´s news.
Leocia and Maia have certainly grown, as they do, and Leocia is talking quite clearly now whilst Maia is quite content to sit and watch then mimic.

Luckily Saturday dawned bright and sunny (we had been expecting rain) and after a hearty breakfast I was treated to some wonderful and thoughtful gifts. I was also presented with some really beautiful bouquets.

Everyone went off to set up for the party in the restaurant and Chris went to set his gear up and he was playing for us all.
When I arrived a few hours later they had transformed the restaurant with purple and white balloons, streamers and pom poms, Rebecca had worked so hard to make it perfect. Antoni had also created and made on his 3D printer beautiful napkin holders in the shape of cats.
All told about 30 of us ate, danced, chatted, tapped our feet and generally had a wonderful time.
I was also presented with a beautifully decorated chocolate cake, both gluten free and vegan. It was divine.

Chris played for over 3 hours, love him, and was brilliant, he also got me up for 3 songs, but no one left lol!
We carried on with the party at home with some of the guests which lasted till about 2am,
I was treated like a princess, spoilt, hugged and loved and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. What a wonderful day.
Then all too swiftly it was over
Daniel, Shine and the girls left late Sunday night
Mum and Jo stayed till late Tuesday
then it was just the clearing up to do!!
All so totally worth it
take care

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A finish.....

Finished something at last,
I began knitting a waterfall waistcoat several weeks ago, then when all was knitted it sat in the basket waiting to be stitched up, (my least favourite part)
The yarn is King Cole Opium Palette and varies in thickness
something completely different for me and a challenge, although once I got used to it and keeping the tension is didn´t turn out to badly.

I started on a short sleeved long jumper too, it seemed a nice simple easy pattern! Until I came to pick up for the round neck, use straight needles it said, yeah right got 3/4´s of the way round and came to a grinding halt, no way could you pick up the rest of the stitches, so I emailed the designer (twice) but didn´t get a response. So I thought to ask an expert, especially one who knits such lovely socks. Jo at Through The Keyhole came up with the answer, use a circular needle, so that project is now waiting in the wings

I was given some lemons straight from the tree, lovely fresh and sweeter than shop bought ones, so I thought I would plant some of the pips, I am so pleased as all six pips have germinated
I made little cloches from the water bottles and a recycled meat tray

Baby monster, now at 7 1/2 months, has had his trip to the vet, he was a little dopey for a couple of days, but then was soon back to his mad scatty ways
The vet said he was much bigger than average for his age and he already weighs in about 4kg

Better go, have Spanish homework to do before the lesson tonight
take care