Thursday, June 7, 2018


Well those last few days flew by. 
Hubby happy as he has a friend coming to stay for 9 days, so he will have company
Amazing what you can fit into a hand luggage case, don´t think it would work too well with winter jumpers though.
So hasta la vista
take care

Sunday, June 3, 2018

T-5 and counting

We have rain!
It absolutely hammered it down during the night, which unfortunately has meant alot of the geramiums and daisys have been pummeled, but now we have gentle rain which will soak into the ground and pots and give everything a nice refresher.
Even the car is clean!
As usual it is all or nothing here and it´s brightening up, we are so protected by the mountain range the rain cells usually split in two and go around us.

I have made several sales from my jewellry board at Maria´s recently so thought it about time to replenish some items and try a new design.
The central bracelet is a double spiral and the other three are single ones.
I like the look of the double as it gives a chunky feel without being too heavy.

I have just finished two more but these are for birthday pressies for Rebecca and MIL.

I asked Rebecca what she would like for her birthday, having already organised a few items to be sent, she said she would think about it.
Then on Friday evening she rang saying she would like a hug and a visit please.
I must admit I had been looking at the flight costs, but these have been quite high.
However Antoni was quite insistent  I go over and he found a flight with BA for 32 euros!
Hand luggage only but that´s fine.
I hope to visit Daniel for a few days too, in which case I can return from Exeter, more expensive but doesn´t involve trains.
Not really enamoured with the journey but so looking forward to giving and receiving lots of huggles.

It´s MIL birthday the day before Rebecca´s so we are going to meet up with her too.
So it´s T-5 and counting

I have already sourced a couple of yarn shops in Reading, can´t wait to visit those, especially as Amazon refused to send out circular needles and dpns, UK only. Might get to continue with the sock.

Take care