Thursday, September 27, 2018


This summer with it being so hot, has really stopped alot of things happening, including finding the mojo for crafting, so wanting something easy but satisfying to do, I found my inspiration here

Jo´s post was all about what was on her needles, including knitting beanies for the homeless.
What a fantastic idea, I had some yarn I was given but didn´t know what I would use it for, so tad dar moment
So Jo I hope you don´t mind that I nicked your idea and thank you for your inspiration
I have made these through the summer and have given them to Rebecca to take back to Reading as there is a homeless shelter there.
I basically used just two patterns using straight needles
I do hope they will be of use to them.
Moved on to some different projects now,
but I can´t show them yet!

take care

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

More fish in the sea

After sharing our exploits of the beaches with our friends Gary and Leslie, they wanted to visit the Moraira beach which they have never been to. They usually only visit the dog friendly ones further along the coast.
It was a lovely day out, still warm but with a gentle cooling breeze, the waves just a little choppier, fun was had by all with the boys taking the cameras off fish hunting again.
Gary couldn´t believe the amount of activity just under the surface.
We had coffee at the beach side cafe watching the sea, then with the sea air giving us all a health appetite they took us for lunch at the WOK,
a lovely restaurant where you choose your food and take it to the chef to cook
there was so much to choose from, ranging from meats to fish an abundence of veggies and salad, along side pre cooked dishes, different rice, noodles, sweet potato chips etc
You could return as many times as you wished to try different things, the only stipulation being no waste. There were plenty of desserts too including fresh fruit which suited me 
We were all suitable stuffed and came home to just chill out.

We had a wonderful view of the moon from our courtyard
and Chris took a couple of arty shots too

Bernia sunburst
Then he had a little play
with photoshop!

It´s amazing what a little rainfall will do, we are having showers at the moment and everything in the garden that was seemingly holding its breath, has now shot up and is beginning to resemble a jungle. the terraces are now green and in need of a mow, unfortunately the rain has done something to the courgettes, there were loads of flowers but they were not setting and now the plants have curled up their toes and have been affected with mildrew
We have lost several almond trees due to lack of water for several years but also we think age. We did have 18 but are reduced to just a handful, but it is the same for everyone.
Instead of just chopping them right down for firewood we have decided to make a feature out of them, so instead of an ugly stump, (we certainly couldn´t dig them up) we hope to have a bit of fun.
Work in progress.........

take care

Thursday, September 20, 2018

A wonderful visit

We have had a fabulous time with both Rebecca and Antoni
Seemed to have crammed so much in
They took the car a couple of times to visit friends
We have even been to the beach three times

We are not really beach people and find it incredibly boring just sitting there cooking
but this time the boys wanted to take the Go Pro cameras out
Secure in their waterproof cases, they were able to dive and film

We tried three different beaches, the first, La Fustera was a cove with rocks on either side but the beach was like small grit, not sand at all and the seaweed was in abundence, also the beach shelved quite steeply, not so good if you are not confident in the sea
The second one was in Javea, this has a port side and a lovely sandy sweeping beach
The gradient is so shallow that you can walk out for ages and still only be up to your waist
I have rather long standing issues regarding the beach/sea
Amongst them being stung by jelly fish, very painful!
Stepping on flatties/Dabs etc and feeling the sand wriggling like hell under foot, I was only about 9 at the time and frightened the life out of me. The worst one was being trapped in a Spring tide in Langston Harbour with 15ft waves crashing around, sliding down the waves and being tossed around like some sort of theme park ride. We were in a rubber dingy desperatly trying to keep the engine running whilst bailing out at the same time.
After what seemed like hours battling the tides we eventually got back, exhausted and very frightened.

On Rebecca´s insistance, I bought sea shoes
They were brilliant and gave so much confidence that I achieved a great milestone and actually enjoyed swimming and being in the water.

The third beach was Moraira
This was perfect, rocks for the boys to film underwater
and a lovely sandy beach with gentle gradient for Rebecca and myself to have fun with. A wonderful way to celebrate their anniversary

They had forecast storms and heavy rain but apart from a couple of down pours that quickly blew away we had glorious weather and temps up to 29C

An abundence of fish just milling around quite oblivious to swimmers


We had fun cooking old favourites for dinners, including meat pie and apple crumble
We celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary with a super meal out
We achieved what we set out to do and made many more memories.
The time just skipped by and suddenly we were taking them back to the airport yesterday
I will admit to a little blubbing, but will just have to look forward to seeing them again soon.
take care

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


What an amazing 4 days
We met Rebecca from her flight on Saturday and have spent a lovely 4 days catching up, chatting and topping up on huggles.

We took a trip out to Calpe yesterday and enjoyed lunch by the sea
although we were not prepared for a complete dip it didn´t stop us from rolling up our leggings and having a wonderful wander along the waters edge and paddling our feet
We even saw some small fish swimming around some of the rocks
and the sea was warm which was nice.
A few of the waves were bigger than we thought and caught us out but it just added to the fun

Off to collect Antoni this evening to join us for a further week.

take care

Friday, September 7, 2018

One more sleeps

Oh my goodness
one more sleeps
and Beccie Boo
will be here for ten whole days
Soooooo excited
Soooo much to talk about
Cant wait for cuddles 
Humungus cuddles
biggest squeezes
Missed my beautiful angel so much and now she is on her way
safe journey
try to contain oneself

let the flow take you
and breathe
take cre

Monday, September 3, 2018

Harvesting or not!

The top foliage of the huge pot of potatoes has now died back so time to see what happened
Drum roll,  excitment
We removed the tops and dug around
we dug around a little bit more
and again
Not a sign of even a tiny potato
Very disappointing
Oh well 
We have lots of flowers on the courgettes
and one tiny one maturing
the cucumbers are still producing
the plum tomoatoes are good too
Can´t win them all!

take care